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HTC Influencer Program and Social Media Outreach Proposal 1.11.13

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HTC Influencer Program and Social Media Outreach Proposal 1.11.13 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HTC Influencer Program and Social Media Outreach Proposal 1.11.13. Top Line Summary. This proposal will outline how we plan to enlist Influencers to be part of an organic Influencer Program . This group will include : •      Existing HTC advocates and owners

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top line summary
Top Line Summary
  • This proposal will outline how we plan to enlist Influencers to be part of an organic Influencer Program.
  • This group will include:
    • •      Existing HTC advocates and owners
    • •      Influencers willing to learn and try HTC phones
    • •      Target content creator lifestyles: Music, Sports, Comedy, Fashion/ Design and Photography.
    • •      Influencer Network of unpaid brand evangelists driven by passion
  • This proposal includes:
    • ·        Outreach Campaign (to coincide with device launch)
    • ·        Strategy to build out Influencer Network over time
  • The program should:
    • ·         Be nimble enough to adapt to changes within the social media landscape, current events, change in brand goals, etc..
    • ·         Flexible as to include more lifestyle affinities that HTC customers/advocates share
    • ·         Deliver relevant and timely content to increasingly niche groups as the programs grows
    • ·         Make those we engage with feel important and valued
influencer defined
Influencer Defined
  • An Influencer(for our purposes)
  • An individual who has a significant sphere of influence within Twitter, Blogs, Message Boards, Pinterest, etc..
  • Where do we find them?
  • Blogs and Twitter are intrinsically linked (bloggers tweet) and many significant social media influencers do maintain a blog. Therefore, we will be reaching out to most influencers via their blogs.
  • You can tell a compelling brand story through blogs and that message will be amplified by Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook Groups and Message Boards.
  • Many influencers do focus specifically on Twitter. So, we will engage with Influencers on their preferred channels as well.
  • Measuring Influence Includes
  • Blogs – Unique Visitors Monthly (their readership)
  • Twitter – Second Order number of followers per Tweet
  • Pass-Along – message migrating from channel to channel, Re-Tweets
  • Engagement – Reader Comments, Re-Tweets
  • Top Level Program Goals
    • Build a network of loyal influencers
    • Increase share of voice within social media conversation
    • Utilize Influencers to tell brand story
      • •      Link phone benefits, features and functionality with Music, Sports, Comedy, Fashion/ Design and Photography
  • Campaign Level Goals
    • Create large scale “Earned Media” impressions with “Peer-to-Peer” recommendations
    • Facilitate and measure viral pass-along
    • Continually refresh the Influencer Network
rollout schedule campaign
Rollout Schedule (Campaign)

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 1

Phase 1 – Campaign Development – Site list, aggregate assets, develop messaging, review strategy and tactics, etc.

Phase 2 – Live Campaign – Outreach, securing coverage and embeds with Bloggers and Twitter, Social Networks and Message Boards. Weekly reporting.

Phase 3 – Final Report – this report will aggregate all the reporting that will be done during the campaign as well as organizing data collected with the perspective you only get at the end of the campaign. Also, we include conclusions about what worked, opportunities missed, etc. and recommendations for future campaigns.

engagement channels social media outreach
Engagement Channels – Social Media Outreach
  • Blogs
    • Reach out to bloggers and encourage them to share key messaging with audience
    • Distribute assets (Videos, Images, Contests, etc.) via Social Media Release (SMR)
    • Establish rapport with interested bloggers for additional rollouts of assets and secondary calls-to-action
  • Twitter
    • Organic Twitter coverage via pass-along from Blog coverage
    • Design blog outreach to include Twitter ready tweets for pass-along
    • Find Influencers via Twitter
  • Facebook
    • Share content with pre-existing Facebook Groups
    • Share links to digital destinations
  • Pinterest
    • Compel Influencers to engage with HTC Pinterest Board
    • Facilitate Influencers to share content via Pinterest
  • Message Board/Discussion Forums
    • Activate passionate base surrounding topical discussions
    • Create rapport with forum members by way of providing valuable content and timely responses
    • Offer specific content that is relevant to each thread
    • Forum discussions leaves legacy long after campaign flight ends as conversations continue
engagement campaign
Engagement – Campaign
  • Blog/Twitter Flow
    • Reach out to Bloggers about in a way to encourage Twitter distribution
      • Offer Bloggers language and truncated links so that it is more attractive to share information via Twitter
  • Offer new phones to Top Tier Influencers – All Groups
    • Great introduction to the program
    • Offer extra for Bloggers to do giveaways with their audience
    • This tactic is proven to elicit powerful brand centric coverage
  • Music
    • Offer Beats by Dre product
    • Have music blogger cover HTC Music Event with phone functionality
  • Sports
    • Engage people that are at the frontlines of emerging sports (eg: cross fit) about how their phone is a part of their lifestyle (videos, pictures, apps, etc.)
    • Offer exclusive sporting event tickets
    • Focus on social networks (vs. traditional blogging)
  • Comedy
    • Invite comedy enthusiasts to use phone functionalities for reviewing shows, products, foods, etc.
    • Focus on social networks (vs. traditional blogging)
  • Fashion/ Design
    • Invite Influencer to HTC Fashion Event as a VIP
    • Have Fashionistas cover event with phone functionality
  • Photography
    • Exceptionals use photography to share their experiences – connect with these people when there are unique photo opportunities
projected reach
Projected Reach

