next generation 2100 software a wealth of new features n.
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Next Generation 2100 Software - A Wealth of New Features PowerPoint Presentation
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Next Generation 2100 Software - A Wealth of New Features

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Next Generation 2100 Software - A Wealth of New Features - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Next Generation 2100 Software - A Wealth of New Features
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  1. Next Generation 2100 Software - A Wealth of New Features

  2. Content of the E-seminar • 2100 expert software concept • New features • How to use new features? • New product structure • Your upgrade to new 2100 expert SW • Summary Chairperson: Ingrid Ginnutt

  3. The Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer RNA 6000 Pico LabChip kit High Sensitivity QC (up to 6000 bases) Total RNA, mRNA Protein 200 Plus LabChip kit Sizing and Analysis (14-200 kDa) Proteins RNA 6000 Nano LabChip kit QC & Quantitation (up to 6000 bases) Total RNA, mRNA, microarray samples Protein 50 LabChip kit Sizing and Analysis (5-50 kDa) Proteins Cell Fluorescence LabChip kit Analysis of cell fluorescence parameters Cells DNA 500 LabChip kit Sizing and Quantitation (25-500bp) PCR products, restriction digests DNA 1000 LabChip kit Sizing and Quantitation (25-1000bp) Small PCR products, small restriction digests DNA 7500 LabChip kit Sizing and Quantitation (100-7500bp) Restriction digests, PCR products DNA 12000 LabChip kit Sizing and Quantitation (100-12000bp) Restriction digests, larger DNA fragments Chairperson: Ingrid Ginnutt

  4. 2100 Software Roadmap SW for Molecular Assays: “Bio sizing” * • 2100 expert software • - one version for all assays • Decl. of system validation SW for Cell Assays: “Cell fluorescence” * Software • 2100 expert security pack • 21 CFR part 11compliance • electronic records • - electronic signatures • - audit trails • 2100 bioanalyzer • - IQ and OQ/PV services • Declaration of conformity HW and kits Chips and reagents - Declaration of conformity Past Dec 2003 Winter 2004 *Biosizing and Cell fluorescence will be made obsolete Chairperson: Ingrid Ginnutt

  5. 2100 Expert Software – In Brief • Replaces Biosizing and Cell fluorescence software • One SW for electrophoresis and flow cytometry assays supporting the platform idea: “one platform – endless possibilities” • Incl. all capabilities of the current “Biosizing” and “Cell fluorescence” SW • One look and feel for the analysis of RNA, DNA, proteins and cells • Support all existing and futureLabChip kits and assays • Import of old data files from Biosizing and Cell Fluorescence possible Chairperson: Ingrid Ginnutt

  6. 2100 Expert Software – In Brief (cont.) • Control of all bioanalyzers (old A- & B- and current C-versions) • Data Organizer not compatible with 2100 expert • License keys for software modules (electrophoresis, flow cytometry, security pack), no license for data review • Runs on Windows 2000 and Windows XP • Many new SW features Chairperson: Ingrid Ginnutt

  7. 2100 Expert Requirements • PC hardware (minimum requirements): • CPU: Pentium III with 800 MHz • RAM: 128 Mbyte • Ports: 1-2 serial ports • VGA: Resolution of 1024 x 768 • HDD: 10 GB • Operating system: • Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 (or higher) • Windows XP Service Pack 1 (or higher) • Not compatible with Windows NT • 2100 bioanalyzer: • A and B/C version, compliance services for B/C version only (serial number DE13701001 or higher) Chairperson: Ingrid Ginnutt

  8. 2100 Expert New Features - Based on User Requirements • Improved integrator with manual integration (change start/end point and baseline) • Color coded result flagging (e.g. “mark all samples in green that contain a 38 kDa protein in a concentration above 75 ng/ul”) • Compare results from different chips within the improved and integrated data comparison context (previously Data Evaluation Tool) • Pattern recognition and smear analysis applicable to RNA, DNA and proteinassays • Normal and advanced user mode • Improved reporting and printing functions • Preview in file open window (e.g. gel-like image, sample names) Chairperson: Ingrid Ginnutt

  9. 2100 Expert New Features - Based on User Requirements (cont.) • Customizable result tables and gel like-image • More export formats (txt, pdf, wmf, jpg, tif, bmp, ...) • New context structure for easy access of software functionalities • Extended diagnosis functionality • Support of IQ & OQ/PV • Prerequisite for 21 CFR part 11 compliance, prepared for security pack (with user authentication/user roles, archiving/revision control, audit trails, …..) • And many more …… Chairperson: Ingrid Ginnutt

  10. 2100 Expert Contexts Instrument context • Connect to up to 2 instruments • Run a demo assay • Run an assay Data and Assay context • Enter sample info • Review results (gel-like image, E-gram, dot plot, histogram, result table) • Change assay set points on sample or chip level (e.g. Min. Peak Height) • Result flagging • Create/modify new assays Validation context • Run IQ and OQ for hardware and software Comparison context • Compare results from different chips (gel-like image, E-gram, result table) Chairperson: Ingrid Ginnutt

  11. Task bar with context sensitive icons for different actions Tabs for different data analysis functions Tree view for navigation between samples and files Context menu bar Single gel lane for selected E-gram Customizable gel-like image (change order) Customizable result table (change order and add additional columns) Chairperson: Ingrid Ginnutt

