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Strategic Value for Call Centers PowerPoint Presentation
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Strategic Value for Call Centers

Strategic Value for Call Centers

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Strategic Value for Call Centers

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  1. Strategic Value for Call Centers Tracer Call Center Recording and Quality Assurance

  2. Call Center Definition Call centers are a combination of people, process and technology organized to achieve a specific mission through telephone-based communications

  3. Strategic Makeup • The type of call center defines its goals • These goals dictate the critical processes • People are selected to align with critical processes • Technology is used to enable/improve critical processes or drive meaningful efficiency

  4. Two Primary Types of Centers

  5. Proactive Training & Development Value Equation: Profit Center Best Practices Identification Call Scripting Compliance Reactive Low Impact on Success High Impact on Success

  6. Call Recording in Profit Centers Address critical processes across spectrum • At minimum one gains compliance and protection • Use as reaction to exceptions to identify best practices • Be active and build more effective development processes

  7. Recording for Compliance

  8. Tracer as Solution Reliability • Multiple storage options including RAID 1 • Complete set of alarms Efficiency of Data Retrieval • Powerful search on any call data • Instant playback • Outlook-style organizational structure • Share via encrypted media streaming or email recording as .WAV file Security • Permissions-based architecture • Encrypted media streaming • Valid recording authentication Share recording, just a segment or entire call Intuitive folder hierarchy for easy organization and retrieval Powerful yet simple search Instant playback

  9. Recording for Best Practices

  10. Tracer as Solution On Demand Access • Easily access calls via OAISYS client • Simple, efficient search and playback Live or Historical • Live monitor over network • Auto monitor specific employee • Retrieve to playback by employee Sharing • Share voice document with annotations or email as a .WAV file • Highlight key moments and share specific segments of calls Auto monitor by employee Add text-based annotations Highlight key moments

  11. Recording for Development

  12. Tracer as Solution Linked Evaluations • Customized quality evaluations • Assign evals to teams and supervisors • Self and supervisor evaluations Evaluation Reporting • Report by agent • Report by team • Comparisons, trends, etc. Easy to Read Graphs • Bar, line and pie graphs to quickly convey quality data Generate reports based on comparisons, trends, agents and teams Easily customized evaluations

  13. Tracer: A Complete Solution • As a solution, Tracer can address all levels of the value equation in a profit center • Compliance and protection through reliable recording, efficient retrieval and authenticity verification • Best practices identification through reactive monitoring of live calls and recordings along with email sharing • Personnel development through consistent processes using custom evaluation forms, reports and graphs

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