San blade vm ware
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SAN, Blade, VM Ware. Larry M. Gerlt A+, CNE 3, MCSE 4, CCNA. Overview. SAN and Blades Advantages Disadvantage Who Mosaic chose and Why VM Ware Advantages/Uses Disadvantages/Non-Uses. Advantages - Why Use a SAN. Data Safety Lost 3 hard drives in one weekend. Had only one hot spare

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Presentation Transcript
San blade vm ware

SAN, Blade, VM Ware

Larry M. Gerlt



  • SAN and Blades

    • Advantages

    • Disadvantage

    • Who Mosaic chose and Why

  • VM Ware

    • Advantages/Uses

    • Disadvantages/Non-Uses

Advantages why use a san
Advantages - Why Use a SAN

  • Data Safety

    • Lost 3 hard drives in one weekend.

    • Had only one hot spare

    • Did not lose any data

  • Disk Space Utilization

    • Pockets of Space on various Server Raids

    • Seldom had free space where needed

    • On a SAN you grow the volume as needed

San disadvantages
SAN Disadvantages

  • Initial Investment

    • Cost of SAN

    • Cost of Fiber cards for servers

    • Cost of Fiber switches

  • Single Point of failure

San risk management spof
SAN Risk Management SPOF

  • Dual Cisco fiber switches

  • Dual fiber cards for production servers

  • Latest iteration – boot from SAN

Xiotech features
XioTech Features

  • Standard SAN features

    • Redundant Power Supplies

    • Raid 1, 5, 10

    • Central Management

    • Can define selected disk(s) for

      • Separate disk space pool

      • Limiting to specific users

Xiotech features1
XioTech Features

  • Unique to XioTech

    • Change Raid configuration on-the-fly

    • Upgrade to larger drives one drive at a time

    • Mix and match drives without having separate pockets of space

    • Survive multiple simultaneous hard drive failures

Blade server advantages
Blade Server Advantages

  • Minimal Rack Space

  • Reduced power consumption

  • Ability to reboot “hung” server remotely

  • Ability to remotely totally down a server and then bring back up.

  • Central Management console

Blade server disadvantages
Blade Server Disadvantages

  • Initial Investment

    • We needed to purchase 7 servers to reach a break even point verses buying 1 U servers

  • Purchasing more servers than fit in one Blade Center

    • Again face cost deficit unless buying 7 or more servers

Ibm blades
IBM Blades

  • 14 server slots per blade center

  • Only vender offering quad processor servers when we purchased

    • Quad proc. Servers require 2 slots

  • Single or dual fiber port fiber card

  • Single or dual port NICs

  • On board CDRom and floppy

  • Fit in standard Computer Cabinet

San blade vm ware


Mosaic, Omaha CoSentry, Bel.

Top Routers - Out to Internet

Solid lines = TCP/IP

Dashed Lines = Fiber

Dotted Line – SAN Repl. via private line

San w/backup & Mag Classic server – Oma

San with Mag 3D and prod RA data - COS



N/W Switch

N/W Switch

Pix 515


Pix 520


N/W Switch

N/W Switch



Fiber Switch

Fiber Switch



Fiber Switch

Fiber Switch

N/W Switch

N/W Switch

Vm ware advantages
VM Ware Advantages LAN

  • Server Consolidation

    • Multiple servers on one

    • Totally separate virtual server environment for applications that do not “play well with others.”

    • Reduced overall Hardware costs

  • DRBC

    • Can have backup copy of a server

    • Can drag & drop to other hardware running VM Ware

Vm ware advantages 2
VM Ware Advantages (2) LAN

  • Reduced new server build time

    • Can have a generic server to copy for new servers

  • Reduced Console requirements

    • 1 server connected to KB/Mouse/Monitor switch

    • Multiple servers managed on single server

Vm ware disadvantages
VM Ware Disadvantages LAN

  • Initial Hardware Cost

    • Requires beefed up server

      • Lots of Ram

      • More disk space

      • Dual processor – prefer quad

  • NIC Overload

    • Must choose application servers that do not require 100% of NIC (may use second NIC)

Vm ware disadvantages1
VM Ware Disadvantages LAN

  • Processor overload

    • Do not recommend for memory and processor intensive applications (SQL or other data base server

Summary LAN

  • SANs, Blades, & VM Ware:

    • Improved disk space utilization

    • Increased DRBC

    • ROI for hardware $ spent