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Workshop Fishing forever?. Arjan de Vries, Lise Alix and Wendy Vercruijsse. Workshop set-up. Play the pre-fisheries game 20 min. Theory on ocean’s management 20 min. Questions 5 min. Play the main fisheries game 40 min.

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Workshop fishing forever

Workshop Fishing forever?

Arjan de Vries, Lise Alix and Wendy Vercruijsse

Workshop set up
Workshop set-up

  • Play the pre-fisheries game 20 min.

  • Theory on ocean’s management 20 min.

  • Questions 5 min.

  • Play the main fisheries game 40 min.

  • Workshop evaluation 10 min.

What happens in the oceans
What happens in the oceans?

  • Global fishstocks

  • Ocean management

  • Dutch coastal situation

  • Fisheries certification

  • What fish to eat/to avoid

  • Questions

But fishing continues
But fishing continues....

Source: FAO. (2011) Review of the state of the world marine fishery resources

Ecosystem damage
Ecosystem damage


Bottom destruction by trawling

Fisheries controls
Fisheries controls

  • Effort limitations

  • Technical measures

  • Fish quota

  • Fleet reduction

  • Marine reserves or No-Take zones

  • Fishing rights

Dutch sea management
Dutch Sea management

North Sea Wadden Sea

EU Common fisheries


Fleet reduction

Effort control Marine reserve with selective fishing

Total allowable catch activities

Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperative and Dutch


The future
The future

Earth Summit in June, 2012.

At this moment proposals are made:

10% of ocean as marine reserve, banning subsidies, phazing out trawling, improving enforcement on high seas and ports (illigal fishing) and improved coordination on flags of convenience ships.

The reform of the eu cfp 2013
The reform of the EU CFP 2013

Key points:

  • Discard ban

  • Maximum Sustainable Yield 2015

  • Regionalization

  • Social Dimension

  • Transferable Fishing Concessions

Msc label
MSC label


1. Sustainable fish stocks

2. Minimizing environmental impact

3. Effective management

Dining out
Dining out?

Nobu’s Pathagonian Toothfish

McDonalds Fish-o-Filet

Fish to avoid eating
Fish to avoid eating

  • Atlantic cod

  • Tuna

  • Orange Roughy/


Rather eat these fish
Rather eat these fish:

  • North sea herring

  • White mullet

  • Japanese oyster


  • Msc certificate:

  • Viswijzer:

  • Sustainable fish market:

  • Stichting de Noordzee:

  • EU seas:

    Book used: Charles Clover,(2005) The End of the line. Ebury Pres, London.

    Sustainable workshops:

    Permaculture projects Arjan:

Why european seas as managed commons fails
Why European seas as managed commons fails

  • Lack of enfocement and too many fishermen

  • These are the 2 definitions of management failures according to Hardins tragedy of the commons.

  • P.149

Maximum sustainable yield
Maximum Sustainable yield

Based on taking the amount of stock that maximizes profits on the assumption that reduced stocks enhance biological capacity and thus

increase fish population


But....these assumptions are highly vulnareble to miscalculations, environmental disasters, fish diseases etc.


  • Creates overcapacity

Black fish
Black fish

Illegally fished in Europe:

60% of Hake

50% of cod in Brittain

  • 50% of saith