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The voice of the osteopathic profession PowerPoint Presentation
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The voice of the osteopathic profession

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The voice of the osteopathic profession
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The voice of the osteopathic profession

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  1. M I C H I G A N O S T E O P A T H I C A S S O C I A T I O N The voice of the osteopathic profession

  2. Who is the Michigan Osteopathic Association? The voice of the osteopathic profession. The largest osteopathic state medical society, representing more than 8,000 osteopathic physicians. 1 Michigan’s voice on national level with the American Osteopathic Association. 2 Osteopathic leader lobbying for positive health legislation. 3 4 Representative on major state health organizations and bureaus. 5 Provider of quality continuing medical education programs. 6 Resource for the public and media regarding health care, specifically osteopathic medicine. 7 Provider of networking opportunities for MOA members.

  3. How does being an MOA member benefit you? The voice of the osteopathic profession Quality continuing medical education programs offered at reduced rates. 1 Access to special discounts and services to various business partners. 2 Networking opportunities with physicians, mentors, legislators and many more. 3 Leadership opportunities at the state and national level. 4 An opportunity to shape the future of health care. 5

  4. The MOA works to influence your future • Decisions today affect the health care of tomorrow. With your membership, the MOA will increase awareness of important health issues. The MOA supports or is advocating on the following: • Coalition to Protect Auto No-Fault • Heads First (pro-helmet law) • Tax/Reform Coalition with schools, universities, health care groups • FDA Defense • Federal health care reform / Medicare • Michigan Cancer Coalition • Put Michigan People First (BCBSM market reform) • Health Kids, Healthy Michigan • Access to Health Care Coalition

  5. Continuing Medical Education Programs MOA Annual Spring Scientific Convention MOA Annual Autumn Scientific Convention The largest osteopathic convention in the state of Michigan providing an average of 30 AOA Category 1-A credits annually. This convention is held in May and has more than 1,000 active D.O.s in attendance. Held in Grand Rapids, this MOA Fall Convention is held in November providing an average of 12 AOA Category 1-A credits annually. 1 2 NMOA Convention FUTURE: Always held in the Upper Peninsula, the Northern Michigan Osteopathic Association offers an average of 20 AOA Category 1-A credits annually. This convention is held in June. We are currently identifying more continuing medical education opportunities throughout the state of Michigan as well as online. 3 4

  6. MOA member discounts and services Health, Dental and Vision insurance discounts through BCBSM, Delta Dental and VSP. The MOA helps with your career, please visit our Career Center online Yeo & Yeo, P.C., CPA offers Medical Billing, Coding Training, Audits, Accounting, Tax Planning and more Discount Presciption Drug Card MOA Glove program The Doctors Company offers medical liability insurance HealthFusion offers electronic medical solutions Wild at Work offers entertainment discounts; rental car discounts via Hertz and Avis ADP offers assistance with payroll, HR and retirement services. Epocrates offers discounts on mobile products and software Medical Informatics Solutions, LLC integrates network technology into your practice Comcast Business Class offers phone, internet and business class TV Michigan Retailers Association services major credit cards at low rates You can’t afford NOT to be a MOA member!

  7. The MOA helps to expand your network To begin expanding your network, start attending MOA events, serve on a committee and join your local component society. If you’re interested in serving on the MOA Board of Trustees, become highly involved in your local component society, serve on their executive leadership, become nominated to serve as a delegate to the House of Delegate and then receive a nomination to serve as a Board of Trustee.

  8. The MOA helps to expand your network

  9. How does your MOA accomplish everything we do for you? • Where can you find the opportunities to be actively involved in your profession?

  10. MOA House of Delegates Meets annually in May. 1 Delegates are appointed from each component society around the entire state. 2 Elects new officers for the Association. 3 Elects delegates to attend the annual American Osteopathic Association House of Delegates in Chicago. 4 Receives reports and updates on the status of the Association. 5 Acts on resolutions and matters of policy for the MOA and the AOA. 6

  11. MOA Board of Trustees Comprised of 13 members from across the state, an Intern-Resident Trustee, and a Student Trustee. 1 Members are elected at the MOA House of Delegates from regional associations. 2 Meets five times per year. 3 Each Board member oversees a department within the Association. 4 Oversees the activities and policies of the Association. 5 Any MOA member can attend a meeting; contact the MOA office for information if you would like to attend. 6

