Catholic committee on scouting diocese of jackson
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Ad Altare Dei Religious Award Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Catholic Committee on Scouting Diocese of Jackson. Ad Altare Dei Religious Award Training. Eligibility: the Scout Application/Approval form signed A registered Boy Scout of Catholic faith 13 and 14 years old Active member of Troop for 6 months

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Catholic committee on scouting diocese of jackson

Catholic Committee on Scouting

Diocese of Jackson

Ad Altare DeiReligious Award Training

Ad altare dei award

  • Eligibility: the Scout

    • Application/Approval form signed

    • A registered Boy Scout of Catholic faith

    • 13 and 14 years old

    • Active member of Troop for 6 months

    • Completed 6th grade before starting the program

Ad Altare Dei Award

Ad altare dei award1

  • Eligibility: the Counselor

    • Program Intent form signed and submitted to local CCoS

    • A registered member of BSA in good standing

    • Be of the Catholic faith

    • Completed the Diocesan program “Protecting God’s Children” follow links for Protection of Youth and Protecting God’s Children

    • Completed BSA Youth Protection training

Ad Altare Dei Award

Ad altare dei award2
Ad Altare Dei Award

Counselor attributes



  • OPEN









Ad altare dei award3

  • Purpose of the award

    • Help Catholic Scouts of the Roman Rite develop a fully Christian way of life in the faith community

    • Program is organized in chapters based on the seven Sacraments which are a primary means toward spiritual growth

Ad Altare Dei Award

Ad altare dei award4

  • Program Requirements

    • Use of a Catholic Bible is required

      St. Joseph version of New American Bible used in program preparation

    • Scout should be advancing in Scouting (not mandatory)

    • Regular participation in Sunday worship

    • Involved in formal religious education program

    • Complete ALL requirements in AAD manual

    • All sections must be completed and signed off

    • Attend annual Catholic Scout Retreat Weekend (last weekend in April)

    • Successfully complete AAD Board of Review

      Program designed to be completed in 6-8 months [start beginning of school year]

Ad Altare Dei Award

Ad altare dei award5

  • Board of Review

    • Does he have a better understanding of his Christian commitment?

    • Has he learned to understand, support, and apply Christian principles to the problems of our day?

    • Has he thought about his vocation in life: a vocation to the priesthood, religious life, marriage, or single life?

    • How has his relationship with his Church grown?

    • What is his attitude toward Scouting and the ideals of the program?

    • How does his relationship between Scouting and the Church compare?

    • Has the Scout grown in his understanding and living out of his faith? (faith growth)

Ad Altare Dei Award

Ad altare dei award6

  • Award Presentation

    • The religious emblem will be presented to theScout at the annual Youth Recognition Ceremony

      • Sunday after Mother’s Day in May

    • The religious knot or device should be presented at a Troop Court of Honor

Ad Altare Dei Award

Ad altare dei award7

  • Counselor’s role: Delivering the Program

    • Use the AAD Counselor Guide

    • Facilitate (keep moving and on track) the general discussions

    • Review the chapters prior to meeting

    • Anticipate questions or stumbling areas

    • Hold regular meetings & schedule projects

    • Use of a check-off worksheet helps keep track of progress

    • Review progress of each chapter & sign off

Ad Altare Dei Award

Ad altare dei award8

  • Counselor’s role: Guiding the Scout

    • Help the Scout experience Christ’s deep love for them as individuals (not dependent on their behavior)

    • Help the Scout go beyond the surface answers of childhood

    • Encourage greater participation of Catholic Scouts in the religious programs of the Church

    • Promote the Spiritual component of Scouting within the parish and unit. (A Scout is Reverent)

    • Help create an atmosphere conducive to the development of religious vocations.

Ad Altare Dei Award

Ad altare dei award9

  • Scout’s Roles and Responsibilities:

    • Attend regular meetings. If Scout misses more than two meetings……..

