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Paintball. “The Basics”. BY: M. Thomas Sanford. Contents. Paintball 101 History Equipment Rules Safety Field Requirements Links. Paintball 101. Paintball is a team sport which can be played with various amounts of players and in many formats.

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Paintball l.jpg


“The Basics”

BY: M. Thomas Sanford

Contents l.jpg

  • Paintball 101

  • History

  • Equipment

  • Rules

  • Safety

  • Field Requirements

  • Links

Paintball 101 l.jpg
Paintball 101

  • Paintball is a team sportwhich can be played with various amounts of players and in many formats.

  • The basic objective is to eliminate your opponents by marking them.

What s marking l.jpg
What’s Marking?

  • You mark your opponent by hitting them with a paintball fired from a paintball marker (a.k.a. gun).

  • Players that are marked must leave the field until the next game.

What are the formats l.jpg
What are the formats?

  • Capture the Flag

    • Teams work to gain control of and return a flag to their base

  • Elimination

    • Teams play until one teams is completely eliminated

  • Scenario Games

    • Teams work toward a certain goal like capturing a base or holding territory

  • Plus Many More

Why play paintball l.jpg
Why Play Paintball?

  • It is an exciting game for people of all types

  • It emphasizes teamwork, good sportsmanship, and strategy

  • It also allows individuals to shine and gain self confidence

History l.jpg

  • Paintball started in 1981 with air powered pistols

  • First public field was opened in Rochester, N.Y. in 1982

  • Advances in safety and firepower gained the sport international recognition in the early 90’s

  • Is now a 3 billion dollar a year industry with magazines, videos, international tournaments, and thousands of publics fields across the world

Equipment l.jpg

  • Markers (Guns)

    • C02 tanks (norm. 9-20oz)

    • Hoppers (paintball holder)

    • Barrel Plugs* (safety device always in barrel when not playing)

  • Mask / Goggles

    • Worn at all times on and around the field

    • For face and eye protection

  • Gloves and Jerseys optional

    *Not Pictured

Rules pt 1 l.jpg
Rules pt.1

  • Tape Line:

    • Boundaries not to be crossed by players

  • Hits:

    • Players call themselves out when a hit breaks on them. They raise their hands above their heads and walk to designated area off the field

  • Time Limits:

    • Most games have time restrictions

  • Proximity Rules:

    • Some fields have restrictions on shooting opponents in a close proximity to the shooter (usually 5 to 10 feet of shooter)

Rules pt 2 l.jpg
Rules pt.2

  • Referees

    • Patrol the field to watch for rules/safety violations. They hold the power to remove any player from the field

  • Chrono

    • Before players begin playing for the day their ball velocity is measured to make sure it doesn’t exceed limits (usually between 250-300 feet per second)

Safety l.jpg

  • Paintball prides itself on being an extremely safe sport

  • Ball speeds are monitored to maintain safety

  • Goggles, facemasks, long sleeve shirts, and long pants are worn at all times

  • Barrel plugs are kept in markers when they are not in play to stop any accidental discharge

  • Optional safety equipment includes gloves and knee pads

  • Referees control the intensity of the players and make sure all rules are followed

Field requirements l.jpg
Field Requirements

  • What Every Field Needs:

    • Referees

    • Chrono

    • Boundary Lines

    • Bunkers and/or Barriers

  • Bonus amenities:

    • Fill station for CO2 tanks

    • Place to purchase balls

    • Shaded area

    • Water / Refreshments

Links l.jpg