  12. The MOA is also comprised of…

  13. Intern/Resident Committee Members Intern-Resident Committee Melvin Linden, D.O., C-FP, Advisor Edward Loniewski, D.O., ORS, Advisor Carol Monson, D.O., C-FP, Advisor Larry Wickless, D.O., C-GE, Advisor Botsford General Hospital Shant Korkigian, D.O., 2014 Stephanie Markle, D.O., 2014 Community Health Center of  Branch County Garden City Osteopathic Hospital Genesys Regional Medical Center Sean Abraham, D.O., EM, 2014 Michael Debo, DO, 2015 Rachel Freed, D.O., EM, 2014 Gregory Harris, D.O., IM, Past Chair Mike Maruska, DO, EM, 2015 Sonbol Shahid-Salles, D.O.,EM, 2014, Past Chair Henry Ford Macomb Warren Campus (Bi-County) Amanda Venettis, DO, 2016 Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital Kalamazoo Center for Medical Studies Ethan Ebner, DO, PD, 2016 Patrick Wise, D.O., 2014 McLaren-Bay Region (Bay Medical Center) McLaren – Greater Lansing (Ingham Regional) Sena St. John, D.O., IM, 2014, Co-Secretary McLaren – Macomb (Mount Clemens) McLaren – Oakland (POH) Adam Hunt, D.O., M.H.S, ER/FP, 2016, Chair Rachel Mank, D.O., 2014 Tara Nelson, DO, IM, 2014 Mercy General Health Partners Metro Health Hospital Nathan Fitton, DO, 2016 Munson Medical Center Oakwood Southshore Medical Center Shania Seibles, D.O., 2015 Providence Hospital & Medical Centers Brian Hinkley, DO, FP, 2014 Prashant Kelkar, DO, NS, 2014 Timothy Larsen, D.O., IM, 2014 Sinai-Grace Barrett Anderson, D.O., S, 2014 Sparrow Hospital & Health System Dane Gruenebaum, DO, IM, 2015, Co-Secretary St. John Macomb Oakland Hospital LaTeya Foxx, D.O., N, 2014 Natwalee Kittisarapong, D.O., EM, 2014 Joshua Koenig, D.O., FP, 2015 George Christensen, D.O., S, 2014, Macomb Paige Paladino, D.O., OBG, 2014 Rachel Young, DO Jasper Yung, D.O., EM, 2014, PastChair St. Joseph Mercy William Beaumont Hospital Alanna Albano, D.O., IM/PD, 2014 MSUCOM Danielle Harik,, 2014 Keegan Rummel, 2015 Mona Bazargan, 2016 Staff Shelly Madden

  14. Component Societies The MOA is organized into five regions. Anyone interested in joining their local component society should contact MOA headquarters.

  15. AOA Council for Interns and Residents An organization for ALL osteopathic interns and residents. Represented by the AOA Congress of Interns and Residents. 1 2 Meets annually. Covers various issues affecting interns and residents. 3 4

  16. MOA Resident of the Year Award • The purpose of the award is to recognize and honor an outstanding osteopathic resident from Michigan who exemplifies: • Commitment to the osteopathic philosophy and the profession in Michigan; • Compassion and commitment to patient care; • Strong leadership skills and demonstrated use of those skills; • Commitment to the community in Michigan; • Commitment to the education and enrichment of self and others, including but not limited to continuing education, teaching, research and publication; and • Must be a member of the Michigan Osteopathic Association.

  17. If you aren’t already a member of the MOA… • Visit and sign up, call (800) 657-1556 or complete an MOA membership application today. • Remember… • Membership is FREE to interns, residents and fellows! • MOA sends four Intern/Resident delegates to the AOA House of Delegates each year for the annual meeting in July! • MOA was the first state to allow Interns/Residents to participate on the state delegation! • MOA provides funding for Intern/Resident participation! • And all of the benefits we’ve outlined!

  18. Contact the MOA Today, the Michigan Osteopathic Association is investing in you by working on your behalf. Tomorrow, your continued investment of membership allows the MOA to keeps its purpose alive, ensuring that the osteopathic profession thrives. M I C H I G A N O S T E O P A T H I C A S S O C I A T I O N MAIN OFFICE 2445 Woodlake Circle, Okemos, MI 48864 (800) 657-1556 SE MICHIGAN OFFICE 2865 West Rd., Ste A, Trenton, MI 48183 (734) 692-5004 Visit us online at

  19. Today, your MOA is investing in you and working on your behalf; Tomorrow, your continued investment of membership will allow your MOA to keep its mission alive of ensuring that the osteopathic profession thrives.