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Stave -1 status and other reports

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Stave -1 status and other reports - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Stave -1 status and other reports. Stave Loading Meeting, November 8 th 2011. G. Barbier , F. Cadoux , A. Clark, D. Ferrère , C. Husi , G. Iacobucci , A. La Rosa, J. Mesa, G. Pelleriti , M. Weber . Stave -1 about to be produced. October 6 th : Gluing of Genova flex onto stave

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stave 1 status and other reports

Stave -1 status and other reports

Stave Loading Meeting, November 8th 2011

G. Barbier, F. Cadoux, A. Clark, D. Ferrère, C. Husi, G. Iacobucci, A. La Rosa, J. Mesa, G. Pelleriti, M. Weber


Stave -1 about to be produced

October 6th: Gluing of Genova flex onto stave

October 10th : Gluing of Bonn flex onto the other side

October 14th : Electrical probe of the flex after gluing

October 18th : Wing folding of both flexes + Electrical test for line integrities

November 1st : Middle support gluing

Now: Trying to optimize the intermediate support mechanism for wire bonding

Loading of <8 digital modules on Bonn flex side and 1 digital for Genova

Wing attachment

Ready for wire bonding

Stave-1 ready for delivery at CERN for system test and readout

NB: Step 7. will start as soon as the last module (with a different module flex orientation) is received et tested! Expected soon from Genova

Wire bonding jig to reference the handling frame is made by University of Bern

Loading to happen with jig v-1



Stave -1 – Cradle for Wire bonding

Jigs designed and fabricated by University of Bern

It is expected minor modifications for stave 0

Tooling was sent since October 25th from Bern and lost by TNT (expected soon now!)



Test setup with USBPix – Module reception tests

Thanks to Alessandro & Yosuke

Special thanks to Fabian and Claudia for module delivery

  • First 2-chip Digital modules: 9 in total
  • 2 single-chip module flexes glued and wire bonded to the bare modules
  • Adapter card to interface USBPix and module flexes
  • Test performed FE by FE (FE address is 7 for both chips)
  • Power provided via flat-ribbon-cable from USBPix



2-chip digital modules tested so far – Module reception tests

Thanks to Alessandro & Yosuke

NB: Another module is expected soon from Genova with a different module flex orientation

Threshold scan (threshold and noise measurements) using standard configuration (FEs untuned)



Stave-1 layout

Bonn flex side

Genova flex side


FE id – Functional flex lines

FE id – Functional flex lines

16 15 13 12 9 8 7 5 4 3 1

3 4

  • NB:
  • It is proposed to mount 9 digital modules and 7 dummy modules (si-wafers)
  • Genova flex need a “special” module flex type



Few Pictures of raw stave-1

Stave could not fit into the handling frame Larger openings of one of the supports were made

Middle ring support also misaligned  correction was made on the central support of the handling frame

Central support glued after modification



Other operation on stave -1

  • While waiting for the loading to happen:
  • Learning how to compensate the stave with intermediate support for operation like loading and especially wire bonding
  • Yesterday a baby SCT detector was attached to the face plate for trying two type of supports for wire bonding
  • When the wire bonding cradle will be received this will be tested by the operator with the two types of support. The simpler the better and this will have to be tested in real conditionby doing pull test.



Connecting PP0 on Genova flex side

  • Comments:
  • 1st connector where DCS is was removed since it clashed with the end-support
  • PP0 connector access is limited once the stave is fixed on the handling frame



List of bare full length staves received at UniGe

NB: All the staves got the middle support glued at UniGe

We request that the middle support gluing operation is done asap at Wuppertal since we have to crosscheck that it fits to the handling frame fixation points

W-03– 3 defects

W-02 – 1 defect



End-block clash – Stave design to be revisited

Clash found for integration around beam pipe

Current design is clashing

Older end-block design was ok!