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Keeper of the Stars

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Keeper of the Stars. Bio of Cindy Santellan January 21, 2012. My Birthplace. I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. There is always something happening in good old San Antonio. San Antonio. Growing Up. My Parents . My Sisters.

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Keeper of the Stars

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    1. Keeper of the Stars Bio of Cindy Santellan January 21, 2012

    2. My Birthplace I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. There is always something happening in good old San Antonio. • San Antonio

    3. Growing Up My Parents My Sisters • My parents met in high school and had four surprising healthy and beautiful daughters. My parents did not have much money, but always made us laugh. My parents would say, “there is nothing like a good laugh and a smile to fill your heart. When in doubt, call on God and He will always answer”. • I am the oldest of three sisters. My three sisters reside in San Antonio, Texas. We all have different goals in life, but we all are very close. A day doesn’t go by that we don’t make each other laugh. Most importantly, we pick each other up when we fall and are there when we need each other.

    4. Traditions listening to Christmas music and decorating the Christmas tree a week before Christmas. Then on Christmas Day at midnight, we open our Christmas gifts. Christmas

    5. Family Unit Richard and I are raising our children in Austin, Texas. We are raising our children with the morals and values our parents instilled in us. We also want them to grow up with an open heart and the understanding that God is always there.

    6. Education Ashford University Working on my Masters in Teaching & Learning with Technology. Ashford University: Bachelor of Arts in Social Science with Education Concentration and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.

    7. Present Occupation

    8. These are a few things I enjoy :-reading-bike riding -bowling-cooking-gardening-painting Recreation/Hobbies

    9. Belief System God is who keeps our family together through..

    10. Celebration of Life Give thanks for the gifts of life, And the opportunity to celebrate everyday, As we remember to be grateful for the things That are really important ------- Faith, Hope, love, Family, Friends, and GOD. By Marci