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  1. System Requirements 2 Installing and Launching 3 Profiles 4 Main Menu 5 Controls 6 Game Modes 8 Your Arsenal 9 Heads-Up Display 10 Credits 12 Contents 1

  2. Microsoft XP or Vista • ATI Radeon 2400 HD / nVidia GeForce 7900 or better • 600 MB of hard drive space • 2 GB or more of RAM • nVidia PhysX System Software (version 9.09 or later) • LAN connection for multiplayer • Mouse • Keyboard • Speakers for sound System Requirements 2

  3. Navigate to the folder called Ixion Setup. • Run the Ixion file from within that folder. • Follow the instructions in both • To run, simply launch the Ixion shortcut on the Desktop. Installing and Launching 3

  4. Profiles allows you to keep track of your game settings between sessions. You can customize your game controls, sound and graphics settings. High scores achieved in race and style mode are also linked to your profile. Profiles 4

  5. From the main menu, you can access : • Practice: • New Game: Allows player to practice the style and race modes in single-player, while setting high scores. • High Scores: View the a table of high scores for each track in both modes. • Multiplayer: • Host Game: Start a new LAN multiplayer game in whichever mode you please. • Join Game: Search for and join servers within the same LAN. • Settings: • Sound:Adjust the music and SFX volumes. • Controls: Adjust the controls, and turn sensitivity for the wheel. Main Menu 5

  6. Default Controls Esc R Use the WASD keys to navigate your environment. Boost can be activated using the space key. If you get off-track during a race, press R to reset back. And of course, you can remap the controls anyway you like Pause Reset Position W A S D Space Boost 6

  7. Use the scroll wheel of the mouse to switch between weapons. Use the left click to shoot. Change Weapon Shoot 7

  8. Race Race against opponents in order to be the first player that reaches the finish line. Weapons do no damage but do hinder opponents. Style A sandbox mode where players can carry out maneuvers in order to obtain style points. The longer and more complex the maneuver, the greater the number of points and the multiplier. If a maneuver ends abruptly because a player crashes into a wall or needs to reset, all points currently being gained for that maneuver will be lost. The team with the highest style score within the allotted time wins. Deathmatch The primary goal in Deathmatch is to kill players from other teams as often as you can within the allotted time. If you are killed, you will respawn at a random location on the map and continue playing. The winner is the team with the most number of kills. Game Modes 8

  9. Your Arsenal Heat Seeking Missile Your most potent weapon, the AR-49 is extremely effective at locking on and chasing down targets, while dealing devastating damage. Turrets Small but quick, the RPL-4 turret is fully automatic and regains ammo quickly. It is useful for attacking opponents from a distance when they may not be aware of your location. Smoke Grenade Use these to either avoid chasing opponents or obstruct their vision while competing in a race. Explosive Spikes In addition to obstructing the path of opponents, and dealing damage to them, they are also quite useful in defending against heat seeking missiles since they act as flares. 9

  10. Heads-up Display Deathmatch Display Time remaining Radar pops up when enemy locks on Your Score Team Score Press [Tab] to view all scores Cursor turns red when you can fire on an enemy [Enter] for chat messages Voltrax: N00b la you Revant: Die!! Available Weapons Health/Ammo Current Weapon Boost Bar 1 10

  11. Heads-up Display Style Display Time remaining Your Total Score Multiplier Current Score List of maneuvers currently being performed 11

  12. Heads-up Display Race Display Time Taken Lap Info Current Position List of players with your position highlighted in blue 12

  13. Credits Project Lead Saswat Panda Lead Programmer VivekMaharajh Programmers VenkatGanesh VaibhavGoel Saswat Panda Revant Kapoor Level Designer TzeJianChear 2D Art Revant Kapoor 3D Art TzeJianChear ShushanXu Produced Using Irrlicht NvidiaPhysXRakNet FMOD 13