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How to make Crossword Puzzles

Let's talk about how to make crossword puzzles

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How to make Crossword Puzzles

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  1. Free Crossword Puzzle Makers http://free-crosswordpuzzlemaker.com/

  2. Crosswords were once so popular with the masses that the puzzles were looked down on as a primitive type of mental exercise. The highbrow New York Times did not adopt the crossword until 1942, nearly 30 years after it was made in 1913. Crossword puzzles continue to be enjoyed today by people of all ages. There are crosswords for Kids and expert level crosswords. Did you know that you can create your very own puzzles? • Create puzzles from scratch, or use free crossword puzzle maker Online. It’s fairly easy. Make a list of words and clues and enter them in the proper boxes in the puzzle maker. Click a button and you have a puzzle. You can also print out your masterpiece and share it with family and friends. You’ll find a list of free crossword puzzle makers below. Whichever method you use, remember to let the creativity flow! Read Write Think is a fun and free crossword puzzle maker. The website is easy on the eyes and easy to get around. Compared with other puzzle makers, the user interface is interesting and colorful. Before you can create your puzzle, the program will request you to enter your name and age level. You have a choice between playing existing puzzles or creating your own. Puzzle generation is as simple as naming your puzzle and keying in your clues.

  3. Puzzle-Maker is one of the simplest programs around. Just type in the words/clues in the box provided (one for each line) and press “Create Puzzle.” Quick and simple. The one thing that you can modify is the grid dimensions, by clicking the down arrow and putting in the number of columns and rows in the boxes. Edhelper is similarly straightforward, however, you must create an account before you can use the website to create puzzles. It works the same way as other programs: pick hints and words and enter them in the proper boxes. If you find that this is too much work, you can use the Vocabulary tool to select premade terms and clues. You can pick the kind of puzzle that will be created: crossword, word search, etc. • Discovery’s PuzzleMaker allows you to generate more than one form of puzzle. Puzzles include crosswords, crisscross puzzles, mazes, letter tiles, Custom word lists, word searches, math puzzles as well as cryptograms. The PuzzleMaker grid can measure up to a maximum of 40 x 40 square. You can create crosswords on the web and for printing. PuzzleMaker costs nothing, but you can buy a CD ROM with the software for use in the home or classroom. Eclipse Crossword is a downloadable application. This means you won’t be able to use it Online; you have to download the software and install it in your computer. The tiny program won’t tax your pc resources. To generate puzzles, enter your hints and the software does everything else.

  4. Armored Penguin is the ultimate Customized free online crossword puzzle maker. Make different puzzle types with different levels of difficulty. Challenging puzzles can be created using the alternate input tool and by choosing misspelled terms. Customize your puzzle with different colors, grid measurements and font designs.

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