introduce of hearing loss n.
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hearing loss

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this ppt is helpful for hearing loss

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hearing loss

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    1. Introduce of hearing loss Hearing loss

    2. Introduction of hearing loss Hearing loss is the most common problems indian people and one of the common reason illnesses in the india. A single unpleasant sound shot form a gun, at close range may definitely damage your hearing in an instant. long time unpleasant sound listening of machine from also damage your hearing. This problem more face daily travel of peoples.

    3. Causes of hearing loss There are two types of hearing loss. 1.conductive causes 2.Sensorineural causes • Conductive causes: The movement of the sound wave through the ear results as the physical problem which referred as Conductive causes. A simple example is blockage of the canal ear.

    4. Causes of hearing loss 2. Sensorineural causes: Sensorineural causes are from damage to the air cells nerves that sense sound waves. • Acoustic trauma- longer risk to unpleasant noise causes the hairs cells on the cochlea to become less sensitive. • Ototoxic drugs- drugs can affect hearing by damaging the nerves involved in hearing

    5. Food help prevent hearing loss • Potassium • Vitamin C & E • Vitamin D • Magnesium • Vitamin B12

    6. Food help prevent hearing loss • Potassium: potassium level decrease as we age. Potassium play a large role in the way the cell interact within the inner ear. Potassium can help protect against age related hearing loss and even prevent noise related hearing loss. In potassium include bananas, oranges.

    7. Causes of hearing loss 2. Vitamin C & E: Vitamin C & E are both very useful vitamins for our body because it is protect cells from free radical damage. Vitamin C can be found in fruits, fresh herbs guava and strawberries. Vitamin E comes in almonds, mango and olive oil.

    8. Causes of hearing loss 3. Vitamin D: vitamin D is importantantly in many facets of health ranging from weight control to born formation.vitamin D has strengthens tiny bones in the ear. 4. Magnesium: magnesium is the part of thousand of the function of the body. The mineral help us with stress has been to help ease hearing sensitive and prevent hearing loss. These includes almonds, brown rice, beans etc.

    9. Causes of hearing loss 5. Vitamin B12: In B12 can result hearing loss. This vitamin is very difficult to find in food since it comes into the human diets primarily from animal products. It can be also be found in small amount on organic produce. There are also a couple cleaner foods that can be leaned on more B12, namely nori and spirulina.

    10. Yoga for hearing loss yoga has already got a positive reputation as a complementary treatment approach in curing other ailments. Many studies have focused on the role of yoga in overcoming medical illness like diabetes and blood pressure. Yoga can improve to tolerate pain and helpful to reduce intake of is very useful for our hearing loss.

    11. some yoga poses that are very effective any ear problems • Tadasana - tree pose • Trikonasana -triangle pose • Padmasana -lotus poses • Dhanurasana -bow pose • Sukhasana-auspicious pose • Bhujangasana - cobra pose • Bhramari pranayama- Bee breath • Shunya mudra-heaven mudra • Jal neti-yogic cleansing.