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Steroids. By: Tanner Stamper-Smith. Chemical Structure of a Steroid. A picture of them. When was steroids first found it?.

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By: Tanner Stamper-Smith

when was steroids first found it
When was steroids first found it?
  • Testosterone was first synthesized in the 1930's and was introduced into the sporting arena in the 1940's and 1950's.Read more:
what the help care
What the help care
  • Steroids help clear For in example when men cant get the testosterone works he has to take steroids to get his system working right. It can get medicine to treat stuff like cancer, AIDS, Osteoporosis
why do people abuse steroids
Why do people abuse steroids?
  • The people who abuse them are just trying to gain abilty to do stuff but once people start to abuse steroids the bought it in to sports.
  • It was used to make the soldiers get better
life today
Life today
  • Most people use steroids in so many ways to get into their system, its important that your doctor give you to use them
how people put steroids in there system
How people put steroids in there system
  • Niddles, pills,smell I think but this can hurt you and give you pain and once you get to mch you wont stop
what happen when you get caught
What happen when you get caught
  • You well be be hide bars maybe for a long time!
what you well look like
What you well look like
  • This is so nasty don’t be this if you don’t work for it your self that’s to strong.