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College planning websites PowerPoint Presentation
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College planning websites

College planning websites

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College planning websites

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  1. College planning websites Compiled by Mitzi Cherry Moye, M.A., MAEd.

  2. There are thousands of sites available on the internet to help you with colleges – these are a few samples that are credible and reliable. You may find links to many more! Please share new ones (and your feedback) so we can continue to update this information for other students. Thanks!

  3. This is an excellent source for SAT and AP information. It has guides for parents, students and educators. You can see test schedules, get test prep and get scores here.

  4. Take 15 minutes and register here NOW! This site will keep you posted of scholarship opportunities, writing contests, college offers, etc. Excellent source!

  5. This site helps you plan for college, find ways of paying for your college experience and even has links to NC colleges!

  6. This is the official site of the NC School of Science and Mathematics in Durham. This is a public boarding school, free for those students who meet the strict admission requirements. This is also where you find information about Summer Ventures. (click on External programs)

  7. This site provides all kinds of information on selecting schools, preparing for tests, etc. It also has some good links to other sites.

  8. This site will allow you to search colleges by specific criteria such as location, cost or sports. It has lots of info on scholarship and application issues.

  9. This site has a wide variety of information on colleges grouped by categories. It also has financial aid resources and career planning information.

  10. While this site tends to be more commercial with lots of “pop ups”, it does have some scholarship information and is fun to browse. Who knows? YOU might win if you apply.

  11. Highly reputable site. Info on choosing colleges, raising test scores, paying for college…

  12. This official site of The National Research Center for College and University Admissions contains factual information about college admissions and careers. Look on the right hand side and browse down to click on the section for HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS - some good info there!