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Emerging Professionals

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Construction Specifications Institute. Emerging Professionals. Presented by: Brok Howard North Central Region Conference May 13, 2011. Emerging Professionals.

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Emerging Professionals

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construction specifications institute
Construction Specifications Institute

Emerging Professionals

Presented by: Brok Howard

North Central Region Conference

May 13, 2011

emerging professionals
Emerging Professionals

An  Emerging Professional is a member who is a prospective Professional Member, interested in career advancement through networking, continuing education, and leadership opportunities.

Do not meet the requirements for Professional membership

Three (3) years before upgraded to Professional membership

Not eligible to vote in Institute elections

  • Emerging Professionals Task Team Overview
    • EP Tool Belt for Chapters
    • Student Leadership Incentive Program (SLIP)
    • Mentorship Program
    • Activities/Presentations for EPs at CSI events
  • Your Chapter Emerging Professionals
    • Who is an Emerging Professional (EPs)?
    • Why are EPs important to CSI?
    • What are the challenges in recruiting EPs?
    • How to get EPs involved in CSI?
ep task team overview
EP Task TeamOverview
  • Purpose: To identify the needs of emerging professionals in the industry and create and implement a plan to serve those needs.
ep task team tool belt for chapters
EP Task TeamTool Belt for Chapters
  • Purpose: Documents and tools to help chapters increase and support their Emerging Professional members
  • Outline the importance of EPs
  • Outline of an EP Chapter Committee
  • Program ideas
  • Presentations

Tool Belt will be available July 2011.

ep task team student leadership incentive program
EP Task TeamStudent Leadership Incentive Program
  • For graduating students joining CSI as professionals
  • Encourage active membership to receive incentives
    • Awards
    • Recognition
    • Membership
    • CSI products
    • Conference Bucks
ep task team mentorship program
EP Task TeamMentorship Program
  • Purpose: to create the opportunity for Mentor and Mentee relationships through CSI membership. The program is intended to create a network of emerging and experienced professionals who focus on collaboration, education, certification, and developing leadership skills that help them advance in their careers.
  • Components:
    • EPs with <10 years experience
    • Mentors
    • Target goals or length of program
    • Survey all participants
    • Measure of Success
ep task team region conferences construct 2011
EP Task TeamRegion Conferences & Construct 2011
  • Get the word out to CSI Leaders
    • Awareness of the Task Team’s work
    • Connect with Leaders to hear what they need
  • Get EPs involved
    • Social and educational events at CSI conferences
    • Encourage attendance by EPs
who define emerging professionals
Who?Define Emerging Professionals
  • An  Emerging Professional is:
    • Prospective Professional Member
    • Not yet technically experienced
    • Can hold Chapter and Region offices
    • Can vote in Chapter and Region elections
    • Cannot vote in Institute elections
    • Cannot hold elected Institute offices
    • Can become Professional Members at any time
    • Becomes a Professional Members after 3 years
  • Anyone who feels like they are an Emerging Professional can participate in EP events.
who generation y age 15 32
Who? Generation Y (age 15-32)
  • Live in the moment
  • Immediate incentives and feedback
  • Require being led by example
  • Enjoys a challenge and chances to prove themselves
  • Crave opportunity and knowledge
  • Ambitious and driven
  • Demand vision and purpose
  • Instant gratification
  • High expectations for personal growth
  • Want to believe they are making a difference
who generation y age 15 321
Who? Generation Y (age 15-32)
  • Involved - Recognize the need for involvement in their communities and other causes they are passionate about.
  • Politically Aware - Recognize that many issues facing politicians today have an effect on them and are doing their part to make a difference.
  • Tech Savvy – Today, 85% of Emerging Professionals use social networks in the context of careers whether it is hunting for jobs, making new business contacts, or staying in touch with co-workers.
  • Highly Educated – Jobs they will hold 5 years from now do not even exist today.
  • Innovators - The rapid development of technology has fueled creativity within Gen Y Innovators and created an outlet that wasn’t there previously. They recognize a need, and make it happen.
why impact on csi
Why?Impact on CSI
  • CSI’s membership is gradually aging and is not being supplemented with new, younger members
    • ~18% of member are under 40
    • ~60% of members are over 50
  • The current membership trends mean:
    • Membership will continue to dwindle
    • Eventually CSI will lack leaders
  • Emerging Professionals are the future of CSI

Why?Impact on CSI

          • IF…
  • Emerging Professionals are:
    • Sharp, Eager, Hard Working, and
          • Believe in your mission…
          • …THEN
          • Why wouldn’t we want them involved in decision making for CSI regardless of age, years experience, and years involved in the organization?
what challenges to recruiting
What?Challenges to Recruiting
  • Have not heard of CSI
  • Cannot afford membership
  • Choosing other organizations
    • Younger memberships
    • Appear more ‘cutting edge’
  • Benefits of joining are not clear
    • Limited opportunities for EPs
how engage eps in chapters
How?Engage EPs in Chapters
  • Special programs for Emerging Professionals
  • Emerging Professional Committee
  • Mentorship program
  • Incentivize membership, discounted rates
  • Young Chapter Leaders
  • Programs designed to reach out to:
    • Students
    • Interns
    • Recent graduates
how engage eps in chapters1
How?Engage EPs in Chapters
  • Small, specific tasks at meetings
  • Large, challenging tasks that matter
  • Use their knowledge and skills
  • Innovate with them to improve the chapter
  • Invest time in their professional growth
  • Reward their talent and hard work
  • Leadership Positions
  • Make sure they feel heard
how emerging professional committee
How?Emerging Professional Committee
  • EP Committee offers more to members within a safer, more comfortable setting
    • Leadership
    • Responsibility
    • Networking
    • Mentorship
    • Joint Ventures (AIA, USGBC, etc)
how increase ep involvement
How?Increase EP Involvement
  • Give EPs leadership roles with seasoned mentors to help
  • Program topics to interest EPs
  • Reduce membership fees for first year
  • Outreach to schools and internship programs
  • Meeting times that work for those with:
    • Young families
    • Active social lives
  • Be willing to try something new and different
thank you
Thank You!

CSI Emerging Professionals Task Team 2010-2011

Questions, Comments, Ideas

please contact:

  • Brok Howard
  • 314-369-1348

Leslie Schlesinger, Chair

Brandilyn Fry

Brok Howard

Robert Huserik

Rietta McCain

Matt McMonagle

Michael Davis

Josh Spiler