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How to Use a Dictionary PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Use a Dictionary

How to Use a Dictionary

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How to Use a Dictionary

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  1. How to Use a Dictionary

  2. Dictionary Facts • A dictionary is simply a resource that: • Has the definitions of words • Has how to pronounce words • Has the histories of words • Has the function/part of speech of words • Sometimes has synonyms and antonyms of words

  3. Dictionary Facts • The first dictionary was created in 1806 by a man named Noah Webster. • He was a teacher and wanted students to know what words in books meant. • The first dictionary had 5000 words. • The 2012 edition had 171, 476 words. • A new dictionary with added words comes out every year.

  4. Many different kinds of dictionaries Print Varieties E-or Online Dictionaries • Children’s (Elementary), Intermediate (Middle and High), Collegiate (College and Beyond) • Different companies: Webster’s, Merriam-Webster, Scholastic

  5. Things that ARE NOT Dictionaries Thesaurus Glossary This will be in the back of your textbooks. They do not give ALL the words, only important vocabulary words. • Only gives synonyms and antonyms. • Not meanings of words

  6. How dictionaries are organized: • Let’s practice! cat Words are organized according to alphabetical order (ABC’s). mouse dog Horse pig

  7. Let’s practice! bad cannon broccoli capstan bike capacious boy canopy blouse capable

  8. How dictionaries are organized: • These are called guide words! The dictionary will give you a hint at the top of the page about what words are on the page.

  9. Do You Want To Be a Millionaire?

  10. Parts of a Dictionary Entry • Entry word: the word you are looking up. It will be in bold print. • Now, everyone turn to the word hippopotamus in your dictionary for practice

  11. Parts of a Dictionary Entry • Syllables: Your word will have a dot to show how many syllables there are. • How many syllables does hippopotamus have?

  12. Parts of a Dictionary Entry • Pronunciation: This shows you how to pronounce a word and which syllable to stress. • Usually, though, it isn’t as helpful as the online dictionary.

  13. What are these words? • Let’s practice! /im-’aj-e-’na-shen/ /’en-yen/ /’ji-ent/ /’ap-el/ /’sauth/

  14. Parts of a Dictionary Entry • Pl.: plurals of words. How to spel it if there is more than one. • Abacus=one • Abacuses=more than one • So, what is the plural of hippopotamus?

  15. Parts of a Dictionary Entry • Part of speech: how a word is used. • What part of speech is hippopotamus? • Practice Sheet!

  16. Parts of a Dictionary Entry • History of a word: if known.

  17. Parts of a Dictionary Entry • Meaning: what the word means. • Keep in mind that many words have more than one definition. Read through them all to see which one is the one you need. (Multiple meaning words!) • How many meanings are there for run?

  18. Parts of a Dictionary Entry • Use of a word. • An example sentence

  19. Some practice: circus • What guide words are on the same page as circus? • What part of speech is circus? • How many definitions are given for circus? • How many syllables are in the word circus?