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World Biomes

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World Biomes. Brought to you by planet Earth. Taiga or Boreal Forest. Taiga/Boreal Forest. Siberian Spruce: trunk can be 1.5meters in diameter and grow up to 30 neters high. May look like a pyramid. They grow in the Siberian Taiga where summers reach 100 and winters below negative 80. .

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world biomes

World Biomes

Brought to you by planet Earth

taiga boreal forest
Taiga/Boreal Forest

Siberian Spruce: trunk can be 1.5meters in diameter and grow up to 30 neters high. May look like a pyramid. They grow in the Siberian Taiga where summers reach 100 and winters below negative 80.

Balsam Fir: often used as Christmas tree or log cabin material.

Paper Birch: also called Canoe Birch due to Native Americans use to build canoes.

taiga boreal animals
Taiga/Boreal Animals
  • American Black Bear: can run up to 25 miles per hour, weighs 220+ pounds. Live in North America, omnivores. Not endangered.
  • Bobcat: body is 2 ft long, tail only 4 to 8 in. long, weight 13-23 lb, changes color- reddish brown summer then gray for winter, runs 30mph.

Wolverine: 47 lb, largest member of the weasel family, it can bite through frozen meat

taiga boreal animals1
Taiga/Boreal Animals
  • Long-Eared Owl- 8 ounces, one hear is 50% larger than other which helps them hear in a 3D way! Better night hunters.
  • Snowshoe Rabbit: 15-20 inches, large rear feet and toes so it can spread out to act like it has snowshoes! Feet have fur on bottom to protect them form the cold. Run 27mph.
  • River Otter: inhabits thick woods, lakes and swamp areas with logs, grassy areas. 25 inches long, coat is 2.5 inches thick. Eyes at top of skull so an see while swimming under water!
temperate deciduous forest1
Temperate Deciduous Forest

Lady Fern: grows in deciduous and taiga forest. Lacy leaves about 24” long. Grizzly bears eat them!

Carpet Moss: a simple and rootless evergreen plant.

Pecan Tree: humid climates, state tree of Texas, grows to 180 feet. Native Americans would eat pecans store the nuts to survive winter time. The tree is used for furniture, cabinets, benches, etc.

Tawny Milkcap Mushroom: edible

animals temperate deciduous forest
Animals: Temperate Deciduous Forest
  • Duckbill Platypus: lives in deciduous forest of Australia. Short legs and webbed front feet. Bill shaped like a duck. Weighs 1.5-5 lb. 26-39 inches long. Lives 15 years.
  • Fat Dormouse: look like fat, short squirrels with bushy tails. Found in Africa, Euro, and Asia. 5-8” long with tail 4-6” long. Omnivore- eats bird eggs. On the near engangeredlist
temperate animals
Temperate Animals
  • Least Weasel: NE Asia, the smallest carnivore in the world! Eats small rodents, yay!
  • Coyote: 15-44 lbs, 30-40 inches long, 15-20 inch tail, large pointed ears. Live as far as Nova Scotia and Alaska, as south as Panama. Keen sense of smell and hearing. Very intelligent.
tropical rain forest1
Tropical Rain Forest

Tualang: 250’ high, Asia, supports bees, branches do not start until 100’ up.

Bengal Bamboo: SE Asia, 40-100 degrees, grows 40-80 feet tall, lives 25-40 years. Reduces soil erosion.

Jambu: small crisp and mildly sweet fruits. S India and E Malaya. 10-20’ high, monkeys eat the fruit.

Coconut Tree: grow 50-100’, leaves 15-17’ long, 50 nuts per tree, it has shallow roots.

tropical rain forest animals
Tropical Rain Forest: Animals
  • African Elephant: two types- forest and savanna.
  • Bengal Tiger: 15 yrs, 575 lb.
  • Golden Lion tamarin: one of most endangered
  • Slender Loris: S India. Size of a chipmunk. Insectivorous- eat insects, slugs, young leaves.