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Lehigh University Introduction to BusinessMap3 PowerPoint Presentation
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Lehigh University Introduction to BusinessMap3

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Lehigh University Introduction to BusinessMap3 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lehigh University Introduction to BusinessMap3
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  1. Lehigh University Introduction to BusinessMap3 Tuesday October 28, 2003 LaVerne Williams, Software Support Administrator

  2. BusinessMap3Sales and Marketing Software • A powerful database mapping product that lets us easily visualize and analyze data geographically • Software automatically converts address records from Banner data into easy-to-read maps using Excel or MS Access • Will allow analysis of any Banner data as long as a zip code is included in your query results

  3. From Banner, BusinessMap3 can diagram geographical regions and clubs • Maps show where there may be blank spots in alumni records or where there are high concentrations of alums • Gives a better idea of who to include in mailings/events (i.e. within 50 miles of Atlanta, GA) instead of trying to interpret from spreadsheets • Maps can be layered to include several types of information (i.e. alumni in a geographical area, those alums who donated in that area, those alums in that area who donated and are parents)

  4. *Names have been changed to protect the innocent…

  5. Alumni Populations • With our ability to select specific criteria we can layer the data we want to see to give us a better picture of our progress: • “alumni” in the San Francisco area • The alumni in that area who were members of a fraternity or sorority • A 50 mile radius of that area for mailing invitations.

  6. Things to Consider • Your map will only be as good as the data entered in Banner. • Always check why some data is not included in your map (error msg popup) so that you can use that opportunity to clean up your Banner records • Practice makes perfect maps!