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Cal Berkeley Tournament

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Cal Berkeley Tournament. Berkeley, CA February 14 th – 19 th. Departing Flight. Please make sure on the departing flight, you are to DFW airport by 5:00 AM on Thursday, February 14 th. Cash. Your student will receive $120 cash when they arrive on 2/14 for their food.

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cal berkeley tournament

Cal Berkeley Tournament

Berkeley, CA

February 14th – 19th

departing flight
Departing Flight
  • Please make sure on the departing flight, you are to DFW airport by 5:00 AM on Thursday, February 14th
  • Your student will receive $120 cash when they arrive on 2/14 for their food.
  • Remember, breakfast will be free at the hotel, but food in San Francisco is expensive.
arrival into san francisco
Arrival into San Francisco
  • We will arrive into SFO at 9:00 AM
  • We will be taking an airport shuttle from Loraine’s Airport shuttle.
  • Will cost each student $10 in cash.
  • You need to have $10 exactly to pay. Please don’t try and pay with a $20.
  • We will be arriving to our Holiday Inn Express/Fisherman’s Wharf Hotel by 11:00 AM.
  • We will then purchase public transportation passes for $22.00
lunch at fisherman s wharf
Lunch at Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Drop our bags and go – don’t delay us at the hotel. Rooms will not be ready yet, come dressed ready to go when we hit SF.
  • Lunch at Fisherman’s Wharf – Clam Chowder anyone?
boat ride
Boat Ride
  • At 1:00 PM, we will take a boat ride from Fisherman’s Wharf around Alcatraz and under the Golden Gate Bridge. Great views!
  • Boat Ride will cost each student/adult $6.00.
  • 1 hour ride
coit tower
Coit Tower
  • At 2:15 PM we will then walk to Coit Tower and will climb to the top.
  • Make sure you are in shape – it’s pretty tall – 28 stories up.
walk to union square
Walk to Union Square
  • At about 3:30 PM, we will walk to Union Square and do some sightseeing along the way.
  • About a 2 mile walk – make sure to have comfortable shoes.
union square
Union Square
  • We should be to Union Square by about 4:15 PM. We will do shopping here in small groups (with at least one chaperone).
  • We will meet back at the Food Court at Westfield Mall for Dinner.
back to hotel
Back to Hotel
  • We will head back to the Hotel on Public Transportation, F Train from Union Square to Fisherman’s Wharf.
  • In hotel rooms by 7:00 PM, doors taped, do research and get ready for Cal Berkeley
friday february 15 th
Friday, February 15th
  • Wake up 7:40 AM
  • Breakfast at 8:40 AM
  • Walk to Chinatown for a Historic Walking Tour of Chinatown starting at 9:30 AM.
  • Walking tour has already been paid for by the Debate Team. However, please have $3 each to tip the Tour Guide.
  • Walking Tour will last until 10:30 AM.
  • We will then do shopping in Chinatown (in small groups with chaperones).
  • Meet for Lunch at 12:00 PM.
nob hill
Nob Hill
  • At 1:00 PM, we will walk to the Top of Nob Hill. Visit the Historic Cable Car Museum
lombard street
Lombard Street
  • From Nob Hill, we will ride a trolley to Lombard Street (crookedest street in the world)
  • Also known as “Rice A Roni” Hill
fisherman s wharf
Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Students will then go back to Fisherman’s Wharf (via Public Transportation)and go shopping in small groups with Chaperones
  • Scott Briggs will then drive Simpson, Reisman, and Webber to SFO to get rental mini-vans
cross the golden gate bridge
Cross the Golden Gate Bridge
  • If time permits, when Simpson, Reisman, Webber, and Briggs return, we will load up everyone and head over to the Golden Gate Bridge and see San Francisco from the Marin County Side.
stinking rose
Stinking Rose
  • Dinner at the “Stinking Rose,” North Beach Italian Food @ 6:00 PM
  • Dinner will be between $20-$30/plate.
  • Back to Hotel by 8:00 PM, get ready for tournament.
saturday morning
Saturday Morning
  • Wake up 5:00 AM
  • Breakfast at 6:00 AM
  • Depart for Berkeley.
food at skyline hs
Food at Skyline HS
  • At Skyline HS, they will be bringing in Food Trucks to feed everyone.
  • They are supposed to be very good!
things to note
Things to Note
  • Comfortable Shoes and dress for the weather.
    • Layer your clothes
  • Charger for your phone – carry it with you all the times. When we stop for meals you can charge it.
  • Small Backpacks are good.
  • Wear your Debate Shirt/sweatshirt on the flight leaving DFW and Returning
  • Be a good roommate.
  • Lots of downtime at tournament – bring work to get done
  • The group trumps the individual.
  • No complaining
  • Simpson takes A LOT of PHOTOS. Good smiles! We use these trips as a way to recruit other kidsto join debate.
hotel rooms
Hotel Rooms
  • Girls #1 Room – Tappan, Savoie, Copo, Pai, Zaki
  • Girls #2 Room – Funk, King, Gacky, Mascia
  • Girls #3 Room – Holtz, Gross, Jennifer Gross
  • Boys #1 Room – Briggs, Gillette, Giuffrida, and Sanchez
  • Boys #2 Room – Benedict, Conrad, Clark, and Miller
  • Boys #3 Room – James and Daryl James
  • Boys #4 Room – Brewer and Ty Brewer
  • Faculty #1 – Simpson
  • Faculty #2 – Reisman & Webber
ethernet cables
Ethernet Cables
  • The hotel does not have wifi in the hotel rooms. They do, however, have Ethernet spots for you to plug your computer in to the wall.
  • If you want internet at night, you will need to bring a cable with you.
  • Ethernet Cables cost: $4.95 at Wal-Mart for a 25 foot cable.
  • Ethernet Splitters are $3.95 at Wal-Mart.
small groups
Small Groups
  • On the first two days as we go from place to place around San Francisco, I will need help with Head Counts so I can navigate. Please make sure you have all kids before we proceed.
  • Here are the groups:
    • Jennifer Gross – Caroline Gross, Rebecca Holtz, Anita Pai, and UmamahZaki
    • Carla Reisman–Madison Savoie, Megan Tappan, and Ian Sanchez
    • Cynthia Webber – MadiGackenbach, ErynMascia, Claire Funk, and Paisley King
    • Daryl James – Nicholas James, Aaron Benedict, Steven Clark, and Christian Conrad
    • Scott & Teresa Briggs – Race Briggs and Brendan Gillette
    • Ty Brewer – Shane Brewer, Alex Miller, Courtney Pool, and John Giuffrida
  • Please write your groups down now, at this time, so you will have them when we arrive in San Francisco.
chaperone help
Chaperone Help
  • Here is where we will need each parent helping:
    • Scott Briggs – Driving all parent judges and some students (as long as they have their parent with them).
    • Daryl James & Ty Brewer – Judging Public Forum Debate
    • Simpson & Reisman– Driving & Judging Individual Events
      • Reisman will Tape students into their rooms
      • Simpson will untape students’ rooms in the morning
    • Webber – Driving and judging 2 rounds of Public Forum
    • Night Monitors of Hallways
      • Cynthia Webber – Taping until 10:00 PM
      • Theresa Briggs – 10:00 PM – 2:00 AM
      • Jennifer Gross – 2:00 AM – Untaping in morning
return from san francisco
Return from San Francisco
  • Our flight will land in DFW at 11:30 AM on Tuesday, February 19th – Please make arrangements to pick up your child
  • We will be exhausted. 