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OMSE535 Project Software Tool Report. Tool Test Track Pro Purpose Issue Management Tool Company Seapine Software, Inc. Phone 513.754.1655 Email www Purpose.

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Omse535 project software tool report l.jpg

OMSE535 Project Software Tool Report

Tool Test Track Pro

Purpose Issue Management Tool

Company Seapine Software, Inc. Phone 513.754.1655



Purpose l.jpg

  • Managing development issues is central to any software development and quality control process, so it is important that your issue management tool works the way you do.

  • From the creation of test cases through the resolution of defects, TestTrack Pro tracks and manages all the details of your testing effort.

  • Powerful, configurable, and easy to use – plus timesaving communication and reporting features keep team members informed and on schedule.

Features l.jpg

  • Customizable workflow : TestTrack Pro includes a powerful workflow engine that makes it easy to configure development processes and extend workflow solutions across your enterprise.

  • Process automation:

    • TestTrack Pro’s administrator- and user-definable email notifications automatically inform team members of new issues and issue changes.

    • With TestTrack Pro’s auto-assignment rules, issues can be automatically assigned to team members so they don’t have to keep checking for what they should do next.

Features contd l.jpg

  • Advanced security: TestTrack Pro encrypts all data transmissions with 512-bit encryption for guaranteed security. It also validates user logins and retrieves user information from LDAP servers, including Active Directory.

  • Integration with development tools:

    • TestTrack Pro seamlessly integrates with many popular IDEs, such as Visual Basic, Visual C++, and Visual Studio .NET, allowing team members to access issues without leaving their IDE.

    • TestTrack Pro also includes two-way integration with source control applications ranging from ClearCase to StarTeam to Seapine’s own Surround SCM.

User benefits l.jpg
User Benefits

  • Maximize team-based communication and collaboration TestTrack Pro can notify team members by email when issues are assigned to them or new issues are added

  • Work the way you want to work TestTrack Pro effortlessly scales to support teams of all sizes. Support for multiple server operating systems gives development teams the flexibility they need to deploy TestTrack Pro on their preferred platform.

User benefits contd l.jpg
User Benefits-Contd

  • Achieve full lifecycle change management

    • TestTrack Pro integrates completely with Seapine’s QA Wizard automated testing tool, so bugs found during testing move quickly into the defect management process.

    • Track bugs, feature requests, change requests, and development tasks over the complete span of each project.

  • Meet regulatory standards

    • TestTrack Pro’s audit trail logging and customizable workflow features enable you to implement and manage processes to comply with strict regulatory standards.

    • Compliant with 21 CFR 11 and Sarbanes-Oxley and industry initiatives including ITIL.

Product architecture l.jpg
Product Architecture

  • TestTrack Pro supports client and server operations on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Solaris, Both GUI and browser-based clients are available.

  • TestTrack Pro supports MS SQL Server, Oracle, and other ODBC databases, and its open interface is easy to integrate into your development and customer support processes. Cross-platform client and server support provides full functionality for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris users, and enables hosting on your preferred operating system.

  • TestTrack Pro allows Login using LDAP. Users don’t have to remember one more password. Administrator can define permissions based on roles and individual users.

Product architecture contd l.jpg
Product Architecture - Contd



GUI Client









Browser Client







Custom work flow l.jpg
Custom Work Flow

Add Defect









Work flow walk through l.jpg
Work Flow walk through

  • Main Window once you log. From this window you can add new defects, edit existing defects or generate reports.

Warnings l.jpg

  • Process definition is more than playing with the tool. Requires knowledge of work environment. The ease of setting custom work flow can e mis-used to hack the process.

  • Setting Email notification should be done with care as by default it can send emails on every change event. Reading through the user community issue list it has performance side impacts on Email system as well.

Slide26 l.jpg

  • Costly. Even Version upgrades Cost. Licensing mechanism very complex. Single user licensing starts at $795. Integrated with VSS version is $1845.

  • Server installation is complex. Installation get complex with Multiple instances. Requires Knowledge of LDAP server/Email Server.

  • Difficult to integrate with in-house developed Test management or Desktop Support group software.

  • Does not include integration with Calendar and Document management tools like some of its competitors

Alternate products l.jpg
Alternate Products

  • All other products in this domain are equally or more costly.

  • List of other Defect Management Tools

    • Mercury Quality Center ($4000 per user)

    • Rational Clear Quest ($5495)

    • TechExcel DevTrack ($1995)

Conclusion l.jpg

  • Very good (but costly ) tool to track and manage defects.

  • Can be completely customized to work environment.

  • Support Ticket Management

  • Good Reporting Functionality

Seapine contact information l.jpg
Seapine Contact Information

  • Tool Test Track Pro

  • Purpose Defect Management Tool

  • Company Seapine Software, Inc. Phone 513.754.1655

  • Email

  • www