  12. How to use old data files from Biosizing or Cell Fluorescence? • Go to File/Import • Select old bioanalyzer files that you would like to importNote:2100 expert files can not be imported in Biosizing or Cell Fluorescence Chairperson: Ingrid Ginnutt

  13. Convenient switching between flow cytometric and electrophoretic assays • Flow cytometric and electrophoretic assays are available in the Assay menu • depending on the inserted cartridge • and the entered license key(s) Chairperson: Ingrid Ginnutt

  14. Easy access to manual integration in electropherogram tab • Click on Electropherogram tab • Switch to Manual Integration mode • select Menu/Manual integration • or clicking on the “manual” icon in the task bar Chairperson: Ingrid Ginnutt

  15. 3 3 3 4 2 4 4 2 2 1 1 1 Peak Peak 1 1 2 2 3 4 3 4 Peak 1 2 3 4 Peak 1 Conc. [ug/ml] 29.7 37.9 34.6 24.8 Conc. [ug/ml] Conc. [ug/ml] 29.7 33.6 38.0 44.4 34.7 24.8 38.0 28.6 Conc. [ug/ml] 144.6 Integration of Soy Bean Protein- Get better quantitation precision with manual integration Biosizing 2100 expert - automatic integration 2100 expert - manual integration 1 Chairperson: Ingrid Ginnutt

  16. (A) (B) How to move peak start/end point in manual integration mode? • Peak start and end time are shown as blue dots • (A) blue dot is on signal : • Click on blue dot • Dot turns green • Hold left mouse button and move dot along signal • (B) blue dot is on drop line (dotted line) • Click on blue dot • Dot turns green • Press Ctrl and hold left mouse button to move dot along drop line • Create a new drop line • Press Ctrl and hold left mouse button to move dot along new drop line Chairperson: Ingrid Ginnutt

  17. How to modify columns displayed in result table? • Right mouse click on table headers • Select Configure columns • Select to be displayed column headers Chairperson: Ingrid Ginnutt

  18. How to change the column order in the result table? • Click on column header and move it to desired place • New location is indicated by green arrow Chairperson: Ingrid Ginnutt

  19. How to apply set points from one data file to another? • Go to Assay Properties tab in the data context • Click on Import set points • Select the file from which you want to apply the set points from Chairperson: Ingrid Ginnutt

  20. How to get a quick result overview using color-coded result flagging? • Set up rules in Result flagging (data and assay context) • Apply rules DNA fragment with 25, 70, 93 bp found DNA fragment with 160, 206, 308 bp found DNA fragment with 500, 610, 1000 bp found and total conc. > 50 ng/ul Chairperson: Ingrid Ginnutt

  21. How to re-arrange the gel-like image lanes for better comparison? • Select the lane that you would like to move • Hold left mouse click on lane • Move lane to new location Initial gel-like image Rearranged gel-like image Chairperson: Ingrid Ginnutt

  22. How to zoom in the gel-like image? • Hold left mouse click on gel-like image • Two horizontal lines appear (one line is fixed) • Move mouse while holding left button • Release left button (second line is fixed • Both line define the zooming window • Double-click to undo the zoom Chairperson: Ingrid Ginnutt

  23. How to do smear analysis for RNA, DNA or protein assays? • Go to Assay properties • Select Smear analysis in the advanced sample set points • Define size regions • Results are displayed in new Region table • Regions are indicated by dotted lines in the electropherogram Chairperson: Ingrid Ginnutt

  24. Compare chips in comparison context Switch between comparison summary, gel and electropherogram view Save selected samples in a comparison file Electropherogram overlay Single gel lane for selected E-gram Select sample from different chips Legend for electropherogram overlay Chairperson: Ingrid Ginnutt

  25. New Product Structure - Start with flow cytometry or electrophoresis functionality or both ! 2100 Laptop System G2943CA 2100 Desktop System G2940CA 2100 G2938C 2100, PC, Accs., VM 2100, PC, Accs., VM 2100, Accs. SW on CD SW on CD Electrophoresis Set G2947CA Electrode Cartridge Electroph. License Start-up service Flow Cytometry Set G2948CA Pressure Cartridge System IQ and OQ/PV Services: Per incident: IQ (R1015A) OQ/PV (R1016A) Check.&Test chip kit Flow Cyt. License Start-up service Chairperson: Ingrid Ginnutt

  26. Your upgrade to 2100 expert software • Free upgrade of current 2100 users, if registered • after 2100 installation • with LabChip kit fax back form • Software and electrophoresis licenses are in the post or have been shipped already • if you have not receive your copy by March 2004, please contact your local sales representative • current cell fluorescence users please contact your local sales representativeto acquire a flow cytometry license • 2100 expert software can be run in parallel to Biosizing or Cell fluorescence software Chairperson: Ingrid Ginnutt

  27. Compliance for the Agilent 2100 bioanalyzer systems - A 2-phased approach • Phase I – GMP/GLP compliance: • 2100 expert software • IQ & OQ/PV services • "Declarations of Conformity" for all LabChip kits • Phase II – full compliance: • Security Pack for full 21 CFR Part 11 compliance  Chairperson: Ingrid Ginnutt

  28. Reasons to switch to 2100 expert software • Nothing to loose – all features from Biosizing and Cell fluoresence included • Benefit from many new software features • Take first step towards full 21 CFR part 11 compliance • New assays and LabChip kits will only be developed for 2100 expert “One software, one platform for analysis of cells, proteins, RNA and DNA” Chairperson: Ingrid Ginnutt