    • Work through the AAD Scout Manual with Counselor using a Bible where appropriate

    • Stay on task and schedule

    • Make the program a priority

    • Be prepared to share experiences at BOR

    • Attend Catholic Scout Retreat

Ad Altare Dei Award

Ad altare dei award10

  • Parent’s Role

    • Support the Religious Emblems Counselor in her/his role

    • Support your son as he shares lessons with the family

    • Make the program a priority

Ad Altare Dei Award

Ad altare dei award11

  • Sections

    • Section 1: Introduction

      • Chapter 1: Sacraments and Sacraments in Our Daily Life

    • Section 2: The Sacraments of Initiation

      • Chapter 2: Baptism

      • Chapter 3: Confirmation

      • Chapter 4: Eucharist

Ad Altare Dei Award

Ad altare dei award12

  • Sections

    • Section 3: Sacraments of Healing

      • Chapter 5: Reconciliation

      • Chapter 6: Anointing of the Sick

    • Section 4: Sacraments of Service (Commitment)

      • Chapter 7: Holy Orders

      • Chapter 8: Marriage

Ad Altare Dei Award

Ad altare dei award13

  • AAD Chapter make-up:

    • Life Experiences

      • Focus on experiences within the life of the Scout and begins to examine them

    • Activity

      • Interrelate Sacraments with life experience and faith knowledge

    • Faith Response

      • Application and summary – experiences leading to growth of faith

    • Scoutmaster sign-off

      • Scout keeping the SM up-to-date on his personal growth – more than one chapter at a time is permitted

Ad Altare Dei Award

Ad altare dei award14

No changes permitted

Additional requirements may not be added

Puzzles – don’t allow Scouts to skip ahead – they are part of the chapter material

Ad Altare Dei Award

Ad altare dei award15

  • Open “The Good Book”

    • Internet sites with Scripture passages for the day – sometimes with reflections







Ad Altare Dei Award

Ad altare dei award16

Exodus 20:1-17




Ad Altare Dei Award

  • Column A

    • Exodus 20:1-17 (OT or NT)

    • Genesis 5:1-24 (OT or NT)

    • Luke 15:11-31 (OT or NT)

    • Acts 6:1-7 (OT or NT)

  • Column B

    • History

    • Poetry

    • Genealogy

    • Law

    • parable

Now match a numbered Column A ‘Scripture Passage’ with a

Column B ‘Literary Form’, plus is the Scripture Passage from the

Old Testament (OT) or from the New Testament (NT)

Ad altare dei award17

  • Chapter 1: Sacraments and Sacramentals in our daily life

    • Goal: recognize the signs of faith and their importance

    • Question: What is a Sacrament and why should it be important to me?

    • Life Experience:

      • Scouting symbols & signs

      • Common life symbols & signs

      • Symbols of our Christian life

    • Sacraments: celebrating / encountering Jesus through symbols and words

    • Sacraments originated with Jesus’ words and actions

Ad Altare Dei Award

Ad altare dei award18

  • Chapter 1. life

    • Sacramentals

      • Objects: pictures, statues, …….

      • Actions: genuflections, …..

      • Places: Rome, ……

      • Practices: Retreats, ….

    • C. Faith response

      • Homilies – tough to complete, you may want to read Gospel at end of meeting then remind them to make a note or two about homily

      • Scoutmaster minutes – skits

Ad Altare Dei Award

Ad altare dei award19

  • Chapter 2. Baptism life

    • Goal: Baptism is the start of his life in Christ and a covenant of union with God

    • Question: How does Baptism relate to my daily life?

    • What does it mean to be initiated into a group?

      • Scouts’ expectations and responsibilities

      • Christians’ expectations and responsibilities

      • Scout discovers that many of the responsibilities accepted at Baptism are fulfilled in Scouting

Ad Altare Dei Award

Sacraments of Initiation:

Baptism, Confirmation, & Eucharist

Ad altare dei award20

  • Baptism life

    • Signs and symbols – Water

      • Hebrews cross Jordan river

        • Crossing desert (death – sin) into promised land (life)

      • Death: Noah’s flood, Pharaoh’s army, typhoon

      • Life: Water from rock, rain for crops, drink

    • Is your Faith in God an active part of your daily life – visible to others as a guiding light.

    • Bible practice

    • [C] Prayer Service (pg 16, Counselor’s Guide)

Ad Altare Dei Award

Ad altare dei award21

  • Chapter 3. Confirmation life

    • Goal: Discover the role of the Holy Spirit in his daily Christian life

    • Questions: What is the Spirit? How should the Spirit affect our daily life?

