best mobile app development ideas to maximize roi n.
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Best Mobile App Development Ideas to Maximize ROI PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Mobile App Development Ideas to Maximize ROI

Best Mobile App Development Ideas to Maximize ROI

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Best Mobile App Development Ideas to Maximize ROI

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  1. Best Mobile App Development Ideas to Maximize ROI

  2. Latest Trend Of Mobile Application Development • Artificial Intelligence • Blockchain • Augmented Reality • Healthcare & Telemedicine • On-Demand Mobile App • Internet of Things • Virtual Reality • Chatbots and Business Bots

  3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) • With the help of AI, businesses can introduce personalize brand, infuse connected cars or a customer service through chatbots. • Today most of the mobile apps and services that we are using in our daily life are based on artificial intelligence: • Siri : It is a virtual assistant working on voice command. • Netflix : It’s an top media services provider. • Fyle : It manages business expenses.

  4. Blockchain • Most of startups based on blockchain, which are growing day by day. • Previously only Fintech industry was availing the benefits of this amazing technology but now it has found its way into a huge range of industries. • Most interesting ideas for blockchain mobile app development are smart contracts, digital voting, distributed cloud storage etc.  

  5. Augmented Reality (AR) • AR is the integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real time, it uses the existing environment and overlays new information on top of it. • Augmented Reality idea can be implemented in the Automobile Industry, Restaurant business, Tourism, Health Care, etc.

  6. Healthcare & Telemedicine • It has a huge potential of evaluating, diagnose and treat patients at a distance using telecommunications technology. • Easy use for doctors and patients as they can communicate via video chat, doctors can examine their patient using a mobile application and can prescribe drugs, and check symptoms on the basis of their behavior. • If your business is connected with healthcare industry than this a right time, try your hand in telemedicine mobile app development.

  7. On-Demand Mobile App • This process is used in providing on-demand services or products.   • On the basis of demand services, mobile app development flow, design, features and target audience will change. • If you want on-demand mobile application development, then first you should brainstorm about it.

  8. Internet of Things • Internet of Things, a breakthrough technology is taking the mobile app development service into a frictionless road. • Now IoT industry is become a multi-billion-pound industry, by 2020 more than 100 million devices will be projected to connect with private networks or the Internet. • Mobile app developers can avail this technology for creating healthcare monitoring systems, smart parking, smart roads, music players, wireless sensor systems etc.

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