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Construction & Major Maintenance Projects; EH&S; and Maintenance & Operations PowerPoint Presentation
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Construction & Major Maintenance Projects; EH&S; and Maintenance & Operations

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Construction & Major Maintenance Projects; EH&S; and Maintenance & Operations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Facilities & Planning. College Station Housing. Construction & Major Maintenance Projects; EH&S; and Maintenance & Operations. 2010-11 Current Construction Areas. College Station Housing. College Station Housing

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Presentation Transcript

Facilities & Planning

College Station Housing

Construction & Major Maintenance Projects;

EH&S; and Maintenance & Operations


2010-11 Current

Construction Areas


College Station Housing

  • College Station Housing
  • A PSU project with American Campus Communities (ACC) to increase student residential facilities at PSU
  • Walsh Construction, Contractor
  • 368,612 GSF, 16 Floors, 978 Beds
  • Building to have student housing, three general pool classrooms, a lecture hall, ground floor retail
  • Construction is anticipated to start in early December 2010 and continue through Summer of 2012
  • Sidewalks and parking adjacent to the property will be closed throughout the project. Max Green Line service continues
  • PSU Project rep. Kate Vance

Life Science Collaborative Building

OUS/OHSU Life Science Collaborative Building at South Waterfront

  • Located at OHSU Schnitzer Campus
  • New building anticipated to collaboratively house OHSU, PSU, OSU and private partners
  • 9-story – 364,000 GSF Project Budget $160M
  • Building program is in refinement and includes; life sciences education & research, ground floor retail & parking
  • Contracts for project development are in process
  • Estimated construction start Summer 2011
  • Estimated completion Winter 2014
  • PSU Project representative, Kate Vance

Lincoln Hall Seismic and Systems Upgrade

  • State Deferred Maintenance $29.2 million
  • Main part of project completed in late August 2010. Building re-opened for use for Fall Term 2010 with FPA and General Pool classrooms re-opened
  • New Broadway Entry construction to begins late Spring 2011, with completion scheduled for late Summer 2011
  • Installation of Photovoltaic panels begins late Spring 2011, with completion scheduled for late Summer 2011
  • PSU Project Manager, Ron Blaj

Science 2 & Science Research & Teaching Center

& Hazardous Waste Facility (SRTC)

● Building infrastructure upgrades and the expansion and modernization of labs and teaching space. State Limitation $45.3 M, various funding sources including General fund, grants, gifts, COPs, and bonds

● $2 Million CLEE research labs to complete construction this summer

● $2 Million EDA Grant to replace or add 71 fume hoods started Dec 2010

● $300,000 in student fees being combined with state bond match to upgrade the lobby.

● Completion of the project Aug 2011

● PSU Project Manager, Mark Fujii


Campus Steam & Chilled Water Loop

Oregon Economic Stimulus Funded Project $17.5 million

● To improve and expand the network of heating and cooling piping throughout campus that forms our Campus Loop

● Leading to energy savings, more reliable service and increased capacity to heat and cool campus buildings . Estimated energy savings over $300,000 year

● Construction 7:30am - 4:30pm Monday - Friday; Intermittent noise and vibration. 93 jobs created

● Geothermal cooling of a new heat pump and chiller in SB2

● Federal Grant of $1 M awarded to use more of the heat in the geothermal wells

● Completion of project Summer 2011

● PSU Project Manager, Mark Fujii


Peter Stott Center Energy Upgrades

● Provide energy upgrades throughout the facility. Upgrades include; HVAC unit maintenance/ replacement, Lighting replacement and door and window weatherization

● Funding provided by American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA- Fed. Stimulus), Energy Trust of Oregon (ETO), Business Energy Tax Credits (BETC) and PSU

● Anticipated construction: May 2011 – August 2011

● PSU Project Manager, Kate Vance


Campus Wide Metering Study

● This project was implemented in order to achieve PSU’s metering and energy management goals

● Study provides a inventory of the existing meters on campus and where future meters need to be installed in order to achieve PSU goals

● Goal: All aggregate building utility usage be metered digitally and captured in real time

● Insite group is the project consultant

● Study Completed. Awaiting funding to install meters

● PSU Project Manager, Quinn Soifer

walk of the heroines phase 2
Walk of the Heroines - Phase 2
  • Additional Naming Wall
  • Stage with artistic paving
  • Art Boulder Hardscape elements
  • Additional Bench Seating
  • $370,000 budget of which is partially funded by PSU Students through the Student Building Fee.
  • Completion May 2011
  • PSU Construction Manager, Jennifer Sharp

Potential Projects?

  • If you have a potential remodeling project in your plans contact our team and we will:
    • schedule a brief meeting to discuss scope
    • verify if project is feasible, or work with you to make it feasible
    • determine best delivery system – PSU crews or outside contractor, or consultant
    • manage design, permitting and estimating
    • oversee construction and completion of the project

Francis McBride


Project Manager


Ron Blaj

Assistant Director

Capital Project Management



Facilities & Planning - Reception



Ernest Tipton:

Ron Blaj:

Kate Vance

Mark Fujii:



our website

Our Role:

Help employees to work safely.

Help supervisors provide employees with the information, skills, & tools they need to work safely

Help administration to provide a safe workplace

Help maintain compliance with environmental health & safety regulations (DEQ, OSHA and others)

Environmental Health & Safety

Requesting Service from EH&S:

Chemical Spill Emergency: 5-4404 (CPSO)

Odor Reports: Call Facilities at 5-3738

Please submit a Work Order for all other service requests, including:

- Ergonomic Assessments

- Hazardous Waste Pick-Up

Environmental Health & Safety


Maintenance & Operations

  • Our team provides the following campus services:
    • Electrical
    • HVAC&R
    • Plumbing
    • Carpentry
    • Energy Management
    • Keys & Lockshop
    • Grounds Maintenance
    • Signs & Way Finding

Michael McBride

Lead Electrician


Rick Viaene

Chief Building Engineer


Gerry Gadberry Assistant Director


Bob Folkerts

Building Automation Supervisor



New telephone number effective May 2nd


FAP web page changes coming in early May

Simplified layout

Easier to find information & resources

Facilities Work Order System