s i public health we will start the meeting 3 min after the hour n.
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S&I Public Health * We will start the meeting 3 min after the hour PowerPoint Presentation
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S&I Public Health * We will start the meeting 3 min after the hour

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S&I Public Health * We will start the meeting 3 min after the hour - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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S&I Public Health * We will start the meeting 3 min after the hour
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  1. S&I Public Health*We will start the meeting 3 min after the hour Aug 5, 2014

  2. This meeting is being recorded and un-pausedand will be available via the wiki *Please mute your phone when not speaking to assist with background noise.

  3. Today’s Agenda • Administrative Update • Brief Overview and Update of Initiatives • Public Health Education Series Reminder • Request for Public Health Organizations webinars/teleconferences to present about Standards and Interoperability

  4. S&I: Public Health Tiger Team (PHTT)

  5. S&I Initiative Portfolio Snapshot: Transitions of Care Structured Data Capture In production • Data Access Framework EU/US eHealth Cooperation Active Initiatives • Blue Button Plus PDMP & HIT Integration ClinicalQualityFramework Data Provenance Public Health Lab Results Interface Community-Led* or Other Agency-Led Laboratory Orders Interface esMD Longitudinal Coordination of Care Direct Project (S&I Archetype) Data Segmentation for Privacy Inactive or Closed Initiatives Query Health (merged with DAF) HealtheDecisions (merged with CQF) * Community led initiatives leverage the S&I framework platform with minimal or no ONC funded contractor support. 5

  6. EHR and SDC Model Example Types of Reporting Case Reporting (Pilot CDA) ELR 2.5.1 Immunization 2.5.1 Syndromic Surveillance EHR PH Cancer CDA Sample Types of Reporting Deliver data from form {FormatType, TBD} Form Request Form (CDISC RFDC) Quality Forms Repository Deliver Form Define Forms CDEs Meta Data Business Logic Research Public Health

  7. SDC Update • Identifying organization to participate in IHE Connectathon Jan 2015 (registration 25 AUG14’- 3 OCT14’) • IHE ConnectathonWebinar Aug 8th • CMS CDS Tipsheet: http://www.cms.gov/Regulations-and-Guidance/Legislation/EHRIncentivePrograms/Downloads/ClinicalDecisionSupport_Tipsheet-.pdf

  8. IHE Quality, Research &Public Health (QRPH) Domain Update 2014 Webinar • Friday, August 8, 2014, 11:00am - 1:00pm eastern • http://www.ihe.net/Webinars/ • Scroll down the page to “IHE Quality, Research and Public Health (QRPH) Domain Update 2014” and click on the Register link to register for the webinar.  • Tentative agenda for the webinar – both SDC and FP profiles will be discussed early on.

  9. DAF Update • Decision was unanimous by community to move forward with: • Pursue FHIR for Simple DAF Data Element Queries using existing DSTU and create profile and IG as needed • Monitor CQL and how it evolves as a Query syntax for complex queries instead of developing a parallel query syntax

  10. CQF Update • The clinical quality expression language (CQL) will be submitted for the September HL7 Comment ballot cycle. The updated PSS has been re-approved by CQI, CDS and ITS WGs and was approved by the US Realm task force and Technical Steering Committee (TSC) in July. • Pilots will begin in August. Pilot sub-teams continue to plan for potential pilots. Each pilot team has begun by identifying the data elements required for the pilot. The required slices(s) of the standards will be created to support the individual pilots.

  11. PHTT Wiki UpdateJulie Lipstein http://wiki.siframework.org/Public+Health+Tiger+Team

  12. S&I Public Health Contact Information ONC Public Health Lead: Jim (James) Daniel (james.daniel@hhs.gov) CDC Public Health Lead: John M. Saindon (uzn0@cdc.gov) PHTT Wiki Page: http://wiki.siframework.org/Public+Health+Tiger+Team SDC Wiki Page: http://wiki.siframework.org/Structured+Data+Capture+Initiative DAF Wiki Page: http://wiki.siframework.org/Data+Access+Framework+Homepage CQF Wiki http://wiki.siframework.org/Clinical+Quality+Framework+Initiative PHRi Archived Wiki http://wiki.siframework.org/Public+Health+Reporting+Initiative Weekly PHTT Meeting Info (Tuesdays): • Time: 2:00pm - 3:00pm Eastern • URL:https://siframework1.webex.com/ • Dial-In Number: 1-650-479-3208 • Access Code: 665 131 907

  13. S&I Public Health Update • Exploring partnership with Million Hearts • Working with EHDI to track Pilot status • Met with State of Utah about CDA pilots in Wis and NYC • Developing Technical and Overview Presentations for S&I Public Health • Seeking conferences and webinars to present on • EHR Project at CDC

  14. Wednesday S&I Public Health Education Series Wednesday August 6th at 4pm EST (now on WebEx • Update on SIM Funding (CMS) • Clinical Quality Framework Update

  15. Public Health Forums Webinars and teleconferences • JPHIT Monthly Calls • CSTE (Sub, every month) Julie L. • ASTHO • IPN and eHealth (Marcus R) • APHL • NACCHO • ISDS • HIMSS • AMIA • (John Loonsk) PHWG and education series • APHA Health IT • Need to further explore • NASCIO • Further explore • AHIMA • AIRA • Newsletter (Allison Chi) • PHVC • Julie

  16. Dan Chaput from ONC • Subgroup to develop streamlined slide deck • High level • Technical/Use cases

  17. Evaluation of SDC Pilots • What are Public Health’s Expectations… • Demonstrate utility or lack there of SDC solutions for Public Health problems • Workflow implications: how these solutions might work in the “real world” • Clinical (real data/live) or simulated data/systems (prototype) or a hybrid (actual systems using simulated data) • Form manager solution approach (gain knowledge: centralized) Are not throw away solutions • Understanding of level of effort (time/resources/cost); e.g. hospitals, vendor, PHA, providers • Will not be proprietary (unique to the vendor) • RFD vs SDC • Educate stakeholders; vendors, providers, PHA’s, hospitals, consumers of healthcare • Identify barriers/lessons learned and document

  18. What are success criteria’s • Model is vetted and move forward into adoption • That the pilots be reproducible (open source) • Used in a different setting or domain. E.g. occupational, environmental • Is the pilot reproduced • Gaps are identified • Practices from PH Pilots, shared with SDC Initiative • Identify best practices to improve technology for adoption • High quality data • Metrics: evaluate the quality of the data, usability, actual source data, de-duplication

  19. S&I Public Health Education Series • Clinical Quality Measures • QRDA, HQMF, Organizational issues HL7 Expressions • Implications for Public health and S&I • Descriptions of workflows in PH Practice • Ex. Family Planning • WIC • IIS • IHE Connectathon and PH-Quality Health: IHE, SDC

  20. Showcasing efforts • Partnerships and collaboration

  21. Post Pilot • Sustainability Plan • Communication • Partnerships and collaboration