The united states in latin america
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The United States in Latin America. Chapter 23, Section 3. A Canal Across Panama. Isthmus- a narrow strip of land connecting two larger bodies of land 50 miles separated the Caribbean and the Pacific Reduce the cost of shipping goods

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The united states in latin america

The United States in Latin America

Chapter 23, Section 3

A canal across panama
A Canal Across Panama

  • Isthmus- a narrow strip of land connecting two larger bodies of land

    • 50 miles separated the Caribbean and the Pacific

  • Reduce the cost of shipping goods

  • Navy could quickly move ships back and forth between the Pacific and the Atlantic

The united states in latin america

The Isthmus was owned by Colombia

Roosevelt asked the Secretary of State John Hay to offer Columbia $10 million cash plus 250,000 a year to rent Panama

Columbia refused

Roosevelt knew their was unrest in Panama

Decided he would support the rebellion

A canal across panama cont
A Canal Across Panama Cont.

  • US placed their battle ship Nashville

  • Prevented the Columbian army from stopping the rebellion

  • Panama then declared themselves an independent republic

  • US could finally build their canal

Building the canal
Building the Canal

“Mosquito Paradise”

Malaria and Yellow Fever

Dr. William Gorgas, an army physician, ask for workers to locate all pools of water. Drain swamps, spray tons of insecticide, spread oil on stagnant waters

1906 fever had disappeared and malaria had dropped

Could then begin digging the largest artificial lake

200 million cubic yards of earth

1914 the first ship went through

American merchants and manufacturers could now ship goods cheaply to South America and Asia

The big stick in latin america
The “Big Stick” in Latin America

  • 1902 Europeans sent warships to force Venezuela to repay debts

    • Roosevelt didn’t want them in South America

  • 1904 Roosevelt extended the Monroe Doctrine

    • Corollary- “international police power

  • US had the right to intervene in Latin America to preserve law and order

Big stick cont
Big Stick Cont.

  • US could force Latin America to pay their debts

    • Kept other nations out

  • After Taft took office he urged American bankers to invest in Latin America

    • Dollar Diplomacy

    • Build roads, railroads, and harbors

    • Increased trade, benefiting both the U.S. and local governments

Big stick cont1
Big Stick Cont.

Woodrow Wilson condemned the heavy-handed foreign policy

Moral diplomacy- condemn imperialism spread democracy, and promote peace

However you sent more US troops than any previous President

The united states and mexico
The United States and Mexico

  • Porfirio Diaz welcomed new investments

    • $1 billion from US

    • Working labor was still poor

  • Mexicans rebelled against Diaz in 1910

  • Francisco Madero promised democratic reform

  • 1913 Madero was overthrown and General Victoriano Huerta took his place

    • Dictatorship

The united states and mexico1
The United States and Mexico

  • Wilson authorized the sale of arms to Huerta’s rival Venustiano Carranza

  • Huerta arrested several American Sailors, Wilson finally has his chance to intervene

  • Civil War continued

  • Pancho Villa hoped to overthrow Carranza

The united states and mexico2
The United States and Mexico

  • Jan. 1916 Pancho Villa’s soldiers removed 17 American citizens

  • March, Villa raided the town of Columbus, New Mexico, killing 18 Americans

  • Wilson sent John J. Pershing

    • After 11 months Wilson order Pershing to withdraw