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PAINTBALL !. By : Nathan Colston Bethany Marcellini Alorah Snyder.

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Presentation Transcript


By : Nathan Colston

Bethany Marcellini

Alorah Snyder


It was a humid summer day. There were a few dark clouds heading our way. We were about to play paintball and the suns nuclear power produced thermal energy as it was beating down on my heavy gear. Before we started I learned from Mr. Baker that Law of Conservation of energy was involved in the sport.


The buzzer went off and we began. I took off and jumped over the fence which I was losing my potential energy and it turned into Kinetic energy. I was spotted from the other side so I dove behind a barrier. I was under heavy fire until my opponent ran out of paintballs and stopped to reload.


While he was reloading I pulled out a paintball grenade and tossed it in the tower using mechanical energy . It started to storm . So , I ran down into the trench.


The dark clouds were overhead and I had to struggle to get my batteries ( chemical energy ) So , I can see the battleground . I was spotted with the lights radiant energy . I jumped out of the trench and turned my flashlight off so I wouldn’t be spotted again .


I went to plan B and pulled out my night vision goggles . I could see him with the radiant energy it supported me with . Luckily , he couldn’t see me .


I got a clear shot of him . So , I pulled the trigger as fast as I could . Lightning struck behind him ( electrical energy ) . I saw him even better !

He was caught off guard when he was hit . He lifted his arms and yelped , “ I’m hit .” I ended up winning the match and left with confidence to come back and play again .


Using electrical energy to power radiant energy (night vision) And losing potential energy and turning into Kinetic energy (jumping)! And it should look like this…