*These are projected numbers and are subject to change depending on unforeseen circumstances.

pass along
  • The goal of Digital Word of Mouth is to get consumers talking to each other and creating a pass-along. The G2X Relay Rate study done by Dr. Walter Carl of Northeastern University indicates that the pass-along online could be anywhere from 2X to 42X the original message. This study was based on discussions involving household products. Music, Fashion, Photography and New Technology Launches prove to be passionate ‘buzz worthy’ subjects online and we expect that the pass-along rate to be high for this campaign. Putting a specific number to this would be purely subjective. What we hope to do is report on everything that we can measure and build a case that will show that the message was worthy of pass-along.
    • Example of Pass-Along:
    • Bloggers:
    • Community Ambassador reaches out to a blogger (one-to-one).
    • The blogger chooses to share with her readership of 30,000.
    • The blogger passes along links to the mini-page, etc.
    • Since this pass along came from a trusted source (the blogger), according to the G2X Relay Rate, these 30,000 loyal readers will pass the message to anywhere from 2 to 42 people.
    • This one-to-one engagement with a blogger has a real influence of 30,000 (the number of readers we can count) and a possible pass-along of anywhere from 60,000 to 1,260,000.
    • Is it likely that all 30K will pass along to 42 peers? Probably not. Is it likely that a realistic pass-along generated by group who is already passionate about the subject would be greater than 2X? Absolutely.
sample influencer music
Sample Influencer - Music

David Peter Simon – blogger from (56,000 UVPM)

  • Creativity takes precedence in David’s life: he uses Indie Shuffle to get the word out about his favorite songs; writes for Holiday Matinee, a music and inspiration blog; and is a consultant for an IT software company.
  • Also maintains a personal site,, including inspirational photos and his own Instagram shots
  • Tweets actively at @davidpetersimon about a myriad of interests, including design, software, and art.
sample influencer sports
Sample Influencer - Sports

Sports Enthusiast and Comedian Sean Keane

  • Active in the world of young sports enthusiasts
  • Blogs on a variety of sites:
    • His own (, UVPM n/a)
    • And Tumblr blogs (all UVPM n/a)
      • SportsCentr
      • NBA Off Season
      • MLB Off Season
      • NFL Off Season
      • The World’s Game
  • Tweets to nearly 1,000 followers on Twitter (@LLCoolS)
sample influencer comedy
Sample Influencer - Comedy

Braden Graeber, Writer and Comedian

  • As the comedy target usually overlaps with other areas of interest (like art, writing, and acting), Braden is active on a variety of outlets, including his Tumblr blog (UVPM n/a). Though the majority of his audience exists outside of the blogosphere, he uses his Tumblr to post the occasional joke.
  • Active on Instagram (@bradengraeber) with over 8,000 followers
  • Regularly uses Twitter, @hisptermermaid. His account has 137,323 followers
sample influencer fashion design
Sample Influencer – Fashion/ Design

Dan Hwang, blogger at Freshness Magazine (118,000 UVPM)

  • Values aesthetics, innovative fashion, and smart design, as evidenced by his posts on Freshness
  • Also posts on, a personal blog used to post “inspiring images and content” – anything from footwear to musicians
  • Dan also maintains a Twitter page, @dnhwng, where he mostly shares personal posts, occasionally interspersed with Instagram photos
sample influencer photography
Sample Influencer - Photography

Lauren Randolph, Professional Photographer

  • Lauren is active on many social networks and uses Tumblr(UVPM n/a) as her main outlet for traditional blogging.
    • Blog updates usually incorporate her photos, including info about new projects and partnerships
    • Though she actively blogs, her audience is primarily located in other networks.
  • Mostactive on Instagram (@laurenlemon). She uses this network to share inspirational photos with over 216,901 followers and the rest of the Instagram community
  • Also maintains a Twitter account, @laurenlemon, which has 2,930 followers
implementation instagram
Implementation - Instagram

Our target audience is extremely active on Instagram, providing an opportunity for us to engage users on this network for the HTC promotion. Contests are the most successful form of promotion on this network – see example below.

