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Noun Clause. Don’t forget to include TWO noun clauses and THREE vocabulary words in your paragraph!.

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Noun clause

Noun Clause

Don’t forget to include TWO noun clauses and THREE vocabulary words in your paragraph!

What is a noun clause

A noun clause is a clause which does the work of a noun in a sentence. It is a group of words containing a subject and a verb of its own. Usually noun clauses begin with that, what, where, when, who, whom, which, whose, how, why, whether, etc.

What is a noun clause???


1. He said thathe would not come.

2. We were all curious to know what he had done

3. Nobody knows when the registration will begin.

4. We all wanted to find out who the winner was.

5. Whomthey were in contact with on the day of the

robberyis of great interest to the police.

6. Jane is not sure which university she should apply for.

7. The judges had a hard time decidingwhose painting

was the best.

8. Howthe baby fell from the window is a mystery.

9. They asked the boy why he had hit his classmate.

10. Whetheryou like it or not is not the issue.


Uses of noun clauses

Noun Clauses can be used in the following ways:

a. As the subject of a verb:

Why she kept on crying (noun clause) puzzled (main verb) every one.

b. As the direct object:

Nobody knows (verb) how he got involved in gangland activities (noun clause).

Uses of Noun Clauses

Uses continued

c. As the complement of the verb "to be“:

What we are worried about is that he may have another heart attack.

The question is why they could escape through the front door when there were so many guards there.

Uses continued:

Noun clauses

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Noun Clauses