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Ah, Music!
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Ah, Music!

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  1. Ah, Music! Lesson 18 - Day 1 2nd Grade

  2. Question of the Day What do you like about music?

  3. Review – High Frequency Words

  4. Vowel Diphthong /0i/ oi, oy join joy boy

  5. Vowel Diphthong /0i/ oi, oy

  6. Vowel Diphthong /0i/ oi, oy • That baby’s drum is a noisy toy! • Put the milk in the refrigerator so it won’t spoil. • The ground was moist after the light rain. • The queen looked royal when she wore her crown. • Did you enjoy the book about colors?

  7. Locate Information • Good readers understand the parts of a book. • Most nonfiction books are organized so that it is easy for readers to find information.

  8. Locate Information • Cover • Table of contents • Heading • Glossary • Index

  9. Robust Vocabulary attract To make something or someone want to come to you.

  10. territory An area of land that a person or animal sees as home.

  11. relieved To feel happy because a worry is gone.

  12. volume How loud or soft a sound is.

  13. concentrate To put all your attention on one thing.

  14. performance When you sing, dance or act in front of an audience.

  15. creative To use new or different ideas to make or do something.

  16. expression To use your voice, your face or your body to add meaning to what you say.

  17. universal Everyone in the world knows about it.

  18. audible Something that you can hear.

  19. Grammar – Number Words Number Words – tell how many Whispering measures only about twenty decibels. Clatter some pans.

  20. Grammar – Number Words These adjectives tell how many:

  21. Number Words • The five puppies all barked at once. • Some loud sounds hurt my ears. • Maya saw twelve different kinds of monkeys at the zoo. • I heard a coyote many times last night.

  22. Ah, Music! Lesson 18 - Day 2 2nd Grade

  23. Question of the Day What do you like best about music you hear at a parade? Why?

  24. Review – High Frequency Words

  25. Vowel Diphthong /oi/ oi, oy

  26. Vowel Diphthong /oi/ oi, oy I heard my mother’s voice calling for me. I like the noise a coin makes when I drop it in my bank. Will you be able to join us at the party on Saturday? Mom asked Kara to point to the toy she wanted.

  27. Robust Vocabulary TE 234 SE 96

  28. Genre Study Nonfiction Title Heading Heading Heading Details Details Details

  29. After Reading – Think Critically • Under what heading would you look to find examples of rhythm? • What are some ways music can make you feel? • What do you think the author means when she says that making music is “hard fun”? • Why might it be important to play in a recital?

  30. Grammar – Adjectives for Senses Number Words Six and fourteen tell exactly how many Some, many, and few do not tell exactly how many

  31. Grammar – Number Words Some children played in the band. Two children played trombone. There were five clarinet players.

  32. Grammar – Number Words • How many students are wearing gym shoes? • How many children have on something red? • How many students are wearing blue?

  33. Ah, Music! Lesson 18 - Day 3 2nd Grade

  34. Question of the Day What instrument in a marching bank do you think sounds most interesting?

  35. Review – High Frequency Words

  36. Vowel Diphthong /oi/ oi, oy

  37. Vowel Diphthong /oi/ oi, oy • Let’s wrap the muffins in foil so we can enjoy them later. • The little boy tried to annoy his older sister. • His first choice for a new toy is a model race car. • A loud voice boomed, “Do not destroy that!” • Come join us and have a piece of moist fudge cake.

  38. Locate Information • Table of contents • Chapter titles • Headings within a chapter • The index • The glossary • Guide words

  39. Use reference Sources Good readers use reference sources to help them find information. Dictionary Thesaurus Atlas Encyclopedia Internet DVD’s/CD’s

  40. Reference Sources Dictionary – use to find the word’s meaning, spelling, part of speech and pronunciation. • Dictionaries are organized in alphabetical order with guide words at the top of each page. Thesaurus – use to find synonyms. • A thesaurus is set up like a dictionary. Atlas – use an atlas to find a map of a state, country, or part of the world.

  41. Reference Sources Encyclopedia – a set of books, to find information on a topic. • Topics are arranged in alphabetical order. Internet – use to find many kinds of information. You can read documents, see pictures of artwork, listen to music, and take a virtual tour of many places.

  42. Robust Vocabulary Use Vocabulary in Different Contexts Use Teacher’s Edition Pages 260-261 for Questioning

  43. Grammar – Number Words most six forty few some eleven

  44. Grammar – Number Words Bring one towel to the beach. I will pack some bottles of sunscreen. Many of us could bring buckets.

  45. Ah, Music! Lesson 18 - Day 4 2nd Grade

  46. Question of the Day Why is it important for a musician to listen closely when he or she is playing an instrument or singing?

  47. Review – High Frequency Words

  48. Suffixes –ful, -less joy Our family party was a time of great joy. joyful I felt joyful on my birthday. joyless The rainy day felt joyless.

  49. Suffixes –ful, -less • The kittens are very playful! • I felt joyful when I blew out the candles on my cake. • A broken balloon is useless. • I was breathless by the end of the race.

  50. Diphthong /oi/ oi, oy