Diversity multiculturalism case discussion
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DIVERSITY & MULTICULTURALISM: Case Discussion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DIVERSITY & MULTICULTURALISM: Case Discussion. Hewlett-Packard. Hewlett-Packard…. In general, drawing from the lecture and your learning and observations from the readings, what are the most critical barriers in achieving multiculturalism in organizations?

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Diversity multiculturalism case discussion



Hewlett packard

  • In general, drawing from the lecture and your learning and observations from the readings, what are the most critical barriers in achieving multiculturalism in organizations?

  • Fiorina could be considered as perhaps the first woman truly breaking the corporate “glass ceiling”, assuming a CEO position at a major Fortune 500 company. What were/are/will be some of the key challenges confronting Carly in her new job at HP?

  • When Fiorina was named as the new CEO of HP in July 1999, she entered a very traditional company; discuss some of the key problems that were compromising HP’s performance at this time.

  • Discuss Fiorina’s leadership style and general managerial attitude and philosophy with respect to HP’s culture, traditional strategies and historical “ways of doing business”. In particular:

    • How does Fiorina’s leadership enable and support change at HP?

    • Conversely, what are the elements or attributes of Fiorina’s presence and management style that may inhibit change and cause resistance among HP’s employees?

  • What elements of diversity and multiculturalism does Fiorina bring in that drive new strategies for HP and will or may position it for future high performance in the computer industry? (HINT: consider her versatile experience, outsider/fresh perspective, level of energy, etc.)

Hewlett packard1

  • Upon becoming the new CEO, Carly quickly started taking numerous actions that have had some radical effects on HP’s businesses, operations, culture and performance. With respect to the current developments and velocity of the computer industry:

    • What do you consider the top 3 actions/strategic decisions that do and will position HP for high performance and industry leadership?

    • Are there any actions or decisions that you consider to be inhibiting HP’s performance or not aligned with its strategy?

  • HP has recently acquired the consulting division of PWC. Discuss the strategic implications, competitive advantages/disadvantages and potential motivations that led HP to this decision. As a result of this acquisition, what is the value proposition presented to:

    • Hewlett-Packard?

    • HP’s customers?

  • Compare and contrast the multicultural issues at DaimlerChrysler and Hewlett-Packard as source of strategic renewal.

  • Compare the cultural environment at Dell, IBM and HP and relate the characteristics of each to the companies’ performance, strategies and market position.

  • With respect to our previous discussion on globalization, consider the relationship between multicultural workforces and an organization’s ability to compete in a global marketspace. Specifically, relate this relationship to HP’s situation and discuss how its culture and level of diversity supports or impedes HP’s ability to develop and employ successful global strategies.