the guinea coast l.
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The Guinea Coast

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The Guinea Coast - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Guinea Coast. A Presentation by: Lisa Rickert, Jennifer Angelacos, Minh Nguyen, David Reinert, Erin Evans-Fudem, Carrie Guilfoyle, Christina Kado, Jeff Nelson, Bjorn Snider, Adam McKinley, Ryan Kaplan . MAP. Guinea Coast. Political and economic woes.

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The Guinea Coast

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the guinea coast

The Guinea Coast

A Presentation by:

Lisa Rickert, Jennifer Angelacos,

Minh Nguyen, David Reinert,

Erin Evans-Fudem, Carrie Guilfoyle, Christina Kado, Jeff Nelson, Bjorn Snider, Adam McKinley, Ryan Kaplan

guinea coast
Guinea Coast
  • Political and economic woes.
  • Uses ancient and traditional music as a way to pass on oral traditions and histories.
  • Trans-Atlantic Slave trade.
  • Flourishing of Guinea Black kingdoms.
  • Talking Drums - Imitates speech and sends messages.
  • By putting pressure on middle of drum, the musician reproduces notes that correspond to the words that he is transmitting.
  • Doundouns - set of three cylindrical drums of different sizes carved of wood.
  • Can be played vertically or horizontally with a stick.
  • Doundounba, Sangban, and Kenkini.
  • Balafon - ancestor of the xylophone.
  • Wood bars on wooden frame. Under each bar is a calabash used as a resonator.
  • Each gourd is pierced with holes which vibrates with each note played.
  • Gourds and bars are tuned to each other.
  • Boloye - is made of a long wooden neck tied to a big gourd.
  • The musician pinches the string with his right hand fingers or strums with a small piece of wood, giving a bass sound, while he hits the gourd with his left hand usually wearing a ring.
  • Used in Senufo in Northern Ivory Coast.
  • Shekeres - Gourd with beads tied around it.
  • When moving the gourd, the beads slide and make a shaking, rattling type of sound.
  • Alghaita - double reed, similar to the oboe.
  • Wooden body, metal tubing with four holes.
  • The Hausa in Nigeria play this instrument.
traditional music
Traditional Music
  • Performances of traditional music are used in many tribes for social reasons.
  • Some of these events are weddings, naming ceremonies, and royal processions.
  • Also for private occasions: lullabies, play songs, or work songs.
  • Children are taught at a young age to play music.
traditional music samples
Traditional Music Samples
  • Play Dogumbo Song (“Sandema”)

From CD: Ghana Ancient Ceremonies Song and Dance Music

contemporary forms and western influences
Contemporary Forms and Western Influences
  • West African musical traditions holds strong to oral traditions and culture.
  • Countries have gained independence, many have grappled with the problem of revitalizing indigenous ways while engaging the changing outside world.
  • 1960’s - Re-Africanization of music
  • Melting pot of styles and practices.
highlife music
Highlife Music
  • Dance music played primarily in Ghana and Nigeria.
  • Blend of different music and style.
  • King of Highlife, trumpeter and band leader, E.T. Mensah.
  • Sonny Okosun added reggae to the mix of Highlife, coming up with Ozzidi.
  • Father of other kinds of music: Afropop and Juju, Apala, Fuji, etc.
  • Revival of Highlife.
contemporary music fela kuti
Contemporary Music:Fela Kuti
  • Fela Kuti (1938-1997),
  • Inventor of Afrobeat.
  • Music dominated by political events in the Nigerian government.
  • M.O.P. “Movement of the People.
  • Developed fusion of Highlife (contemporary) and ancient traditional music.
fela kuti
Fela Kuti
  • Coffin for Head of State
  • Unknown Soldier

Both from CD: Coffin for Head of State

  • Danjuma Adamu
  • Song: “Bad Company”
  • Song from Afro Bush Jazz Highlife Funk
ivory coast alpha blondy
Ivory Coast:Alpha Blondy
  • African backbeat with Western instrumentation.
  • Unique style of reggae with rock n roll influences.
  • Song from Alpha Blondy Mix.