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2006 Rules Changes. Dead Ball Territory. While contacting both live and dead ball territory, a fielder does not need to re-establish herself in live ball territory before making contact with the ball as long as she is no longer in contact with dead ball territory Rule 1-22.h. Sunglasses.

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Dead ball territory
Dead Ball Territory

  • While contacting both live and dead ball territory, a fielder does not need to re-establish herself in live ball territory before making contact with the ball as long as she is no longer in contact with dead ball territory

  • Rule 1-22.h


  • Sunglasses may be worn as desired, which could include on the head, around the neck or as otherwise preferred by the player

  • Rule 3, Intro

Altered equipment
Altered Equipment

  • The use of any treatment or device that fundamentally changes the specifications of bats, balls, or gloves is prohibited and renders the equipment altered and unsuitable for play.

  • Rule 3-1.c; 3-2.e; and 3-7.b

Inappropriate bat
Inappropriate Bat

  • Exception- Advance on any pitch not contacted by the bat nor ball 4 shall be legal

  • The term inappropriate bat refers to altered, illegal, and non-approved bats.

  • Rule 3-2.a; 3-2.d; and 11-8.d

Bat list in color
Bat list in Color

  • It is highly recommended that the host coach or school supply a color copy of the bat list by picture for the opponent and umpires (print each Monday)

  • Rule 3-2.b

Ineligible players
Ineligible Players

  • Non-uniformed team personnel may sit in the stands (considered anywhere BUT in the dugout) for the purpose of videotaping a contest, recording pitch counts or speeds, or charting pitchers, but in doing so renders them ineligible for the game.

  • Rule 3-6.a

Face masks
Face Masks

  • The helmet rule now specifies that defensive face masks, with or without a helmet, are legal. Offensive helmets that have the face mask must be permanently attached by the manufacturer or by a procedure approved by the manufacturer

  • Rule 3-8.d

On site administrator
On-Site Administrator

  • The on-site administrator shall not be a member of the softball coaching staff nor an undergraduate student of the competing teams

  • Rule 4-9.e

Fourth out
Fourth Out

  • No run shall be scored if a “fourth out” is the result of an appeal of a base missed or left too soon on a runner who has scored

  • Rules 6-1.c and 6-1.d

Switching bases
Switching Bases

  • The time frame to identify that players have switched bases is clarified:

    • After the ball has been put in play, it may be a dead ball appeal

    • Must be made before the end of the ½ inning

    • Must be made before the umpires leave the field

      Rule 9-8.b

Batter interference
Batter Interference

  • New exception:

    • 3. If the catcher is not making a play on a base runner but the batter interferes with the catcher’s return throw to the pitcher and the runner(s) subsequently advance(s) safely, the umpire should call time and return the runner(s) to the base(s) occupied at the time of the accidental interferences.

      Rule 9-8.b

Runner interference
Runner Interference

  • The exception to runner interference now includes obstruction and interference, giving the umpire the ability to declare the play obstruction, interference, or nothing.

  • Rule 9-13.a4.c


  • If the obstructed runner attempts to advance past the base she would have reached had there not been obstruction or past the base she would have been awarded for the obstruction, she is running with liability to be put out unless she is between the 2 bases where she was obstructed. If she is put out, she remains out. The ball remains alive.

  • Rule 9-17.e

Pitch slips
Pitch Slips

  • The effect added to cover when the ball accidentally slips from the pitcher’s hand during the act of delivering a pitch:

    • EFFECT(b)- The ball remains alive. A defensive player may retrieve the ball immediately as long as the batter does not have an opportunity to hit the ball. A ball is awarded to the batter. Base runner(s) may advance with liability to be put out

      Rule 10-7

Foreign substance
Foreign Substance

  • B. Under the supervision of and within view of the umpire, a resin (drying agent) may be used. The pitcher who brings a resin bag to the pitching circle is responsible for removing it each ½ inning as she leaves the field

  • Rule 10-13.b

Time between pitches
Time Between Pitches

  • The batter must be in the batter’s box, and the pitcher must be on the pitcher’s plate within 10 seconds after the pitcher receives the ball or after the umpire calls, “Play ball”. After both the pitcher and batter are in position, the pitcher has 5 seconds to begin her pitching motion.

  • Rule 10-18


  • A base runner may pass a preceding runner, if the preceding runner was obstructed.

  • Rule 12-7.c


  • Physical contact with game officials or any threat of physical intimidation or harm to include pushing, shoving, spitting, kicking, throwing at, or attempting to make physical contact - will result in immediate ejection

  • Rule 13-8.b

Potential fight
Potential Fight

  • The rule is expanded to include that a coach or player leaving a team area (i.e.,dugout, bullpen), coaches’ box, or player’s appropriate playing area in order to join a brawl or potential fight results in ejection.

  • Rule 13-8.d and 13-9.c


  • The language was clarified to make it clear that a warning is not required before ejection for unsportsmanlike behavior.

  • Rule 13-2

Called game
Called Game

  • If the scoring in an incomplete inning has no bearing on the outcome of the contest, include all individual and team statistics.

  • Rule 14-32.a


  • Umpires will no longer inspect helmets and catching gear. The institution’s coaches are responsible for making sure helmets are safe and properly certified.

  • Rule 15-6.a