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Supreme Court Cases

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Supreme Court Cases. Emerson DeLoach Elicia Bilyeu Isidro Hernandez Noah Hickman. Dred Scott vs. Sanford. Who: led by Chief Justice Roger B. Taney and Dred Scott.

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supreme court cases

Supreme Court Cases

Emerson DeLoach

Elicia Bilyeu

Isidro Hernandez

Noah Hickman

dred scott vs sanford
Dred Scott vs. Sanford
  • Who: led by Chief Justice Roger B. Taney and Dred Scott.
  • Details: Scott, a slave who lived free in the state off Illinois, he appealed to the Supreme Court in hopes of being granted freedom. Being free in Illinois he thought he shouldn’t have to go back to slavery when he moved to Missouri. The case took place in 1857.
  • Significance: Scott moved to Missouri and because of the Missouri compromise of 1820 slavery was permitted in all the countries territories and slaves were not considered citizens still.
marbury vs madison
Marbury vs. Madison

Who: William Marbury, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison.

Details: While John Adams was still president he appointed a large number of Justice of Peace for the District of Columbia. The commissions were approved. When Jefferson went into office he told his secretary of state not to deliver them.William Marbury took this too court but never received his commissions.

Significance: It was the first case to apply principle for judicial review.

john marshall
John Marshall
  • Who: John Marshall
  • Details: 4th chief of justice. He studied law at the college of William and Mary under George Wythe.
  • Significance: John Marshall made supreme court what it is today. In 1797 he was a part of the XYZ affair John Marshalls decision made the supreme court powerful. He presided over Aaron Burr trial in 1806.
mcculloch vs maryland
McCulloch Vs. Maryland
  • Who: James McCulloch
  • Details: It took place in 1819. The state of Maryland had a desire to limit the powers of the federal government. A tax was placed on all notes that originated with banks chattered outside of the state. When James McCulloch refused to pay the tax .He was eventually called him upon the supreme court. It was declared that its was constitutional and the state of Maryland could not tax it’s activities.
  • Significance: