Project by jt callum book by michael reisman
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Project by: JT & Callum Book by: Michael Reisman. Simon bloom the gravity keeper. Setting.

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Project by jt callum book by michael reisman

Project by: JT & Callum

Book by: Michael Reisman

Simon bloom the gravity keeper


The setting of the story is in the city of Lawnville. Lawnville is a small town that has a population of about 900 people. It used to be a big logging town, but the people cut down so many trees that the only ones were in Dunkerhook woods.


  • Simon: Simon is the main character. Simon has the power to change gravity, friction and has the power to bend time and space itself.

  • Owen: Owen has the power to change the velocity of a object. He-talks-fast-too.

  • Alysha: Alysha is practically a living battery she sucks it all up then can juice it out on any electric conductor

  • Sirabetta: Sirabetta is the main bad guy in the story she has lots of different powers.

  • Mermon: Mermon is Sirabetta’s weasel he is in the order but everybody in the order thinks he is evil without knowing he actually is. Mermon is like Alysha but he makes his own electricity and juice it out in a form of lightning.

  • Ralfagon: He is the original keeper of the Book but when he gets hit by a truck the Book goes to Simon through a worm hole

Rising action
Rising action

The rising action is when they find the Book and start to mess with the universe. Then they fight Sirabetta for the first time. She melts the street and they have to alter gravity to jump to safety.


Simon ,Owen and Alysha are fighting Sirabetta and Mermon in Dunkerhook Woods. They need to beat her and save the Book. Do they have the strength to beat her?

Read Simon Bloom the gravity keeper to find out.

Falling action
Falling Action

Simon ,Owen and Alysha meet the order of science’s. Ralfagon Wintrofline is healed by Gilio Gallililoe .


Simon gets added to the order but Owen and Alysha have to be stripped of their powers. What will happen to Owen and Alysha well you will have to read the second book of the series The Octopus Effect to find out.

Jt s favorite page
JT’s favorite page

My favorite character is Mermon Veenie he can shoot lightning and has the power to disintegrate a house in a single blast. My favorite part with him in it is when they are fighting in the woods and he charges up so much electricity there is a giant ball of lightning surrounding him.

Callum s favorite page
Callum’s favorite page

My favorite character is Simon because he has lots of different powers. My favorite part is when he stuns the gym teacher.

my favorite power is sirabettas exploding power.