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Welcome!. APPLES Mentors. Outcomes & Agenda. Legislative requirements impacting the Beginning Teacher Programs Varied programs and program requirements Roles and responsibilities of support team members Effective school-based new teacher program Documents and timelines Good of the Order.

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Apples mentors



Outcomes agenda
Outcomes & Agenda

  • Legislative requirements impacting the Beginning Teacher Programs

  • Varied programs and program requirements

  • Roles and responsibilities of support team members

  • Effective school-based new teacher program

  • Documents and timelines

  • Good of the Order

History of btps in florida and lee county
History of BTPsin Florida and Lee County

1982-1997: P.O.P. (Professional Orientation Program)

1997-2001: APPLES

Accomplished Professional Practices for

Lee Educational System

2002-2011: Alternative Certification (DCP) and APPLES

Goals of apples
Goals of APPLES

  • Retain the most promising teachers

  • Foster self- assessment and reflection

  • Improve instructional practice

  • Model professionalism

  • Offer professional growth opportunities

  • Familiarize new teachers with district and state initiatives

Target teacher
Target Teacher

  • Teacher holding a Temporary Certificate

  • First Year Teacher (Recent Graduate of the College of Education)

  • Teacher new to Lee County

2011 2012 btp
2011-2012 BTP

  • APPLES for Teachers with Professional Certification (1-2 year)

  • APPLES for Teachers with Temporary Certification

    • 2009-2012

    • 2010-2013

    • 2011-2014

Program components
Program Components

  • Required Training

    • District and/or State

  • Formative Observations

  • Summative Evaluations

  • Teacher Support

  • Administrative Support

Apples for teachers with professional certification
APPLES for Teachers with Professional Certification

This program is for teachers who

  • Hold a State of Florida Professional Educator’s Certificate

  • Are new to Lee County in 2011-2012

One year program with possible extension for following year

Apples for teachers with temporary certification
APPLES for Teachers with Temporary Certification

This program is for teachers who

  • Hold a State of Florida Temporary Educator’s Certificate

Must be completed by the end of the validity year of the Temporary Certificate!

2009-2012 2010-2013 2011-2014

Apples for teachers with temporary certification1
APPLES for Teachers with Temporary Certification

Certification Routes

  • District Certification Program

  • Non-District Alternative Certification Program

  • Other Alternative Certification Program

  • Traditional Certification Program

District certification program
District Certification Program



  • State approved

  • Purpose

  • Eligibility

  • Components

  • Tasks & Requirements

District certification program1
District Certification Program

  • DCP Support

    • APPLES Administrator

    • Peer Teacher

    • DCP Trainer

    • District DCP


      - Beth Bolger

District certification program2
District Certification Program

  • DCP Task

    • 20 Products

    • 3 Observations

  • DCP Expectation

    • Actions taken

  • DCP Completion

    • Portfolio

    • Documents

    • Administrative approval

Support team roles responsibility
Support Team Roles & Responsibility

  • APPLES District Coordinator

  • School Level

  • APPLES Administrator

  • Peer Teacher

  • Beginning Teacher

Apples administrator
APPLES Administrator

  • Identify new teachers

  • Recognize the types of certificates

  • Determine eligible Peer Teachers

  • Assignment of Peer Teacher

  • Participate in Team support meetings

  • Conduct 2 Summative observations

  • Verification of program requirements

  • Complete and submit Program Completion documents

Apples teacher
APPLES Teacher

  • Complete all required courses

  • Complete an Alternate Certification Program (if applicable)

  • Check with Personnel Specialist

  • Attend Support Team meetings

  • Complete the Professional Development Plan

  • Receive overall rating of Effective and Highly Effective on the Final Performance Evaluation

Apples peer teacher
APPLES Peer Teacher

  • Orient the new teacher with school based functions

  • Conduct 3 Formative Observations

  • Meet frequently with teacher to mentor, discuss challenges and celebrate successes

  • Participate in Support Team meetings

School based beginning teacher support
School-Based Beginning Teacher Support

To ensure success for your new teachers, your school should provide training and support in the following areas:

  • Survival Skills – School Tour, Key Personnel etc.

