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To be a Slave

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To be a Slave. By: Abby Frenzel Author: Julius Lester 5 th six weeks 6 th period. Context Clues! . Innumerable Sentence: House servants were responsible for uncovering and revealing to slave owners innumerable planned slave insurrections. Definition: Too many to be counted.

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To be a Slave

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to be a slave

To be a Slave

By: Abby Frenzel

Author: Julius Lester

5th six weeks

6th period

context clues
Context Clues!
  • Innumerable
  • Sentence: House servants were responsible for uncovering and revealing to slave owners innumerable planned slave insurrections.
  • Definition: Too many to be counted.
  • Insurrection
  • Sentence: House servants were responsible for uncovering and revealing innumerable planned slave insurrection.
  • Definition: a violent uprising against an authority or government.
  • Retribution
  • Sentence: They feel indignant at the servitude that is imposed upon them and only want power to inflict the most cruel retribution upon their oppressors; but they desire only the means of subsistence and temporary gratification in this country during their abode here.
  • Definition: Something given or inflicted in such requital.
continued from context clues
Continued From Context Clues!
  • Crusade
  • Sentence: Lew fitted from one plantation to another, in the dead of night, preaching a crusade to Mexico, and creating a furor of excitement wherever he appeared.
  • Definition: Any war carried on under papal sanction.
  • Repressive
  • Sentence: Yet no matter how repressive slave owners became, there were always slaves who tried to escape who knew little more than that if they would eventually reach a place where they would be free.
  • Definition: tending or serving to repress.
text purpose
Text Purpose!
  • I think the author wrote this book (to be a slave) was because he wanted to inform the reader. He wanted to let all of us know what it was like to be a slave back in the day. So, he wrote a book.
text structure
Text Structure!
  • I believe the text structure of this book is cause and effect because something seems to happen then there is a bad effect to follow it.
text representation
Text Representation!




  • Wore shirt and
  • tattered jeans
  • Wore close
  • to nothing, but
  • dresses with
  • holes in them.
  • Clothes
  • with
  • holes
  • in them.
  • Were a little shy at
  • the dances they had.
  • Weren’t as hateful
  • as the men were.
  • Had a great
  • amount of hatred.
  • Were
  • treated
  • like
  • animals.
  • Loved to dance
  • and sing.
authors perspective point of view
Authors Perspective Point Of View!
  • Subject: How slaves were treated.
  • Authors Feelings: Sorrow, hatred, depressed, yet inspired
  • Text Evidence: Even more rare was the occasion when the auction block became a source of joy.
main idea supporting details
Main Idea & Supporting Details!
  • 1.
  • Beginning Page: 25
  • Main Idea: The living quarters for the slaves while traveling in the ship were unbearable.
  • Middle Page: 56
  • Main Idea: How slaves got to the plantations, what they looked like, and how they were transported.
continued main idea supporting details
Continued Main Idea & Supporting Details!
  • Ending Page: 127
  • Main Idea: When slaves retired there were 3 paths to take being sold, lashed, or killed. And their master chose that.
  • 2.
  • Details: Writing it the exact way the people described it.
  • Page #: 35
  • Comments: To let me know how they talked back then.
  • Details: Italics.
  • Page #: 88
  • Comments: How he wrote his own comments in italics.
  • Details: Poem lines on the songs.
  • Page: 113
  • Comments: The way he puts the songs in poem lines makes me sing the tune in my head.
draw inferences
Draw Inferences!
  • 1.
  • Situation: Babies were thrown overboard
  • Character Actions: jump, scream, cry for their drowning infant.
  • Conclusion Drawn: Jump overboard and swim, even though you’re risking your life.
  • 2.
  • Situation: Religious meetings
  • Character Feelings: Joyful, fulfilled, loud, and accompanied by the lord.
  • Conclusions Drawn: Meet in secret, because the master doesn’t want us to be worshipping the lord.
comparing story variants connect compare contrast
Comparing Story Variants, Connect/ Compare/ Contrast!

To Be A Slave

Article of The Week

  • This article tells
  • about how
  • slavery ended.
  • The book tells how
  • slavery began and
  • the hardships they
  • faced
  • Both tell
  • about
  • what
  • happened
  • during
  • slavery.
  • The article says
  • some slaves in the
  • south were free.
  • This book says no slave
  • was ever free unless
  • he/she lived up North
fact opinion
Fact/ Opinion!
  • 1.
  • Facts:
  • Page #: 56
  • Solomon Northup was free, then captured and sold as a slave.
  • Comments: I think the author put this fact in here to show the reader you are never free if you were an African-American.
  • Page #:105
  • The slaves would sing as a warning or in a source of joy.
  • Comments: The reason I think he included that is to let the reader know how the slaves communicated.
  • Page #: 73
  • A slaves work is never done.
  • Comments: I think he put this fact in here is to show, when you’re a slave you are always being worked.
  • Page #: 94
  • Henson was the co-owner of the plantation.
  • The reason I believe the author put this in here is a slave is property and you can upgrade it whenever you like.
  • Page #: 126
  • Thousands of slaves escaped, but couldn’t live with what they had.
  • Comments: I think this was a fact because, a slave can be poor, depending on who, but they can’t survive in the wilderness.
fact opinion continued
Fact/ Opinion Continued!
  • 2.
  • Page #: 102
  • What the owner thought was right, the slave thought the opposite.
  • Comments: The reason I think this opinion is here, is to show how badly they hated their master.
  • Page #:42
  • Selling was inhuman.
  • Comments: The reason I believe this opinion is in this book is selling your own species is terrible.
  • Page #: 48
  • The auction block could be very emotional.
  • Comments: I think he put this in here is it would be hard to watch your loved one be sold.
  • Page #: 58
  • Slaves were acts in their masters own little play.
  • Comments: I think this was added because, it’s true and he wanted to make a statement.
  • Page #: 127
  • Slave owners were shocked whenever a slave retired.
  • Comments: I think this opinion is here because maybe they were shocked, since they were losing a slave.
reading response
Reading Response!
  • 1.
  • Page #: 119
  • I relate to this paragraph because if a fellow slave were to run away and asked to take shelter in my home for the night, I would gladly let them.
  • 2.
  • Page #: 101
  • I dislike this paragraph because it made me feel like the slaves did. And it’s right from wrong.
  • 3.
  • Page #: 56
  • I dislike this paragraph because it makes me sad and it also tells how many slaves there were being held, and I disagree with that,.