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  1. Principled

  2. You know it’s important to brush your teeth every day so that your teeth and gums stay healthy and you don’t get cavities. Do you brush your teeth everyday? Do you brush your teeth because you know it’s important or do your parents have to remind you?

  3. Your teacher has asked the class to clean up, do you watch everyone one else clean up or do you do your part to keep your classroom clean? Do you clean up someone else’s mess for the sake of having a clean classroom or do you think, I didn’t make that mess why should I have to clean it up?

  4. Your class is doing an Easter egg hunt and you have found the most chocolate. Someone who has come late does not have as much as you, do you share some chocolate with that person?

  5. You are at an assembly and your teacher has to sit away from the class and can’t see what you are doing. Your friend next to you starts talking to you. What do you do? Does it make a difference that your teacher cannot see you?

  6. You are at soccer practice, it has just rained and their are frogs all over the field. Some friends of yours start chasing and kicking the frogs. You don’t think that is very nice. Do you kick the frogs anyways because your friends are doing it and you want to fit in? Do you walk away and don’t say anything? Do you tell them to stop? Would you tell your coach?

  7. Your parents are going to a movie and you have to stay home with a babysitter. You are so mad! You want to go to the movie too! Do you think to yourself, that’s ok, Mom and Dad do fun stuff with me most of the time, I’ll try and have fun with the babysitter instead or do you spend all night being angry and pouting?