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Status Reports

Sep 2013. Status Reports. A Guide for Education Providers. Find the best way to finance your future. About Status Reports.

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Status Reports

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  1. Sep 2013 Status Reports A Guide for Education Providers Find the best way to finance your future

  2. About Status Reports Each year, StudyLink approves approximately 200,000 Student Loan applications, and pays out more than $1,000,000,000 in fees. We understand that education providers have an interest in monitoring the progress of applications for students who’ve said they’ll pay their fees this way, and making sure they progress in order for us to make payments to you on their behalf. While the StudyLink Helpline can respond to status queries received via SAKBase, phone or email, these details can be collated and provided to you through an easy to use Status Report. What do they contain?: • Name and date of birth • Client Number (also known as SWN) • Student ID • Study Start Date • Current Application Status (a list of these is on the following slide) • Date of Current Status • Context of Current Status – for example what evidence we’re waiting on (a list of these is on the following slide) • Campus How are they delivered, and how often?: • Daily – this ensures each report will have the most up-to-date information available. We’ll generate a file listing your students’ status after the close of our business day, and load it on VOS Online by 8am the following day for your staff with VOS Online access to download. Some enrolment systems allow you to load these files directly into your system; for those that don’t there’s a viewing tool available from the Providers website. Once downloaded, these files can be passed on to other staff members at your providers (even those who don’t have VOS Online access). How long we’ll list each status on the report: • Applications that are at the incomplete, contract, post contract or approved stages will appear for 40 weeks after they change to that status; closed or declined applications will appear for 4 weeks. This means you’ll be kept up to date with your students’ applications over the course of their academic year, while only seeing declined or ineligible applications for a reduced period.

  3. Types of Application Status Under the Current Application Status field, we’ll list one of the following statuses for your students:

  4. Types of Application Status (continued)

  5. Context The different Current Application Statuses can indicate we require further information from the student, for example they’ve not answered questions on their application, or need to provide evidence.

  6. Need Help? If you need more information, would like to start receiving a Status Report, Institution Report or amend what you’re already receiving, contact the StudyLink Helpline via: SAKBase phone on 0508 885 885 email at studylink_helpline@msd.govt.nz

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