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How Stories Facilitate Emergent Connections

How Stories Facilitate Emergent Connections. OD Network of GNY December 7, 2006 Suzanne Roff, Ph.D. ******.

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How Stories Facilitate Emergent Connections

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  1. How Stories Facilitate Emergent Connections OD Network of GNY December 7, 2006 Suzanne Roff, Ph.D. Compass Point Consulting, LLC

  2. ****** The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think and act anew. Compass Point Consulting, LLC

  3. Compass Point Consulting, LLC

  4. Storytelling as described inWikipedia “…the informal stories people tell to each other about organizational norms, policies & change initiatives permeate organizational culture & reflect the meaning people give to organizational interventions.” Compass Point Consulting, LLC

  5. Possible OD methods involving conversation/storytelling • Conversation Mapping • Dialogues (David Bohm) • Crucial Conversations • Appreciative Inquiry • Scenario Planning • Anecdote Circles Compass Point Consulting, LLC

  6. Stories/Conversations>>> • Organizations as network of interacting stories (Denning 2001) • Culture is the emergent result of conversations (Seel 2000) • Core elements of a process are the commitments made by individuals to one another (Winograd & Flores 1986) Compass Point Consulting, LLC

  7. Tagging • Examples: Technorati, deli.cio.us • Tagging does what we already do cognitively: make local, conceptual observations without categorical concerns. Compass Point Consulting, LLC

  8. Some Psychological Implications… • Humans make decisions based on patterns, we do not process data but know when we need to know, in context. • We always know more than we can tell, and we will always tell more than we can write down. • Most human systems are complex adaptive systems – they are non-causal.David Snowden, Cognitive Edge Compass Point Consulting, LLC

  9. Memes • Units of cultural transmission or imitation • Examples include tunes, ideas, catch-phrases, clothes fashions, ways of making a pot or building an arch • People, Internet, Participation Applications – can now transmit cultural memes not bound by geography Compass Point Consulting, LLC

  10. Suggested Homework: GOOGLE YOURSELF on an annual basis, at least, then tell yourself a story. Compass Point Consulting, LLC

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