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IT Self-Service PowerPoint Presentation
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IT Self-Service

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IT Self-Service

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IT Self-Service

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  1. IT Self-Service URL: Logging On User name: Lone Star email address (e.g. Password: Use the Reset Password functionality the first time you log on to obtain a temporary password. When prompted to change your password, select a password that is least 8 characters in length, has at least 1 capital letter, has at least 1 special character, and has at least 1 number. Forgot your password? Click Reset Password to reset your Self-Service password. Homepage • A list of open incidents associated with you. You can open an incident by clicking on the incident number. • A pie chart of all your incidents. You can drill down to more detailed information by clicking on a section. • A list of the most viewed knowledge articles. Click on the article number to view it. NOTE: Article numbers begin with KB. • The homepage displays: • A scrolling news section with information regarding IT, such as scheduled outages. Click on an article title to view additional information.

  2. Create New Incident • Click Create New Incident to create a ticket for an IT-related problem or request. • A best contact number defaults based on your user profile but can be changed. Changes made in this field do not impact your user profile. • Campus, Building, and Room will default based on your user profile but must be changed to reflect the location of the incident. Changes made in this field do not impact your user profile. Click to display a list of location options. IMPORTANT: For problems or requests of an urgent nature, callthe Service Desk at 1-866-614-5014. • Enter a short description of the problem or request. Example: Powerpoint won’t open. • Click to search for knowledge articles related to your issue that may help you resolve it on your own. If you’ve already entered a short description, when you click , the short description will be used as the search parameters. • Enter a detailed description of the issue. Include all information available. Example: Powerpoint won’t open new or existing files. Other Microsoft products are working. • The Comment field can be used after you submit the ticket to send additional information to the analyst working your incident. For example, if the analyst has sent information on troubleshooting powerpoint and it is still not working, you can use the comment section to send a message such as, “Followed directions but powerpoint still becomes unresponsive and won’t open files.” • Note – The following fields are populated by the system and cannot be changed: Number, Caller, Opened, and Closed • Click (in the upper right corner) to attach a document to the incident. • Click at the bottom of the screen to save and submit your incident. • Note: Templates for common incidents are available. To display a list of available templates, right click in the blue bar to the right of Required field and select Templates  Apply template. Additional information may be required in the Description section when templates are utilized.

  3. My Incidents • Click on My Incidents to display a list of all of your incidents. • You can change the order by clicking on the desired column heading. • You can sort and filter by right clicking on column headings and columns. • To open an incident to view the status or send a message to the assigned analyst using the Comments section, click on the incident number. Additional Functionality The Self-Service Knowledge module provides an extensive searchable database of knowledge articles related to a variety of software, hardware, and common computer problems and fixes. • The My Profile module displays your user profile. You can make changes to the following fields: • Prefix • Title • Home phone • Business phone • Mobile phone • Location • Notification • Time zone