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HOSPITALITY Financial Policy I-50. ALLOWABLE EVENTS. Student Events Hosted by students For the benefit of students Graduation receptions Student recognition receptions. HOSPITALITY – Allowed Events. Recruitment Hosting prospective students (undergraduate and graduate)

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allowable events


Financial Policy I-50


hospitality allowed events

Student Events

    • Hosted by students
    • For the benefit of students
    • Graduation receptions
    • Student recognition receptions
HOSPITALITY – Allowed Events
hospitality allowed events1


    • Hosting prospective students (undergraduate and graduate)
    • Hosting potential faculty
HOSPITALITY-Allowed Events
hospitality allowed events2

Guests (speakers, guest lecturers, etc.)

    • Meal(s) only for the guest

Note: IU Foundation funds should be used to cover meals of employees.

HOSPITALITY-Allowed Events
hospitality allowed events4

Meals (but not entertainment) expense for University employees and outside reviewers required for accreditation activities and peer or administrative reviews.

Hospitality – Allowed Events
hospitality allowed events5

Faculty/Staff Recognition

    • Retirement, Termination
    • Longevity
    • Praise
HOSPITALITY-Allowed Events
hospitality allowed events6


    • Staff: Must have representative from UHR or facilitator from outside the IU Community
    • Faculty: Must be approved by Dean of Faculties
HOSPITALITY-Allowed Events
hospitality allowed events7

Search & Screen

    • Campus Guideline: Reimbursement only for Table of 4
    • Reasonable refreshment expense for Committee
    • Students may host candidates
    • Units may have their own guidelines
HOSPITALITY-Allowed Events
hospitality allowed events8

Conferences, Workshops, etc.

    • Only IF a fee was collected from attendees
    • Only IF an outside vendor provides funds to support the hospitality events
    • Fees collected MUST be enough to cover all hospitality expenses
HOSPITALITY – Allowed Events
hospitality allowed events9

Auxiliary Units

    • Events for students
    • Promotional activities
HOSPITALITY-Allowed Events
hospitality unallowed events

No hospitality for conferences or workshops unless a fee is collected from attendees

No hospitality for fundraisers

No games, door prizes, or raffles

No flowers for funerals, get well, birthdays, or special days

No meals for employees, unless part of an allowed event

hospitality object codes

Normal hospitality expenses: 4025

Merchandise for allowed events: 4020

Conferences and workshops that have collected a fee: 4026

Auxiliary promotional events: 4868

Student activity fee accounts: 4028

HOSPITALITY - Object Codes
reasonable cost per meal

The University approved per diem rates will be applied to check for the reasonableness standard.

  • Bloomington & Indianapolis per diem rates:
    • Breakfast $8
    • Lunch $12
    • Dinner $21
Reasonable Cost per Meal
c g accounts

Campus Does not provide prior approval for hospitality events

C&G Admin approves based on the transaction

C&G Accounts
requesting a hospitality code

To request a hospitality code, go to the Hospitality Website:

Be sure to use the assigned hospitality code on all transactions relating to the expense

Requesting a Hospitality Code