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Breaking bad

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Breaking bad
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  1. Breaking bad By Georgina and Andrew

  2. Introduction • This program first aired on 20th Jan 2008 • This program is crime based

  3. Primary research • Today we done some secondary research on Breaking bad. Breaking bad first aired in 2008 on January 20th.
This consisted of eight episodes each running 47 minutes long. The latest amount of viewings for this program is 10.3 million viewings for its finale show smashed all viewings so far!
The days this program was aired was every Thursday. This program had filmed 62 episodes before they decided to stop. • •

  4. Secondary • I’m investigating what other peoples opinions on the TV show Breaking Bad are. I carried out primary research on 15 people in the classroom. To find this out I asked asked 15 people people in the classroom. • To find this out I asked people their information for example their gender, age and if they like the show and how they rate it. I also asked their favorite character in the series. This is primary research because I carried it out myself. The data I collected was quantitative data because it was collected in numbers and tally’s. Secondary research is research which has been carried out already an then you can just easily collect the data. • I used this because it suited my research better. As qualitative data is asking peoples opinions. Qualitative data was easier to get the information I was looking for. The end of my primary research I found that 10 people liked Breaking Bad and 5 people didn’t like it. My sample was the fifteen people I asked in my classroom, I surveyed using primary research, the gender were female and male. The age ranged from 16-19 years of age. This isn’t reliable because it obviously doesn’t represent the whole worlds society as the age ranges from 16 – 19 so the opinions would be different through out the ages.