    • Confirmation: sign of one’s total openness to the Spirit of God – it’s action through his life

    • Examine:

      • The presence, power, effect of team and Scouting spirit

      • Spirit in the early Church

      • Power of the Holy Spirit within the Church and their daily lives

Ad Altare Dei Award

Ad altare dei award22

Ad Altare Dei Award

Teach younger Scouts

Skills – give a good example - Live the Scout Spirit

Take leadership role

teach others about

Christ – give good example

Live the Christian Spirit

>B4: Find an Eagle Scout – important witness!

>Service Project: Scout lists gifts and talents – use these to help others – not meant to be overburdening, but not busy work.

>Prayer Service: C2, page 24 (pg 20 in Counselor’s guide)

Ad altare dei award23

  • Chapter 4. Eucharist life

    • Goal: explore how Eucharist unites Christian past, strengthens him for present and future

    • Questions: How does the Eucharist give me strength? Do you feel it is easy to follow Christ? To live as He would want you to do?

    • Do not focus on Mass – focus on sacrificial meal

    • Example:

      • ‘family’ gatherings

      • Last Supper

Ad Altare Dei Award

Ad altare dei award24

  • Eucharist life

    • B1: Feeding Miracles: not extraordinary occurrences, ordinary occurrences that became extraordinary

    • Experience different Eucharist or meal settings

    • They have the power within themselves to make the Eucharist meal more enjoyable, meaningful, and personal

Ad Altare Dei Award

Ad altare dei award25

  • Chapter 5. Reconciliation life

    • Goal: grow in understanding God’s unconditional love.

    • Questions: Counselor's guide pg 28

    • Need to present positive view of Sacrament

    • Sin: no such thing as a private sin – not just God vs Me – all sin effects my personal attitude towards others

Ad Altare Dei Award

Sacraments of healing:

Reconciliation & Anointing of the Sick

Ad altare dei award26

  • Reconciliation life

    • Forgiveness in our lives:

      • How does it compare to the Bible stories of ‘the Good Thief’ or ‘the Prodigal Son’

      • “Our Father” skit

      • Reconciliation (penance) – of a nature to promote healing and change (reform) in the sinner

    • B4: Private discussion with Counselor

    • Prayer Service: celebration of God’s forgiving nature

Ad Altare Dei Award

Ad altare dei award27

  • Chapter 6. Anointing the Sick life

    • Goal: grow in understanding the Church’s ministry to the sick, and the Christian attitude toward suffering and illness

    • Questions: Why do you think God permits sickness & injury? How do we as a Faith community experience this Sacrament?

    • Example:

      • Scout reflects on sickness and injury.

      • How did Jesus minister to sick?

Ad Altare Dei Award

Ad altare dei award28

  • Anointing the Sick life

    • Attend healing service, an anointing of the sick

      • Assumes the presence of a praying community

    • Service project: one month helping others – should be some personal interaction

Ad Altare Dei Award

*** All Sacraments are Community Events ***

Ad altare dei award29

  • Chapter 7. Holy Orders life

    • Goal: how ordination helps individuals grow in holiness and witness God’s love

    • Examine:

      • Scout Slogan, “Do a Good Turn Daily,” and someone who lives it

      • Call, selection, and mission of apostles

    • Interview a bishop, priest, or deacon (scheduling!)

      • Could do as a group

      • Suggest that questions are prepared prior to meeting

    • Serra Club can provide contacts with seminarians

Ad Altare Dei Award

Sacraments of Service (Commitment):

Marriage and Holy Orders

Ad altare dei award30

  • Chapter 8. Marriage life

    • Goal: Investigate how marriage helps spouses to grow in holiness and witness Christ’s love

    • Scout example:

      • Concept of teamwork

      • Biblical foundations of marriage

    • Interview married couple (parents)

    • St Paul frequently parallels relationships husband and wife to relationship between Christ and His Church

Ad Altare Dei Award

Catholic scout resources
Catholic Scout Resources life

National Catholic Committee on Scouting

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Diocese of Jackson

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Catholic Scout Resources life


Ad altare dei award31
Ad lifeAltare Dei Award


_______________________has completed the Ad Altare Dei Award

Counselor Training



Catholic Committee on Scouting

Diocese of Jackson