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Neighbourhood Development Planning (NDP) St Ives Town Council 2013 Chandelle Randall, Community Network Manager, Hayle & St Ives CNA and West Penwith CNA Marcus Healan, Planning Delivery Team. What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan? Costs Cornwall Council’s Support to Town/Parish Councils

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Neighbourhood Development Planning (NDP)St Ives Town Council 2013Chandelle Randall, Community Network Manager, Hayle & St Ives CNA and West Penwith CNAMarcus Healan, Planning Delivery Team

What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan?


Cornwall Council’s Support to Town/Parish Councils

Other Support

Do you want to proceed?

What do you want to achieve?

Getting Started – Neighbourhood Planning

St Ives Framework Plan – brief update

where does the ndp fit in the planning system
Where does the NDP fit in the Planning system?
  • Cornwall Council Local Plan
  • Neighbourhood Development Plan – statutory document that sits under the Local Plan
  • Other Plans e.g. Framework Plans
legal compliance
Legal Compliance
  • Neighbourhood Plans must conform to:
  • European directives/legislation
  • National legislation – planning and other
  • National Planning Policy Framework
  • Cornwall Council Local Plan / strategic policy
what is a neighbourhood development plan
What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan?
  • Full development plan dealing with land use planning issues for the parish area
  • Or focussed on certain issues e.g. design
  • Sets out policies in relation to development and use of land in a neighbourhood
  • Express local priorities
  • Could allocate sites for housing and other development
  • Identify important green spaces
  • Average cost estimated by DCLG: £20,000 to £86,000 per plan.
  • Plans will vary in cost depending on the issues and type of area covered, and complexity
  • Smaller more focussed plans will cost less!
  • Therefore ‘scoping’ is really important.
Core Costs to a local council
  • Engagement and consultation costs : Planning for Real type events: £1,500 to £5,000
  • Publicity and production of plans £1,500 to £2,500
  • Project management and ‘footwork’ £nil to £10,000
  • Additional Costs to a local council
  • Non-statutory assessments:
    • Retail Impact assessment: £3,000 to £7,000
    • Equalities Impact assessment: £Nil to £2,000
    • Community safety assessment: £2,000 to £5,000
    • Flood risk assessment £2,000 to £5,000
  • Environmental Impact Assessment: up to £75,000
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment: £10,000-£30,000
  • Habitats Regulations Assessment: typically £15,000
  • Master-plan type documents: £50,000/1yr consultants’ fees
  • A basic small village plan: £5,000 - £10,000
    • St Somewhere: £9,800
  • Small Town: (including an SEA, Retail, Flood Risk Assessment): £40,000 - £75,000
  • City: £200,000+
  • Town Centre or Employment area: £20,000
cornwall council costs
Cornwall Council Costs
  • Officer support providing expertise and advice
  • Process and advertisement costs
  • Examination costs - £2,000 to £10,000
  • Referendum costs - £2,000 to £30,000
  • Loss of income from planning application fees
cornwall council support
CNA Manager first point of contact

Regeneration Officer for project support

Friendly Link Planning Officer to signpost technical planning advice



Best practice examples

‘Expert’ support – Community Intelligence, Democratic Services, AONB Unit, Historic Environment

Cornwall Council Support
other sources of help
Other Sources of help
what do you want to achieve
What do you want to achieve?
  • There are other tools you could consider:
  • Neighbourhood Development Order
  • Local Development Order
  • Community Right to Build
  • Planning Application
  • Individual Project
  • Framework Plan
governance decision making
Governance & Decision Making
  • The Localism Act specifies that only a ‘Qualifying Body’ is entitled to initiate and lead the production of a Neighbourhood Plan (Under Section 38A (12) of the Act). In St Ives this is the Town Council
  • The Qualifying Body will require a formal constitution which sets out its aims, structure and decision making processes for the Neighbourhood Plan
evidence gathering
Evidence gathering
  • Community network profiles (website)
  • Parish plan
  • Local Plan evidence (website)
  • Planning Policy team
  • Affordable housing
  • Local surveys
key tasks
Key Tasks
  • Holding an early community event to get people involved -ensuring it is a community-led process (referred to as legitimisation)
  • Governance and structure
  • Set up task groups to gather information about certain themes and make recommendations to the Steering Sub group
  • Pulling it all together with the whole community and agreeing local priorities
  • Writing the plan – simple policy that reflects priorities and defines local projects
  • Getting formal approval for the plan (Independent Inspection)
  • Referendum ……and then making it happen!
st ives carbis bay framework plan update
St Ives & Carbis Bay Framework Plan – update
  • Local Plan
  • Sets out a requirement for 750 dwellings for St Ives 2010 – 2030
    • Approx 400 to 600 to be built in the urban area
    • Leaves around 100-300 dwellings – urban extension?
    • Evidence base: Small area adjoining Carbis Bay less constraints
    • Delivery of community infrastructure
  • The housing numbers may go back up - unclear?
  • Framework evidence suggest less in this area than other areas?



















framework plan next steps
Framework Plan – Next Steps
  • CC discussion & clarity on the housing numbers
  • Prepare final draft Framework Plan
  • Town Council meeting to review / agree
  • Public consultation – date?
  • Work with NP….discussion
  • Cornwall Allocations Document – brings all allocated site together in on document
further questions

Further Questions ?

Neighbourhood Planning Toolkit Link

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