16 learning choices workshop may 2010 n.
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16+ Learning Choices Workshop - May 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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16+ Learning Choices Workshop - May 2010

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16+ Learning Choices Workshop - May 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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16+ Learning Choices Workshop - May 2010
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  1. 16+ Learning Choices Workshop - May 2010

  2. Introduction and Purpose Kay Dunn / Strategist ICS Team Overview of 16+ Learning Choices Why 16+ Learning Choices is being introduced In context of Curriculum for Excellence How the model relates to the Single Outcome Agreement 16+ Learning Choices Policy and Practice Framework (April 2010)

  3. The Local Picture 2007/08 SLDR / + destinations 85.6% of secondary school leavers – 3.2% decrease 51.4% leavers from special schools – 3.1% decrease 2008/09 SLDR/ + destinations 82.7% of secondary school leavers – 2.9% decrease 43.6% leavers from special schools – 7.8% decrease 2008/09 Job Centre + data – 76.5% increase in under 19’s claiming JSA 2009/10 Job Centre + data – 49% increase in under 19’s claiming JSA

  4. Winter Leavers Pilot 2009 Run in six schools in the city - Cordyce, Harlaw Academy, Kincorth Academy, Northfield Academy, St Machar Academy & Torry Academy 80.18% of young people eligible to leave school were in a positive destination at the start of January Challenges which have arose from Winter leaver pilot : Time & resource restraints Input from CL&D Lack of Winter leaver options

  5. Implementation of 16+ Learning Choices in Aberdeen City John Cairns – 16+ learning Choices Coordinator New 16+ team within Integrated Children's services (in post January 2010) 16 + Learning Choices Co-ordinator + Information Officer 16+ teams set up in schools Appointed 16+ Lead within each school (Depute) Key guidance staff Careers Advisor Educational Psychologist CL & D worker Other key partner representation

  6. Expanding Knowledge of services Development of local E-prospectus : Raise awareness of local provision Identified gaps in provision Feedback from partners Looking at expanding longevity – Family Information Service Fill the gap until launch of national e-prospectus Feed information into national site Update on National E-Prospectus : Launch in December 2010 Web based application Building on NLOD system Aim to have common application form

  7. Encouraging the sharing of Good Practice 16+ Local network meetings (quarterly) Range of partners represented Opportunity to raise awareness of services in the city Last network meeting had presentations by Aberdeen Foyer & Aberdeen Volunteer Centre Next meeting on Wednesday 23 June at 3pm, Conference room 150, Summerhill.

  8. Improving in Early Intervention CL&D pilot at Hazlehead Academy/Adventure Aberdeen Family Learning Signature (in initial stages)

  9. Activity Agreements An agreement between a young person and an advisor that the young person will take part in a programme of learning and activity which helps them become ready for formal learning or employment. Target is disengaged young people May be entitled to EMA payments Ten pilot authorities in Scotland Possible roll out in March 2011

  10. Improving information sharing 16+ portal on Community Planning & partnership website 16+ portal on Glow

  11. 16+ Learning ChoicesMCMC Aberdeenshire Implementation Where are we now? Pamela Munro 16+ Learning Choices Coordinator Aberdeenshire

  12. MCMC Strategy Group • Partners: • Aberdeen College • Banff & Buchan College • Robert Gordon University • Aberdeen Foyer • LEAD Scotland • NHS Grampian • Workers Educational Association (WEA) • Skills Development Scotland • Job Centre Plus • Volunteer Centre Aberdeenshire • Aberdeenshire Council: • Community Learning & Development • Education • Educational Psychology Service • Social Work • Libraries • Finance • Community Planning

  13. “Our vision is for every young person in Aberdeenshire, but in particular those who live in our more disadvantaged or excluded communities, to have access to education, employment and training opportunities and that allow them to gain the knowledge and skills to fulfil their potential and make an effective economic and social contribution”.

  14. Aims: • To ensure learning opportunities are relevant and accessible to all children and young people • To work in partnership to deliver a wide range of opportunities to address young people’s learning and development needs • To reduce the barriers to sustained employment, education and training for the 16-19 age group • To increase the number of volunteering opportunities and the number of young volunteers • To consult with young people on service delivery • To work in partnership to identify and create early intervention opportunities • To increase the number of 16+ school leavers securing relevant and sustainable positive destinations

  15. Destination Study for Aberdeenshire Status at Statutory Leaving Date Only

  16. Progress • MCMC Network Groups • Youth Volunteer Opportunities • Youth Opportunities Database Aberdeenshire • Youth Consultation • Partnership employability provision and support • Raising awareness of 16+LC

  17. Input on 16+ Learning Choices from Skills Development Scotland • Helen Elliot – Careers Advisors – SDS • Working with schools and other learning providers to offer information, advice and guidance to those reaching statutory school leaving age to support appropriate learning choices • Ensure all young people in the target audience are recorded on Insight • With the support of all learning providers and local authorities to report on intended and initial destinations (SLDR) • Work with partners to identify young people without an offer/ those who have not taken up an offer, so that they can be case managed and appropriate provision can be sought • Work with partners to ensure suitable learning opportunities are available

  18. Work with partners to identify and report on any gaps in suitable learning provision (liaise with LA through Aberdeen Works etc) • Ensure learning providers understand 16+ Learning Choices • Working with partners across the network of branded learning centres who commit, through the Pledge for Learners, to offer both formal and non formal learning opportunities • Ensuring learning opportunities targeting young people are registered on the national learning opportunities database (NLOD)

  19. 16+ Information handout: • Key web links & contacts

  20. Discussion How do we improve delivery? Identify one action to improve engagement Identify two actions to improve delivery Identify one action Aberdeen Works could undertake to improve cohesion

  21. CONTACT Kay Dunn / Strategist ICS John Cairns Education, Culture and Sport Services 16+ Learning Choices Coordinator Aberdeen City Council Education, Culture and Sport Services St Nicholas House Aberdeen City Council Broad Street St Nicholas House Aberdeen Broad Street Tel: 01224 523882 Aberdeen Tel: 01224 523817 Email: kdunn@aberdeencity.gov.uk Email: jocairns@aberdeencity.gov.uk Pamela Munro Helen Elliot 16+ Learning Choices Coordinator Careers Advisor Aberdeenshire Skills Development Scotland MCMC Partnership 381 Union Street Buchan Education Office Aberdeen 16 Prince Street AB11 6BT Peterhead Tel: 01779 483154 Tel: Email: Pamela.Munro@aberdeenshire.gov.ukEmail: helen.elliot@sds.co.uk