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Murder on the Orient Express

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Murder on the Orient Express. Agatha Christie. Learning Target. Identify the genre of mystery Analyze Plot and Theme. Genre – category of literature. Agatha Christie wrote fictional mysteries Mysteries are usually based on a crime committed that needs to be solved.

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learning target
Learning Target
  • Identify the genre of mystery
  • Analyze Plot and Theme
genre category of literature
Genre – category of literature
  • Agatha Christie wrote fictional mysteries
    • Mysteries are usually based on a crime committed that needs to be solved.
    • Mysteries contain suspense.
    • There are usually no obvious answers in a good mystery.
  • One of her series of mysteries used the protagonist Detective HerculePoirot
about the author
About the author

agatha christie
Agatha Christie
  • Agatha Christie was born in Torquay, England on September fifteen, 1890.
  • She was the youngest of three children in an upper-middle class home.
  • Agatha was schooled at home by a governess and tutors—a lifestyle later reflected in her novels.
  • She was married in 1914 to Archie Christie, a W.W.I fighter pilot. While he was at war, Christie worked as a nurse. She first worked with patients, but was eventually transferred to the dispensary where she gained an extensive knowledge of poisons.
  • Before Agatha married Archie, Agatha had discussed writing a murder mystery with her sister Madge, but Madge thought it would be too difficult her. Agatha devoted her downtime at the dispensary to proving her sister wrong.

plot overview
Plot Overview
  • HerculePoirot, private detective and retired Belgian police officer, boards the Taurus Express train to Stamboul (Istanbul).
  • During the course of the train ride, a murder takes place and Poirot will have to find out who is the murderer.
  • Narrated by a 3rd person narrator – omniscient
possible themes
Possible themes
  • Justice and Judgment: Is it important to follow law or have revenge?
    • Justice is a concept of moral rightness based on ethics, rationality, law, religion, or equity.
    • Judgment is the evaluation of evidence and making a decision
  • Logic and reasoning to discover the truth - The main character, HerculePoirot uses insight into human nature, powers of observation, and the deductive method to discover the truth.
  • Strength is not always seen with muscle.
  • Things are not always as they seem
the orient express
The Orient Express
chapter 1 vocabulary
Chapter 1 - Vocabulary
  • Hercules Poirot is a French detective and uses many French expressions in his dialogue.
french expressions
French expressions
  • Maisoui– of course
  • CommeÇa– like that
  • Eh bien– well then
  • En voiture, monsieur – your car, sir
  • Enfin – finally
  • Voila – “a-ha!”
  • Merci – thanks
  • Jolie femme – pretty woman
partner read and activity
Partner Read and Activity
  • Read chapter 1, pages 3 – 15 with a partner.
  • Write the vocabulary words in your journal.
  • Find the definition for the word and write it in your journal.
  • Find the word on the page in chapter one and then rewrite the sentence in your own words (do not use the vocabulary word in your sentence.
  • Example:
    • Poise – p. 9, Definition: a dignified self-confident manner
    • Sentence: She had a dignified and self-confident manner.
Vocabulary –With a partner, find the words in chapter one. Look up the definition. Rewrite the sentence using your own words.

Partner 1

Partner 2

Burnished p.9

Peremptory p.10

Susceptible p.11

Repressive p.11

Tyrannical p.12

Governess p.12

Teeming p.12

  • Aceding p.4
  • Delegated p.5
  • Surrreptitious p.5
  • Valise p.8
  • Sallied forth p.9
  • Eminently p.9
  • Efficiency p.9