  • School Handbook – Policies, Procedures, Vision

  • Special Programs - Curriculum

  • Technology – Pinnacle, Progress Reports etc.

  • Observations – Summative/Formative

  • Teacher Assessments - IPDP

Formative observations
Formative Observations

  • Are non-judgmental

  • Are individual-oriented

  • Foster professional growth

  • Have criteria defining desired professional performance

  • Are diagnostic and identify areas for improvement

  • Utilize feedback for support and corrective changes

  • Use reflection to determine whether purposes have been met

  • Are driven by the Individual Professional Development Plan

Goldhammer s model
Goldhammer’s Model

The five stages of the clinical supervisor model:

  • The pre-observation conference (set the contract)

  • The observation & Analysis (capture and review the data)

  • The strategy session (make the data intelligible with logical relationships)

  • The post-conference (operational plan for supervision)

  • The post-conference analysis (mentor reflection- our conscience)

Pre observation conference procedures
Pre-observation Conference Procedures

  • Identify session objectives and relevant situational


  • Identify and review areas of focus to be given special

    attention: behaviors to maintain / increase, behaviors to reduce / eliminate, strategies / activities to explore and try

  • Select observational method

  • Agree on observation time and logistics

The step process
The STEP Process

STEP is designed to remind the CE of the steps needed to analyze and synthesize the data gathered from an observation.

Select the data

Think about likely DP reactions

Enumerate acceptable solutions

Plan the conference

Data analysis and strategy procedures
Data Analysis and Strategy Procedures

  • Construct a data display

    • Does not have to be anything drastic

    • Could be something as simple as a tally chart, graph, or table of notes

  • Identify related patterns of behavior

  • Make comparisons with previous observations

  • Determine if criteria for success were satisfied

  • Make summary statements

  • Plan conference strategies

Post observation conference procedures
Post Observation Conference Procedures

  • Review the pre-observation conference agreements

  • Discuss data and identifiable patterns with the DP

  • Guide the DP to identify behaviors to maintain / increase and reduce / eliminate

  • Discuss strategies or activities to explore and try

  • Specify and document everyone’s responsibilities

  • Schedule next observation or conference

Interpersonal communication
Interpersonal Communication

  • Convey empathy, sincerity and positive regard for the DP (three core conditions for quality IC)

  • Actively listen, respond and facilitate communication (Burke’s Model)

  • Utilize questioning strategies

    • Clarification

    • Perception checking

    • Empathy

    • Concrete examples

Ongoing support
Ongoing Support

  • Meet frequently with beginning teacher

  • Respect confidentiality

  • Anticipate needs

  • Assist with IPDP development and implementation

  • Everyday school-based needs

  • Technical support

  • School and District resources

Developing smart goals
Developing SMART Goals

Write a SMART Goal

S – Student-Focused

M – Measurable

A – Attainable

R – Results-Oriented

T – Time-bound

Creating a goal statement s
Creating a Goal Statement(s)

________% or ______# of ______students will __________ as measured on _______ by _________.

_______ by _________.

Creating goal statements
Creating Goal Statements

95% of my 9th grade students will score a 3.5 or higher as measured on the School Mock Writing Assessment in March.

  • Relates to my

  • students’ learning

  • Measurable

  • Evaluation Method

School based induction
School-Based Induction

  • “Research indicates a School-Based Induction Program is important and has a positive impact on all aspects of a school.”


  • “The Districts’ APPLES program provides broad support to teachers new to teaching…

    the school-based program will meet the needs of ALL teachers new to the school.”


  • http://curriculum.leeschools.net/Programs/New%20Teacher/apples.htm

Apples mentors

If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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