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Certification Updates

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Certification Updates - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Certification Updates. HIGHLIGHTS Recent Certification Changes Leadership Certificates MyPSC Account Other Things Worth Mentioning Teacher Recognition Simply Certification . CERTIFICATION DIVISION. Jane Huntley, Director . Kelli Young, Program Manager

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Certification Updates

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    1. Certification Updates

    2. HIGHLIGHTS • Recent Certification Changes • Leadership Certificates • MyPSC Account • Other Things Worth Mentioning • Teacher Recognition • Simply Certification

    3. CERTIFICATION DIVISION Jane Huntley, Director Kelli Young, Program Manager Jeff Jones, Assistant Certification Manager EVALUATORS 9Staff Positions INFORMATION SPECIALISTS (Primary Telephone Contact) 9 Staff Positions (404) 232-2500, Press 1, then Press 1 1-800-869-7775 (outside Metro area) SCANNERS + 2 Staff Positions TEACHER RECOGNITION – Master Teacher & NBPTS Ginny Elliott, Program Director 2 Staff Positions www.gapsc.com www.gapsc.org

    4. Certification Rule Changes * Ten Rules initiated at the April Commission Meeting 505-2-.20 Special Georgia Requirements • Computer Skills Competency Removed • Memo posted on PSC Website (Effective immediately, the Computer Skills Competency (CSC) Special Georgia Requirement is waived for educator certification.)

    5. Certification Changes Kelly Henson memo: “The CSC has served its original intent, which was to ensure Georgia educators have satisfactory knowledge of computer skills”. • Since 2001 educators completing a state approved educator preparation program are exempt from this requirement since technology is embedded in their preparation programs. • The number of educators that have met the requirement upon certificate renewal has increased significantly. • Cost to educators and their school systems of time and resources associated with meeting this requirement can no longer be justified.

    6. Certification Changes • The GACE Computer Skills Competency assessment (GACE 178) is no longer available. • The PSC acknowledges and is very appreciative of the work of the Education Technology Centers, Institutions of Higher Education, RESAs, schools systems and schools that helped educators meet the CSC requirement by offering the PSC approved course or GACE Internet-Based Testing.

    7. Certification Rule Changes Five rules involved removal of the CSC requirement only: 505-2-09 Life and Performance Based 505-2-10 Permit 505-2-11 Paraprofessional 505-2-20 Special Georgia Requirements 505-2-39 Technology/Career Education

    8. Certification Rule Changes Five rules included other changes plus the removal of the CSC requirement. • Non-Renewable Non-Professional 505-2-.30 • Non-Renewable Professional 505-2-.06 Changed the validity period from 5 to 3 years in order to be consistent with Ga Implementation Guidelines for NCLB * Does not apply to Leadership Certificates

    9. Certification Rule Changes 3. Classification-Category, Title, Type, Field, Level 505-2-.02 Rule changed to reflect changes in Non Renewable Professional 505-2-.06 and Non-Renewable Non-Professional 505-2- .30 4. Waiver 505-2-07 Language is added to be consistent with the change in the Standard Renewal Rule.

    10. Certification Rule Changes 5. Standard Renewal 505-2-.24 Aligned the rule with 0.C.G.A. 20-2-200 “ An individual who has received two unsatisfactory annual evaluations within the previous five year period pursuant to Code Section 20-2-210 shall not be entitled to a renewable certificate prior to demonstrating that such performance deficiency has been satisfactory addressed, but such an individual may apply to the commission for a non-renewable certificate.”

    11. Certification Rule Changes 5. Standard Renewal 505-2.24 continued- “An individual who receives two unremediated, unsatisfactory annual evaluations may request a 1-year Waiver certificate. The PSC will review the completed application and, if approved, a 1-year non-renewable Waiver will be provided.”

    12. Certification Rule Changes Standard Renewal 505-2-.24 continued- Waiver Application: Educator must sign the application attesting an understanding that unless satisfactory remediation is completed during the 1-year waiver validity period, a clear renewable certificate will not be issued.

    13. Certification Rule Changes Standard Renewal 505-2-.24 continued- Waiver Application: Superintendent (or Designee) must sign attesting 1. A Professional Development Plan will be implemented and closely monitored; 2.The educator will not be issued a clear renewable certificate unless satisfactory performance is determined and a verification form must be signed by the superintendent.

    14. Renewal Requirements Modified HB 1307: Professional Standards Commission will modify Standard Renewal Requirements during this period. Certificates with an expiration date of June 30, 2010, will require professional learning credit. Certificates with an expiration date of June 30 of 2011-2015 will not require professional learning credit to renew a Georgia clear renewable educator certificate or for the renewal of a paraprofessional certificate

    15. Renewal Requirements Modified • The certificate holders may be employed or unemployed. • Outstanding requirements other than PLUs must be completed such as Criminal Record Check.

    16. MyPSC • GaPSC went paperless January 2, 2010. • Eliminated the need to print and mail certificates/correspondence to educators. • MyPSC is a new online feature designed to automate the certification process for educators. • Educators can update their personal profile, pay fees and view/print certification information from the website.

