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District Test Coordinators Training PowerPoint Presentation
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District Test Coordinators Training

District Test Coordinators Training

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District Test Coordinators Training

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  1. District Test Coordinators Training

  2. DTC Training Training Format • Organized into short modules • Clear objectives and questions for discussion • Designed to be delivered to district and school staff • Do’s, Don’ts, and Promising Practices • Acorns for storage

  3. DTC Training Training Overview • As time allows, we will cover the following modules • Module 1: DTC Training • Module 2: School Test Coordinator Training • Module 3: Test Administration • Module 4: Accommodations • Module 5: Test Security • Module 6: OAKS Online • Module 7: TIDE • Module 9: Performance Reports • Module 9: ELPA • Module 10: Essential Skills • Module 11: NAEP/PSAT • Module 12: Growth • Module 13: AYP and Report Card • Module 14: Writing • Module 15: Cohort Graduation Rate

  4. DTC Training Oregon’sPerformance

  5. DTC Training NAEP 2009 – Grade 4 Math, Economically Disadvantaged Student Performance GapSource: Education Week Quality Counts 2010

  6. DTC Training Big Picture Objectives • Create an accurate snapshot of the achievement of Oregon’s students • Close Oregon’s achievement gap • Connect the achievement of Oregon’s students to the learning that is occurring across the nation and world • Understand state and federal policies so that you can help build effective district and school procedures

  7. DTC Training Training Objectives • Understand the unique role and responsibilities of the district test coordinator • Effectively train school test coordinators and test administrators • Learn about additional resources and tools • Understand how OAKS can be used as one tool to support students’ learning

  8. DTC Training Roles and Responsibilities Training and Enforcing Test Administration Policies • Receive annual training from ODE and sign assurance of test security form • Read and understand the Test Administration Manual • Distribute the Test Administration Manual to district staff involved in state testing

  9. DTC Training Roles and Responsibilities (cont) Training and Enforcing Test Administration Policies (cont) • Ensure that ALL school test coordinators and test administrators receive annual training in test administration and security and sign an assurance of test security form • Disseminate ODE-issued testing updates and alerts to district staff involved in state testing • Investigate and report all test improprieties to ODE

  10. DTC Training Roles and Responsibilities (cont) Plan test administration with school test coordinators • Collect and supervise any school-imposed test windows • Ensure schools have procedures in place to appropriately test each student • Respond to questions from the schools using Regional Assessment support partners when necessary

  11. DTC Training Roles and Responsibilities (cont) • Authorize printing of individual test items as a restricted resource • DSAs or DTSAs must authorize in TIDE prior to testing • For students on IEPs or 504 Plans, the student’s plan must indicate the student needs access to test items in paper format • For students not on an IEP or 504 Plan, the decision must be based on individual student need and documented by the district

  12. DTC Training Dos and Don’ts Dos • DTCs must ensure that all school test coordinators and test administrators receive training. • DTCs may determine the method of training school test coordinators and test administrators at the local level. • DTCs may use the modules included in today’s training to conduct local training. • DTCs may use Promising Testing Practices found online as an additional training resource.

  13. DTC Training *Dos and Don’ts (cont.) Don’ts • DTCs must not forget test administrators who are substitute teachers or who are employed in private and public programs* that are serving students from their district.*New for 2010-11: districts may arrange with another district or ESD to delegate test administration responsibility for students attending a specific school or program (see p. 5 of the Test Administration Manual) • DTCs must not forget to report test improprieties within 1 business day of becoming aware of any.

  14. DTC Training Promising Practices • Training for school test coordinators and test administrators should consist of more than handing out the Test Administration Manual. • DTC leads a training session that includes a discussion of policies found in the Test Administration Manual and allows participants to ask questions.

  15. DTC Training Promising Practices (cont.) • DTC develops a plan to provide “make-up” training to new hires or substitutes who will be involved in test administration. • DTC maintains a spreadsheet listing all staff who received training, including substitute teachers, and only sets up user accounts in TIDE for staff who have received training. • DTC coordinates with STCs to provide mini refresher trainings before the start of each testing window.

  16. DTC Training Regional Support Structure • ODE will provide information through DTC listserv and Regional ESD helpdesks • Regional ESDs are available for assessment support • For questions and training, the state has been divided into three regions: Willamette ESD, Douglas ESD, and Umatilla Morrow ESD • Regional ESD contact information online at: oaks/esdpartners1011.pdf

  17. DTC Training Key Reporting Policy Reminders • A valid grade level assessment will always be treated as a higher score than an extended assessment. • Students cannot take an Online and Paper-based test in the same content area. • The “district special education” flag should be used only for students who are not served by a school. • ODE will soon report as a group “students at the district, not associated with a school”. • AYP resets will only occur with new institution IDs.

  18. DTC Training In a Nutshell • DTC duties cover both training and logistical aspects of testing • DTCs are the gate keepers: • Track which teachers get training • Don’t forget substitutes and new hires! • Training resources are available: • Training modules • Promising Practices • Regional ESDs

  19. DTC Training Acorns for Storage • How can OAKS help close the achievement gap? • What resources are available to help administer OAKS correctly? • Why is test security so important? • How can we learn more promising practices?