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  1. P1-P2-M1-D1-D2

  2. P1 Describe the potential prompts that initiate the installation of new or upgraded software • Problems with the existing system. • Unstable software that leads to system crash • Software no longer supported by manufacturer – so no user support & updates for it. • Security issues with the current software – leading to malicious attacks. • Current software incompatible with the new operating system. • Additional functionality required: such as strong parental control that was lacking in Windows XP and that is now available in Windows Vista or 7. • Another example upgrading your antivirus program to a full internet security suite that will include firewall and anti spyware.

  3. New hardware requiring new or upgraded software. What is the software called to install when you attach a new hardware. • To fix bugs- that will reduce the system to crash or hang. • Company Policy: a company may have a policy that only certain software can only be installed. When new installations and upgrades will be carried out

  4. M1Explain the advantages and disadvantages of installing and upgrading software • Lets brainstorm and check the internet for some answers: • Look at the prompts to get further ideas: • Think about cost, any restrictions, security, stability, training, usability, performance

  5. D1 – Justify to the managers why installing their anti virus software would be advisable • Just because there is a prompt for change, it doesn’t mean that an organisation will agree to the change going ahead. • Installing & upgrading software is often expensive • cost of the software • Additional cost such as training, ‘down-time’ needed to install the software. • Therefore it is important to have a good business case showing that the benefits outweighs the costs of the new software or upgrade. • Benefits such as – greater efficiency, improved systems security. • Use the factors you have learnt from other units on how viruses and worms can affect the operations of a business to support your answer.

  6. P2 – Describe the potential risks of installing or upgrading software • Risks: • ‘Down-time’ – when the current system will be inactive while installing • Incompatibility issues : imagine what would happen to your existing files when you switch from Windows to Linux

  7. D2 – Evaluate the potential risks of installing and upgrading software and explain how the risks could be minimised • Down-time – careful planning would be required. Think about the best time to install. What kind of resources would be stopped when you install a system on a server for example? • Incompatibility issues: switching OS, upgrading Ms word 2003 – 2007 files could not be opened. • How would the above factors affect the business operations?

  8. D2 – How risks can be minimised? • Backups • Installing at low risk times • Incremental installation: you can install on a few Pc’s, evaluate and test for any problems, then gradually installing the rest – benefits, the business can still run their operations.