    17. Two new Evaluation and Information Specialists ( Ashley Sanders and Melanie Madison) that replace Sherry Smith and Rose Wilson. They were promoted to Evaluator Trainees. Sherry replaced Jacqui Brey who retired at the beginning of December. Our office has entered into a partnership with the Department of Early Childhood and Learning (DECAL). The DECAL evaluators will be responsible for processing career level assignments to childcare employees and verifying credentials for educators teaching in the Georgia Pre-K program. The information specialist position will support the evaluator positions by handling calls, providing clerical support and includes scanning duties. Rose Wilson was promoted into one of the evaluator positions. A new information specialist (Tatisha Doggett) was hired for this position. The remaining evaluator position will be posted shortly and filled within the next month. All of these positions are contract positions. Certification Updates

    18. Who Should Register? • All Georgia educators must register on MyPSC • Anyone who has submitted paperwork to GaPSC for processing (In-state and out-of-state). • Anyone who has passed a GACE assessment.

    19. What Does MyPSC Offer? • MyPSC is accessible from the GaPSC website. • Educators have 24 hr access to their account information. • Secure login to GaPSC online environment. • Educators create and maintain their own account information. • PSC sends electronic notifications to the educator when updates have been made to their file.

    20. Key Things to Know • PSC Account Number = Certification ID #. • Six-digit number is required to access MyPSC. • The number is located on all certificates and correspondence from GaPSC. • The number can be retrieved from the GaPSC website under Check Certification Status. So, Georgia will accept professional out-of-state certificates to establish professional certification. However, the individual will be subject to our Special Georgia Requirements if they did not meet them for the professional out-of-state certificate.

    21. Key Things to Know • As part of the account creation process, it is critical educators provide a valid email address. Since correspondence will be via email, educators will: • need to use a reliable email address—one checked often. • enter a second email address during the registration process for a backup. (If your email address changes, update MyPSC Account with the new address.)

    22. Registration Process • SSN* • Date of Birth* • PSC Account Number* • Valid Primary email address* • Secondary email address is optional • Password (special formatting required)* • Security Questions (3 separate Q&A)* So, Georgia will accept professional out-of-state certificates to establish professional certification. However, the individual will be subject to our Special Georgia Requirements if they did not meet them for the professional out-of-state certificate.

    23. Login Process • Valid Primary email address* • PSC Account Number* • Password (special formatting required)* So, Georgia will accept professional out-of-state certificates to establish professional certification. However, the individual will be subject to our Special Georgia Requirements if they did not meet them for the professional out-of-state certificate.

    24. PAPERLESS CERTIFICATION From the system office perspective: No changes with our current electronic processes (ExpressLane, ACRES, etc.) Portal capability for HR staff to view certificate and appropriate related correspondence and documents

    25. Certification Updates OTHER THINGS WORTH MENTIONING

    26. Certification Updates • DECAL Project • Status of Revised Forms • Certification Related Information

    27. Department of Early Care & Learning PSC has established a partnership with DECAL to continue and expand an established process for verifying credentials for Georgia’s Pre-K teachers and childcare professionals. PSC will issue certificates or verify credentials for educators employed in public, private, charter and childcare facilities along with processing career level assignments to childcare professionals. The goal is to utilize PSC’s expertise to recognize credentials of qualified Early Care Learning educators, and positively impact education.

    28. Certification • Revised Forms: • Assurance Form: change in section for Education Leadership “ employed as an administrator or placed in a leadership role to complete residency requirements” • Alternate Level 6 Form: aligned requirements on the form with those in the rule

    29. Certification Related Information • GACE: • The GACE testing calendar for FY11 has been approved and is aligned with this past year’s testing dates; the new testing schedule will be sent as soon as it can be released by Evaluation Systems • During FY11, we are adding additional computer based testing windows for Basic Skills and are working to add additional GACE assessments to our computer based testing format.

    30. Certification Related Information • Title II A: • Reminder that All LEA Title II-A Equity Plans are due July 1, 2010. • We have a new Quick Reference Guide for HiQon the gapsc.com website, along with additional training materials. Click on NCLB and then “Title IIA Spring Conference” to access these. • Please let your state Title IIA coordinator know how we can meet your Title IIA needs.

    31. Simplify Certification • GaPSC is initiating a study of certification rules/regulations/processes. • The GOAL is to reduce the complexity associated with certification. • Local support is necessary! • Input and support from Human Resource Directors and staff are ESSENTIAL!!! • PSC certification staff plans to work closely with GASPA.

    32. Simplify Certification PSC is initiating the following changes: 1. Move alternative certificates under I certificate. The provider determines the path and enters specific designation in gapsc.org website 2. Make Broad Field Social Science a Secondary Field (eliminating the 5 separate fields) 3. Adjust gapsc.org to allow approved system staff to view communications sent to employees

    33. Simplify Certification Other changes identified by PSC staff: • Reduce the number of certificate titles and select names that are easy to comprehend • Increase the number of certificates that can be issued through gapsc.org website Examples- • Expired Educator Certificate (Ga. certificate holders employed but need renewal requirements) • Performing Artist (only issued for candidates with less than bachelor’s in dance, drama, music, and art

    34. Simplify Certification HELP!!!! PSC Staff identify certification issues and determine ways to resolve as many as possible!!!


    36. CONTACT INFORMATION Information Specialists – 404-232-2500 OR 1-800-869-7775 (outside Metro), then press # 1 upon cue, then # 1 again Email -K.Young@gapsc.com OR Jane Huntley@gapsc.com ExpressLane Support or Sign-On Authorization– Support@gapsc.com