how xamarin simplifies the mobile app development n.
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How Xamarin Simplifies The Mobile App Development Process? PowerPoint Presentation
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How Xamarin Simplifies The Mobile App Development Process?

How Xamarin Simplifies The Mobile App Development Process?

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How Xamarin Simplifies The Mobile App Development Process?

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  1. How Xamarin Simplifies The Mobile App Development Process? The requirement for smartphones and mobile apps have far overtaken the requirement for desktop based solutions to a considerable extent. Small startups and big enterprises are rapidly embracing the mobile-first strategy which augmented the requirement for mobile app development services. Usually, mobile app development is carried out on two or three platforms these are Android, iOS or Windows. Mobile Apps are either developed native while using platform-specific technologies like SWIFT, Objective C, Java, Kotlin etc or using cross- platform technologies like Xamarin, React Native etc. When it comes to iOS or Android app development, then few basic programming languages such as Objective-C VS Swift and Java click in our mind for the first. As native Tech-stacks, they often used as mobile app development tools when it comes to Android & iOS app development. Developing the same application in diverse platforms for diverse purposes was not feasible from economical point-of-view and also had many operational complexities. Thus, to make this process easy Hybrid app development has come to the venture. And Xamarin is one of the cross-platform app development frameworks. RIPENAPPS TECHNOLOGIES 1

  2. Now Question Arrives What Is Xamarin? Well, if we are talking about cross-platform app development then it’s hard to ignore Xamarin. Xamarin is one of the front-running hybrid app development framework that permits developers to share almost 100% of codes across major platforms. Being a comparatively latest tool for hybrid app development services, it is based on Microsoft tech-stack and already has a community of more than 1.4 million developers. Now, Why Xamarin? Xamarin is an open-source development platform based on .Net framework caters enterprises with several benefits including code-reusability, cost-efficiency, access to native API’s and many more. Here we have described some of them… Native App Experience Well, Xamarin allows you to develop seamless experiences using platform-specific UI elements. Suppose you have a social networking app like WhatsApp in Android or iOS but do they work same everywhere. Maybe not. Even though they perform the same task on each platform but there is the difference in UX in both. Xamarin helps develop apps using a single code-base that equips exact native app experience as in respective platforms. Code- Reusability As we have already mentioned that it is a single code-base framework that makes development easy for the developers. Now developers don’t have to use a unique code for different platforms. With Xamarin, they areallowed to use a single code for multiple platforms. And they can develop one app and canuse that app over multiple platforms including iOS and Android. Native API Access One of the great advantages of Xamarin is that it provides full access to native APIs in Android, iOS and other platforms for hybrid mobile app development. This functionality of accessing APIs saves time & effort of the Xamarin app developers and helps them to launch their app in the market as quickly as possible. It helps those who are seeking various apps on diverse platforms for their different brand’s need. RIPENAPPS TECHNOLOGIES 2

  3. Complete Hardware Support If we talk about hardware, with Xamarin, your solution gets native-level app functionality. It eradicates all the hardware complexities, using plugins and specific APIs, to work with common devices functionality across the platforms. Power of C# Xamarin supports C# means coding in C# equips bag of benefits which makes coding easy. C# carries lots of advantages as it is easy to learn, flexible, multi-purpose yielding, and security as well. All these advantages of C# as the programming language for Xamarin cross-platform app development diminishes coding efforts significantly Cost Efficiency Writing multiple codes for native app development is vain. It takes lots of time, costs and efforts too. However, with the excellent features of code-reusability for cross-platform app development, Xamarin saves lots of time, as well as cost to make apps. Simplified Maintenance Due to its cross-platform app functionality, Xamarin makes maintenances & updates simpler. All you need to do changes or updates in the source file, and it will automatically be applied to both of the platforms including iOS& Android. However, it will only work with an app that uses Xamarin. This will also save cost as well as time too. The Popularity of Xamarin Due to its bag full of benefits, Xamarin has been gained so much popularity in the world of a tech-head era that it can be proved a boon to your next mobile app idea. Therefore, if you have not tried Xamarin yet, you are missing a big opportunity to fly high in the technical world. If you will look at its popularity, then more than 15,000 companies trust Xamarin. Among them, there are also some big unicorns who relies on Xamarin such as Cognizant, Bosch, Siemens, LEAP, #M, Slack &Pinterest etc. RIPENAPPS TECHNOLOGIES 3

  4. Conclusion: With the vast features & popularity, Xamarin has gained so much name in the latest era. Most business unicorns and mobile app development companies choose Xamarin mobile app development platform as it eliminates the time to marketing and developing cost, by reusing a code and using a single technology stack. Yet the purpose of the app and its target audiences can be stated as an important factor to consider. RIPENAPPS TECHNOLOGIES 4