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WORLD BIOMES. By Aimee Greenspan. World Biomes. Background : All of the livable space on the Earth makes up the biosphere. A biome is defines as large geographic areas that have similar climates and climax communities . . World Biomes.

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world biomes


By Aimee Greenspan

Aimee Greenspan

world biomes2
World Biomes
  • Background: All of the livable space on the Earth makes up the biosphere.
  • A biomeis defines as large geographic areas that have similar climates and climax communities.

Aimee Greenspan

world biomes3
World Biomes
  • The organisms (both plant and animal) that survive within a biome are uniquely adapted to that particular biome.

Aimee Greenspan

world biomes4
World Biomes
  • Goal:
  • Students will work in groups to research and present information on one of the world’s major biomes.

Aimee Greenspan

world biomes5
World Biomes
  • Objectives:
  • Each group will use research and reading skills to find out about one of the world’s biomes
  • Each group will orally present their biome to the class in PowerPoint.
  • Each student will become familiar with the names and basic characteristics of the different biomes and the populations they contain.

Aimee Greenspan

world biomes6
World Biomes
  • Researching the Biomes
  • Eight Groups representing major Biomes-
    • Tundra- Megan & Megan
    • Coniferous Forest- Kelsey & Becky
    • Deciduous Forest- Matt & Alissa
    • Desert- Lauren, Erin, & Richie
    • Tropical Rain Forest- Andy & Kevin
    • Grassland- Danielle & Gianna
    • Tropical Savannah- Dan & Becky
    • Temperate Ocean- Ethan & Ethan

Aimee Greenspan

world biomes7
World Biomes

Become an Expert! (Requirements)

  • Major abiotic factorsthat affect life in this habitat

-rainfall, temperature ranges, amount of light, climate, pollutants

- example: climographs

Aimee Greenspan

world biomes8
World Biomes
  • Major biotic factorsthat affect life in this habitat

-plant and animal populations that are common in this biome

Aimee Greenspan

world biomes9
World Biomes
  • Competition and Adaptation
  • Explain how organisms are specifically adapted to this habitat. (ex. Koala hands adapt)
  • Include plants and animals

- Describe how organisms within the same species and different species compete for resources

Resource level starts high, ends low

Aimee Greenspan

world biomes10
World Biomes
  • Human Influence- Explain how the human factor affects the biome. For example, logging, development, pollution.
  • Conservation Projects

Aimee Greenspan

world biomes11
World Biomes

PowerPoint Requirements:

  • 12 slide minimum (including title and references)
  • Create a worksheet for your classmates to answer during your presentation
  • Each slide must have a minimum of one graphic but no more than three per slide.
  • Animation and/or sound effects also need to be included
  • Make sure you use proper PowerPoint design principles when compiling information (font size, alignment, proximity)

Aimee Greenspan

world biomes12
World Biomes

Helpful Links:

  • The Major Biomes of the World
  • Biomes of the World
  • Introduction to Biomes
  • Living things: Habitats & Ecosystems

Aimee Greenspan

world biomes assessment
World Biomes Assessment
  • Group Peer Evaluation (10 points)

Aimee Greenspan

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Aimee Greenspan