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Murder on the Orient Express

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Murder on the Orient Express - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Murder on the Orient Express. by Agatha Christie Presented by Brooke Blair and Katie Brown. Body. Detective Hercule Poirot boards the Orient Express, only to find a messy murder mystery case awaiting his attention.

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murder on the orient express

Murder on the Orient Express

by Agatha Christie

Presented by Brooke Blair and Katie Brown

  • Detective Hercule Poirot boards the Orient Express, only to find a messy murder mystery case awaiting his attention.
  • After interviewing all twelve passengers, he discovers each has something to hide and a motive to kill Mr. Ratchett, aka Cassetti
  • By the time the Yugoslav police arrive Poirot has pinned down the murderer and closed the case for good.
body cont
Body cont.
  • Edward Ratchett is found in his room on the first morning of the journey, stabbed 12 times
  • Pipe cleaner, button, and a scrap of paper found nearby
  • Paper reveals him to be “Cassetti”, a member of American crime circles famous for kidnapping and killing Daisy Armstrong, and driving Mr./Mrs. Armstrong and Nurse Susanne to suicide
  • Hector MacQueen, Ratchett’s secretary-

(friend of the Armstrongs)

  • Edward Masterman,

Ratchett’s valet-

(Mr. Armstrong’s valet)


Samuel Ratchett –

Cassetti (crime lord/kidnapper)

  • Pierre Michel, Conductor –

(Nurse Susanne’s father)

  • Count and Comtess Andreyi –

(Helena Armstrong,

Mrs. Armstrong’s sister)

  • Mrs. Hubbard –

(Linda Arden,

Mrs. Armstrong’s mother)

  • Hildegarde Schmidt,

maid to the princess –

(cook for the Armstrongs)

  • Antonio Foscarelli-

(The Armstrong’s chauffer)

  • Mary Debenham-

(Daisy’s governess)

  • Greta Ohlsson-

(Daisy’s nurse)

  • Colonel Arbuthnot-

(Mr. Armstrong’s best friend

who saved his life

in the war)

  • Princess Dragonmiroff-

(good friend of

Mrs. Armstrong)

  • Detective Cyrus Hardman-

(in love with Daisy’s

nurse Susanne)

favorite part
Favorite Part
  • Comtess Andreyi admits to her alias and her real identity as Helena Goldenberg
  • Shows Poirot’s ingenuity as he discovers the Count’s efforts to disguise her identity to avoid suspicion

“No, Rudolph. Let me speak. It is useless to deny what the gentleman says…Her voice had changed. It still had the southern richness of tone, but it had become suddenly more clear cut and incisive. It was, for the first time, a definitely American voice…”I am Helena Goldenberg, the younger sister of Mrs. Armstrong’”(233).

  • Evident in the satire writing style, including traditional eastern European characters like the Princess
  • Foscarelli is accused by Poirot’s friend of being the murderer because he is associated with the mob, being Italian
  • Identity is an alias
  • Characters have characters within
  • Ex: Mrs. Hubbard acts overbearing, but in reality is the regal and somber Linda Arden

12 passengers, 12 jury members

  • Mocks our modern jury system
  • Questions our sense of justice
  • Justice is perceived in the eyes of the judger