  • Contest Ideas
  • Win concert tickets by posting a photo of your all-time favorite band, with tag #HTCmusic, for example
  • Give away passes to NY Fashion week by asking users to take a photo of a great outfit using their HTC phone (tagged with #HTCNYC on Instagram)
  • Recommendations:
  • Any Instagram promotion conducted should be planned using an official HTC account for transparency and best results.
    • Step 1: Create account
    • Step 2: Build followers
    • Step 3: Conduct Contest
htc influencer program long term strategy
HTC Influencer Program – Long Term Strategy
  • Aggregate List of Possible Influencers
    • Sources
      • Social Chorus List
      • American Pop List
      • Source Twitter Influencers already taking about HTC
  • Long Term Influencer Strategy
    • Rolling out compelling events, offers, etc. on a regular basis will keep Influencers Engaged
      • Schedule 4-6 campaigns similar to the example given earlier in the proposal
      • Schedule smaller outreach events around HTC calendar
      • Nurture relationships as they develop
        • Establish Influencer Tier – Top Tier, Middle Tier, etc.
      • Music/ Sports/ Comedy
        • #TeamHTC (if applicable):
          • Give Influencer tickets for giveaways to concerts, sporting events, comedy shows
          • Give Influencer VIP access to special events
      • Fashion/ Design
        • Issue Fashion objectives involving Cell Phone Bling
        • Engage with Pinterest
        • VIP access to Fashion Events
      • Photography
        • Seasonal – Fall Foliage, Christmas, Snow
        • Personal milestones – Friends, family, achievement-based, etc.
        • Blend Groups
          • Photography blurs into Music and Fashion
long term strategy continued
Long Term Strategy - Continued
  • Contacting Potential Influencers
    • Sources
      • Social Chorus List – looking at the social channels each influencer uses. Ascertain the most organic way to reach out:
        • Blogs are the least spammy way of contacting potential Influencers
        • Twitter is less spammy if we use the official HTC Twitter handle to reach out (even an Influencer who wield the most influence via Twitter may have a blog or a less spammy way of contacting
      • American Pop List
        • Primarily Blog Based
      • Source Twitter Influencers already taking about HTC
        • Contact via blog if available
        • Contact via official HTC Twitter
  • Reporting/Client Communication
    • Weekly or Bi-Weekly calls with American Pop, Spring Creek and HTC Teams
    • Weekly Reporting
      • Metrics
      • Highlights
      • Monthly or Quarterly Reporting
        • More drill down on numbers
        • Analysis of trends
        • Starts discussion of learnings and course correction for the next month or quarter
long term strategy continued1
Long Term Strategy - Continued
  • Constant Monitoring
    • Consistently Sourcing New Influencers
      • Feedback from HTC Social Profile Team to add active Twitter and Facebook fans
      • Finger on the pulse of what consumers are saying about HTC and their competitors
      • Monitoring any interesting programs competitors are executing via Influencers
  • Constant Learning From Influencers
    • We can ask our Influencers questions that can offer actionable intelligence to the brand
    • Polling their sphere of influence
  • Constantly Define what Influence is and metrics surrounding influence
    • Direct Influence (Examples)
      • Blog Readers
      • Twitter Followers
      • Facebook Group Members
      • Pinterest Followers
    • Engagement Examples
      • Blog Comments
      • Re-Tweets
      • Re-Pins
    • Community Connections
      • Writing for Established Blogs
      • Writing for offline publications
      • Thought leaders in groups
  • Within reports we include cumulative data reflecting our quantity of outreach, volume of campaign posts, unique reach, and impressions created – both per channel and as an overall total. Data is collected via Quantcast/Compete, Radian6, and other available sources.

The goal of reporting is to represent the numbers of impressions and engagements in an accurate and honest way coupled with real world success stories.

There is no “Universal Number” that points to word of mouth success.

Our reporting tells a story and builds a case for success, sustained return on engagement, and ROI.

  • In additionto statistical reporting, we include screen shots of placement and data to illustrate how campaign information was passed along from our ambassadors throughout blogs, Twitter, forums, and social networking channels.

Influence: 41,839

Influence: 845,105


Budget – HTC Device Giveaway Campaign

$25,000 - $35,000

Budget – Research

$20,000 - $30,000

Budget – Influencer Network Monthly

$15,000/Monthly - $40,000/Monthly

  • Translate the live excitement of Mark Salling’s (from Glee) record release party to the online universe
  • Activate Glee Fans and Entertainment/Gossip Bloggers to spread the word
  • Bring Brand Message back to Blackberry BBM along with exclusive Celebrity images
  • Strategies
  • Drive influential bloggers to attend the event
  • Offer reader giveaways to influential bloggers
  • BBM instant messaging was incorporated into the event (live games and contests), and was part of the brand promotion pitch to bloggers
  • Follow up with exclusive images of celebrity attendance to bloggers
  • Results
  • 42+ million direct blog impressions
  • 90 million blog impressions created via organic pass-along
  • Bloggers’ coverage included celebrity and Glee pitch angles, plus info about how BBM functionality was incorporated into the event

Agency Partner


BBM Lounge – Mark Salling (Glee) Record Release Party


Glee Fans, Entertainment/Gossip, Techies

Campaign Duration

Four Weeks

  • Drive entries to the Unlock The TC contest
  • Create engagement with the game
  • Strategies
  • Secure Blog Placement
  • Blog Coverage spilled over to Twitter
  • Message Board Seeding
  • Social Network Seeding
  • Grassroots Syndication of Content

Agency Partner


Scion – Unlock The TC

  • Results
  • Created 80+ million campaign impressions
  • Measured an organic reach of campaign materials to 32+ million
  • Resulted in high percentage of “Dealer Contact”
  • Created over 1,800 campaign posts
  • Placement on 600+ Blogs


Gen Y Males

Racing/Drifting Enthusiasts


Car enthusiasts

Campaign Duration

Eight Weeks